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Megan Strydom

Apr 29, 05 - 8:24 AM

please do not think that i am being nasty or unkind, i am merely investigating and have certain questions that i am interested in having answered.

What about reproducing/offspring? Is it possible to give birth to a male? If the child is male, what happens to him?

Apr 29th, 2005 - 12:44 PM
Gender Trap

An Aristasian infant with dangly bits? Megan, itÕs inconceivable.
Megan Strydom

Apr 29th, 2005 - 12:46 PM
Re: Queries

i know that i should probably read up more - but then how do we reproduce??

Apr 29th, 2005 - 1:29 PM
Re: Queries

Well, if we are talking about Aristasia-in-Telluria, how does one get a baby in the first place without - um - congress with an em-eh-en? Since this is not a thing that a 100% aristasian is going to do, the problem really doesn't arise.

Admittedly it is possible to conceive by "artificial means" (that is by having the em-eh-en conveniently out of sight and out of mind) but at present Aristasians I know have been unable to accept this idea for three reasons:

1) Precisely the one you mention - that the outcome might be a be-oh-why.

2) Even if this were overcome, a daughter would likely want to marry an em-eh-en, and most of us would be wishing to have a little blonde or brunette and be starting a second Aristasian-in-Tellurian generation, not bringing up a little Outlander.

2) Even if this were overcome, there is the enormous problem of bringing up a daughter in the Pit. Would one send her to bongo schools? Let her watch Bongo television? If not would one bring her up in isolation? What would be the solution?

Now it is possible that none of these problems are absolutely insuperable. In a recent thread here we have been discussing recent scientific discoveries that may lead to the possibility of influencing not only the sex but also the "sexual orientation" of an unborn child. This would solve problems 1 and 2.

Problem 3 would involve the need for a wider Aristasian community in which to bring up little blondes and brunettes and probably an Aristasian school (quite probably situated outside Europe or North America to minimise the risk of State interference and the proximity of a degenerate society). While this is not a possibility at present, by the time the scientific means for solving problems 1 and 2 are perfected, this one may be too.

So there may be a new Aristasian-in-Tellurian generation. But at present we reproduce only by recruitment.

As for Aristasia Pura, little blondes and brunettes are born from the marriage of big blondes and brunettes, and they would be no more likely to give birth to a male than to a hippopotamus or any other member of a different species.
Megan Strydom

Apr 29th, 2005 - 1:51 PM
Re: Queries

What if i have already been in touch with a you know what and produced a child (female). will i still be allowed to be recruited, trained, educated??
Miss Prism

Apr 29th, 2005 - 2:32 PM
Re: Queries

Certainly, my dear. All girls are welcome to become part of Aristasia.

As for being educated, may I begin by mentioning that in Aristasia we are quite particular about the way we write. The first-person pronoun is always a capital "I" and we always begin sentences with a capital letter. As a mother it is important for you to write correctly as you have a new generation to bring up.

Unfortunately bongo education is often not helpful about this sort of thing, so it is up to us to make sure we do things correctly. In the Pit an entire generation seems to be growing up with no idea where to place an apostrophe. That is one reason education is an important facet of Aristasia.

May I take this opportunity of welcoming you as a new pupil , a new friend and a potential new Aristasian.
Princess Mushroom

Apr 29th, 2005 - 7:12 PM
Re: Queries

I have heard that research is being pursued into methods by which a girl could be fecundated by genetic material other than the usual spermatozoon.

This would mean that a Tellurian blonde could actually have a child by her brunette - using genetic material taken from the brunette. The resulting child, a sort of joint-clone, would certainly be a girl and, since both mothers were girly-girls, would probably be a girly-girl too.

Another very interesting possibility for the not-too-distant future!

Apr 29th, 2005 - 7:48 PM
Re: Queries

ÒThis would mean that a Tellurian blonde could actually have a child by her brunette - using genetic material taken from the brunette. The resulting child, a sort of joint-clone, would certainly be a girl and, since both mothers were girly-girls, would probably be a girly-girl too.«

Indeed it might but genetics can play some strange games. Even if the process you mention is viable, neither of the girly-girlies is a genetic island. They have within them the seeds of all sorts of other people, dodgy old great-uncles, mad aunts, testosterone-riddled long-dead blokes who went before É

And which would you rather? A girly-girly boy, pale and weedy? Or a tweedy, mannish, cigar-chompinÕ female? Children never turn out the way you expect.

Apr 29th, 2005 - 11:15 PM
Re: Queries

Not sure about the genetics of all this, but I understand that a clone will be pretty much identical to the person cloned: not to her great-grandmother or some other ancestor.

If this is true, joint-clone would presumably have elements of the two individuals involved, making a unique new individual but one whose characteristics are drawn very much more closely from those of her two mothers than is the case with the normal resemblance (or lack of it) of children to their parents.