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Miss Sharona

May 4, 05 - 1:32 PM

Does there exsist any information on the founders of Aristasia? All one can seem to get ones hands on is a one-line history that includes the words "Oxford" and "the 1970's", but that is all. Rather limited I must say.
Lady Aquila

May 4th, 2005 - 3:29 PM
Re: Oxford

Aristasia-in-Telluria was a very private arrangement in its earliest days, with no formal name or organisation. It went by various nicknames such as The Olympians, and even The Mob (a term coined when two, or perhaps three, groups of Aristasians arrived at the same venue at the same time in black Trentish cars, prompting the comment that they looked like the mob arriving in a Trentish film).

The lady credited with being the founder of Aristasia was Miss Hester St.Clare, though it was actually a phenomenon that emerged out of a group of women at Oxford, to whom Miss St.Clare was a sort of intellectual mentress.

Aristasia (or, to be strictly accurate, proto-Aristasia-in-Telluria) had its own "parallel university" of Milchford, and the first seceded Aristasians were girls who discontinued their official studies at Oxford to become full-time Milchford undergraduettes.

Miss Snow began to write a novel about the early-ish (though not eariest) days of Aristasia at Milchford, but this was discontinued for personal reasons. It is possible that we may be able to publish parts of her manuscript in Elektraspace in the future.
Miss Sharona

May 5th, 2005 - 2:34 AM
Re: Oxford

Thank you so much for the answer.
One must say that it does help a lot with background information when one wishes to study the Aristasian universe.

Miss Sharona