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Miss Sharona

May 5, 05 - 2:44 AM
Cyberspace etc.

One thing that I came to think of: How come Aristasians communicate so much in cyberspace? In doing so they most certainly have to use "computers" as they call them in the pit. And these are not, as far as I know produced in any of the Aristasian kingdoms. Wouldn't it be far better to correspond by letter and/or postcard?

And a little question at the end...were Aristasia ever linked to the movement they now call Cultural Feminism - that came about in the 70's? I have noted that they both have quite a lot in common, and the idea that they might come from the same well crossed my mind.

Miss Sharona
Isabel Trent

May 5th, 2005 - 3:32 AM
Re: Cyberspace etc.

Excellent questions, Miss Sharona. Will you permit me to tackle them in reverse order?

"Cultural feminism", as I understand it, values femininity and is thus less abhorrent to an Aristasian mind than the common or garden variety of feminism, which is simply the masculine principle on parade. But none of the -isms that have arisen since the Eclipse have much in common with Aristasia, and I certainly doubt that our Founding Mothers were influenced by any kind of feminist thought except insofar as they wished to get as far away from it as possible. Perhaps Lady Aquila could expand upon this; her head is far wiser than mine.

As to why we communicate so much in Elektraspace (i.e. cyberspace): well, for the same reason we do lots of things: it's fun! Without Elektraspace, you wouldn't be here now, aksing questions, and winning points in the musical quiz, and wouldn't that be dull?

Of course, you're not the only one surprised that girls who strive to live completely apart from the psychologically and culturally bankrupt "modern world" embrace technics so eagerly. People often are. Ordinators (as we call computers) are to be found in a great many Aristasian homes and Aristasia has had a presence in Elektraspace for a jolly long time, on the grounds that ordinators would have been invented in any case, Eclipse or no Eclipse. We're always delighted to use the enemy's own inventions as tools to publicise and encourage sound philosophy and proper behaviour, and of course to keep in close touch with our more far-flung sisters.

Unlike the octovision (aka the television, aka the sludge pump), which is merely a conduit for the enemy's own vile propaganda, and furthermore demands that one sits passively and absorbs it, ordinator science is ideologically neutral. It is what we bring to it.

Now, if only we could storm the factories where ordinator components are fabricated and demand that they make elegant devices instead of dull grey boxes...! I should fancy something in pale pink, with graceful Art Neo lines and a stained-glass panel through which one might view the inner workings... and there's no reason for screens to not be in sleek gilt frames, is there?

Wireless telephones are not out of the question either. I have had one myself for many years, and there is one attached to the Embassy also. I understand it is mainly employed for co-ordinating the movements of multiple blondes trying to be in the same place at the same time with all their gloves, hats, coats, umbrellas, handbags, and brunettes. It was either get a wireless tellie, or build a bunker equipped with radar and sonar beneath the Embassy. The brunettes would have thought the latter rather jolly, but it was decided that the money would be better spent on ice-cream.
Lady Aquila

May 5th, 2005 - 12:33 PM
Re: Cyberspace etc.

If I may add a couple of points to Miss Trent's eaxcellent and very full answer, it has long been an Aristasian axiom that technical advance and cultural decline are in no way connected. That they go together in the Pit is simply an historical accident.

When one criticises the Pit people often say things like "But what about the medical advances?" The answer to that is that the groundwork for all the medical advances was laid in the Tellurian Real World - in the 19th and first two-thirds of the 20th centuries. They were on course to happen whethe the cultural Eclipse had happened or not, and took place because at least some of the academic discipline of the Real World, at least in the "hard sciences", has managed not to be undermined by that Eclipse.

As for the statement that ordinators do not exist in any of the Aristasian realms: that is not the case. It is reasonably well known Novaria is more technically advanced than contemporary Telluria, and not only has very advanced ordinators but things like "auries" (personal auras that keep out the cold and inclement weather) and air-cars. Lightgames (video games) are often known in Aristasia as "Novarian games").

What is less well known is that Quirinelle is more technically advanced than it might appear. For example, in Strangers in Paradise, when a Telurian police car encounters a blach Quirinmelle one, the occupants are amazed that the "old car" far outperforms theirs. While Quirinelle has the look of the 1950s, the technics are not actually equivalent.