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Lady Aquila

May 12, 05 - 1:30 PM
I want to be an Aristasian, but...

We have had a number of questions about becoming an Aristasian lately, so we are putting togethet a set of questions people ask with the Aristasian answers.

It is a work in progress and we want you, especially the newer girls, to help us. What are your questions? Have you any worries about Aristasia you would like answered? Because if you have them, so have other girls, and we want to include them on this page.

So take a look at I want to be an Aristasian but... and tell us what other questions you would ask.

Or ask us questions about the answers that are already there. We don't want to go onto too great depth on the page, so it doesn't get over-complicated. But we can discuss things as long as we like here in the Club.

So pop over and help us out, darlings.

Thank you so much!
Flora Sutton

May 14th, 2005 - 1:47 PM
Re: I want to be an Aristasian, but...

Dear Lady Aquila:

Thanks so much for the FAQ sheet (for lack of a proper Aristasian term). It clarifies many of my concerns and questions.

I apologize for having posted information on a bongo feminist book. Your comments shed light on my understanding of feminism. I had no intention of offending the gentle readers of the Aristasian contingent.

Everyday, I'm seeing more about how the Pit is bongo.