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Apr 19, 05 - 5:30 PM
A rather intriguing article

Once again, science has proven that Aristasians are right. The news is causing all sorts of silly jokes in the bongo press, but apparently, spanking is good for the mental and even physical health. Here are a few of the articles about it.
Miss Serena

Apr 19th, 2005 - 11:37 PM
Re: A rather intriguing article

Does that mean that being good is bad for your health? IÕve often suspected as much. Those good girls Ð always so pasty. Likewise those sly girls who wriggle out of punishment Ð a distinct lack of vigour. That must be why they call it Òtaking your medicineÓ.
Lucinda of IIIB

Apr 22nd, 2005 - 12:14 PM
Re: A rather intriguing article

Yes, that's what it was called, "taking one's medicine". Unlike most medication, it was usually applied to the seat and produced a strong and immediate tingling effect. Sometimes, for instance the precription was announced several hours in advance, inducing a chilly, watery sensation in the lowr loins, a slight, damp discharge and feelings of melancholia bordering on panic. In the aftermath, of course, when the period of reflection upon one's conduct had elapsed, occasional slight euphoria occurred.