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Miss Peekaboo

Jan 26, 05 - 7:03 PM
The rotten old pit!

Hallo Pettes,

You find me in a dull old mood today. I'm trying to find employment in the rotten old Pit and I can tell you, it STINKS!

Pit London is a trial at the best of times, but with no money and no income it's nigh on impossible to survive. Then trying to find a job that doesn't offend every fibre of your being, is hard work in itself! (I should be paid just for that!)

I'm sorry to have a little moan, my darlings, but having just got home from a futile "interview" travelling on the underground train at rush hour squashed in with Bongos like so many sardines, I'm just about ready to throw up my hands and concede defeat.....oh well, tomorrow is another day. I hope a miracle (and maybe a sympathetic Blonde) might come along and make me happier!

In the meantime, I'm going to sit down with "The happy book for Girls" (My current favourite, Trentish annual) and a cup of tea (from the delightful rosebud tea set my dear friends gave to me)and try to pretend the Pit and ghastly Bongos and silly jobs and money don't exist.....they barely DO exist anyway!

I hope my precious Pettes you had a better day than I's to tomorrow!

With Much Love and gratitude to you all for being here and being civilised and lovely!.....

Miss Peekaboo
Princess Mushroom

Jan 26th, 2005 - 7:25 PM
Re: The rotten old pit!

I am so sorry to hear about your beastly-rotten day. Being squashed up with bongos like sardines sounds just awful. I am sure sardines smell much nicer, and they certainly dress better!

You must enjoy your tea and your rosebud tea-set, have fun with your schoolgirl stories, and know that there is at least one sympathetic blonde who feels sorry for you and would like to stroke our noble brunette forehead even if she is a bit of a way away.

And after all, at least we can all be together in the Club.

Love and kisses to you, dear Miss Peekaboo!
Miss Belleanne

Jan 27th, 2005 - 12:06 PM
Re: The rotten old pit!

The only thing for it, Miss Peekaboo, is for you to spend lots of time here at the club, in the company of other girls who can appreciate your delightful Aristasian soul.

I say. Have you ever thought about getting a cat? Excursions into the Pit are much easier to bear, for me anyway, when I know there is a silky little creature waiting at home, eager to climb into my lap and purr for an hour or two. I suppose you would rather it were one of those sympathetic blondes you mentioned doing the waiting and purring, but cats are so much easier to come by!

At any rate, three cheers for you for navigating the Pit so bravely and surviving everything it throws at you. I know I couldn't do it.
Miss Peekaboo

Jan 27th, 2005 - 12:28 PM
Re: The rotten old pit!

Oh! Thank you, My dear, Sweet Blondes,

I woke up today feeling a little more motivated and my spirits lifted slightly.

I've still got to get back to my job search ~ boo!
but slept off the worst of my mood, and shall throw myself into it for another day.

Do stay in touch, it's marvellous we're here for each other.

Miss P