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May 7, 05 - 9:28 PM
Belladonna's Farewell

Just a bit of advance warning, for anypette who wants to save any of the pictures or links: I am about to take down my Aristasian webpage, I'm leaving it up for a few more days because I have a couple of acquaintances who want to look at it some more before I take it down. It makes me very sad to have to remove it, but for various reasons I can't go into here I really have no choice.

Princess Mushroom

May 8th, 2005 - 2:06 PM
Re: Belladonna's Farewell

We are sorry indeed to see Belladonna go. Eve has done a wonderful job in presenting Aristasia to the world and held the fort beautifully during a period when the official Aristasia sites were in a sort of hiatus. Since then she has presented us with many delightful things, and Aristasia-in-Elektraspace has been very much richer for her fine work.

May I take this opportunity of raising a toast to Belladonna and to her brilliant and beautiful captain, Miss Eve.

May 8th, 2005 - 5:08 PM
Re: Belladonna's Farewell

Private note to Miss Eve: I have written to you twice using "reply" to your letters to me, but both etters have bounced. I shall try using your Yahoo address. Do write again supplying a workable address if you don't get anything now.
Flora Sutton

May 8th, 2005 - 6:37 PM
Re: Belladonna's Farewell

Dear Miss Eve:

Thanks so much for your wonderful work on It was one of my first introductions to Aristasia, and presented in such a beautiful manner!

Best wishes for your future.

Flora Sutton

May 9th, 2005 - 6:40 PM
Re: Belladonna's Farewell

I am very sorry to hear that Belladonna will be gone. Do you have a way to save the contents - particularly the Cocktail Bar archives - for future reference?

You really have done a fine job of showing Aristasia's lovely face to many pettes. I raise my glass to join the toast.

Brunette Management

May 9th, 2005 - 7:34 PM
Re: Belladonna's Farewell

The Cocktail Bar archives have for some time now been available in the Aristasian Central Library as well as on Miss Eve's lovely site. Fear not, they will remain at your fingertips!
Lady Aquila

May 9th, 2005 - 7:50 PM
Re: Belladonna's Farewell

The direct link to the original Aphrodite Cocktail bar Archives is to be found here