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Sushuri Novaryana

May 1, 05 - 6:51 PM
Mayday - and the Faith of Our Mothers

We have had various requests for the spiritual or religious aspect of Aristasia. As with any nation, some Aristasians are more spiritual than others and some not at all. But for those who would like to learn the fundamentals of our Aristasian devotion, we are happy on this Mayday to present a special audio-talk Returning to God, Our Mother.

Do let us know what you think.

May 5th, 2005 - 9:43 PM
Re: Mayday - and the Faith of Our Mothers

Dear Sushuri Novaryana,

Thank you so much for the wonderful devotional. It was really an inspiration for me.

I have long felt very comfortable praying to Mary. I also sometimes pray to various female Catholic Saints. Do they have a place in the original Goddess religion? Were there any Saints or demi-goddesses? Or was it just the one Mother of the world?

Thank you very much.

Sushuri Novaryana

May 6th, 2005 - 12:39 AM
Re: Mayday - and the Faith of Our Mothers

Well, there are, of course, the seven Great Janyati, and other Janyati too, such as Sai Annya, the fire-Janya or Sai Hertha, the Janya of the hearth-fire and home. In Aristasia Pura there would be saints in the sense of historical figures.

As you are doubtless aware, some Christian saints are not really historical figures but are an "assumption" into the Church of demigods or forms of Dea. One notable example is St.Bridget, formerly a Celtic Goddess, of whom tales are told that belong to her real nature as a Solar Avatar.

One day, when St. Bridget returned to her cottage she took off her cloak and hung it on a sunbeam, and fell asleep. When the sun went down, the sunbeam remained in place all night to hold her cloak.

St. Catherine is supposed to be an historical figure, yet Aristasians would quickly recognise her iconography, with the wheel, as that of Sai Werde, the Janya of "fate".

While the educated West has increasingly descended into literalism and historicism, the traditional language of humanity (no less educated) has been primarily iconic and metaphysical.