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Miss Diana Atalanta

May 14, 05 - 4:37 AM
Am I an Aristasian?

(To avoid confusion, I've put my whole first name here as I'm told there's another Diana.)

I had always assumed that I was so unique that there could never be a single word which could be used to describe myself. From what I have read so far, it seems that I am an Aristasian--or very much like an American version of one. The cultural differences between Britain and America are not great but distinct, and I think an American version of Aristasia could thrive here.

(In the interest of fairness, I must confess that I am a bit of an Anglophile and I attended a private--in the American sense--school which was run on the English model (but no uniforms) and that I have been known to spell using the Queen's English at times--probably due to all of the classic literature that I've read and too much "Masterpiece Theatre" on PBS.)

While I don't look back on the pre-1960 world as the golden age before the Eclipse, there is a lot of the past in my life and I am saddened by the loss of femininity in the modern world in which I live. I have never seen femininity as subjugation of women by men. As I see it, femininity is a source of strength and confidence. I compare it to how some Islamic women in the West choose to wear hijab even though they don't have to--unlike their sisters in restrictive countries where they are forced to. In the modern West we have a choice, and I choose to be feminine. I don't have to, I but I like wearing skirts at work. I totally disagree with the view that says to succeed in the workplace you have to emulate men and basically have to wear a Mao suit to be taken seriously. (My mother complains about my 1980's-esque big hair style and says that I should ditch my blonde curls for a short straight "professional" look--whatever that is.) The sort of cars that I like are no longer made in the USA and are as old or almost as old as I am. I like freedom and independence and having a 4x4 truck with a top that comes off is a lot fun. (I'd like a Land Rover, but as U.S. legal Defenders are few and very expensive, I'll have to make do with a 1973 Chevy Blazer and a 1978 International Scout II--and yes, and I do my own work on them, too).

Relationships have been somewhat of a problem. Men? Forget it. I don't know about the U.K., but over here if you are tall, intelligent, and independent, you aren't on their radar screen. Women? A mixed bag. Forget the T.V. shows. Try showing up here at a girl bar in your average small town or city in a skirt and heels and see what happens. You'll get looked at as if you just were dropped down out of the sky from Mars. I would experiment and show up in cowboy boots, baggy jeans, an old leather jacket, and pulled back hair just to see what would happen. Now you're treated like one of the girls. But why should I give up my femininity just to meet other women? That didn't make sense to me. Being femme definitely places you in the minority. I used to let myself get picked up by super butch chicks and let them do what they whatever they wanted to do to me for a while but emotionally there was nothing really there (and even more so intellectually), and I was not looking for a substitute man. Femme for femme doesn't get to happen much here. So far, I've only met one other femme that I've had an emotional, intellectually stimulating (but rather stormy) relationship with. She wound up marrying a man and having child of all things. I've not met anyone else like that ... but I've not really been looking either.

Discipline? Well, I will admit to loving corsets and Edwardian clothing, but I'm too much of a free-spirited rebel to submit myself for punishment or correction. Our education systems are very different, too. Our schools are co-educational and the girl's school with the strict headmistress is rare here.
Perhaps college dorm life at an all-female liberal arts college might approach something like that in this country. Also, I'm not ashamed of who and what I am and I don't feel guilty about it--and yes, I've been called every name you can think of and worse, too. (By the way, if you would like a really good look at what college life is like for American girls today, go read "I am Charlotte Simmons" by Tom Wolfe.)

So now we are back to the beginning. Am I an Aristasian? Ever since I first heard of Aristasia last month I can't stop thinking about it. Something about it seems to enthrall me. Let me hear your thoughts.

May 14th, 2005 - 10:28 AM
Re: Am I an Aristasian?

A feeling of loneliness and isolation is the natural state of every intelligent, educated and sensitive person. When I first read your piece I thought that you should move to Europe, if you could. But although the US is (imho) painfully brash and superficial to most cultured people, it seems unlikely that you would find European cities a big step forward in your personal narrative.
You might find that submission to a disciplinarian, from time to time, would be helpful. But there is the problem of overcoming one's doubts, and of trusting the other person.
Lady Aquila

May 14th, 2005 - 11:42 AM
Re: Am I an Aristasian?

Welcome again, Miss Diana. It is so nice to begin to know you.

Many girls in the Pit have found themselves completely at a loss to know who and what they are, because the few and restrictive categories into which the Pit forces people (which are what its laughable slogans of "freedom", "choice" and "lifestyles" really boil down to) have left them with no way of understanding themselves and nowhere to fit in. Girls who prefer girls and don't fit a very narrow and rigid mould are among the hardest-hit victims of this "free and open" cage.

Incidentally, we don't see the pre-Eclipse period as a golden age. We hold no brief for any patriarchal era and certainly do not wish to return to any. What we say is that the pre-Eclipse era was sane. To say someone is sane is not to say she is good. The two statements are quite different.

But to return to the point, lots of girls can find no model for understanding themselves in the Pit, and find themselves quite outside its "permitted" categories. Such girls often find that they begin to understand themselves when they see themselves in the light of being Aristasian blondes or brunettes. We do not believe these are arbitary categories invented by us, but are natural and real human feminine forms, which have always existed.

Now, from your self-description, you sound very much like a brunette (of course, this has nothing at all to do with the colour of your hair). I haven't met you, but I feel 90% sure you aren't a blonde!

Now as to the England/America question. Aristasia is often seen as very "English", which is to some extent true, but to a large extent not. Various aspects of Aristasian culture would seem quite foreign to any Tellurian.

All-girl schools with strict headmistresses are probably almost as rare in England as in America these days. School uniforms are used in Aristasia, but then Aristasians are fond of uniforms of all sorts (this is not a "fetish" thing. Anyone , from a kinema usherette to a military officer, is proud of her uniform).

Aristasia, because of its intellectual orientation, has tended to avoid innovations based on the 18th-century cult of rationalism. These include such things as the metric system of mensuration (adopted in Britain) and the spelling reforms favoured by people like George Bernard Shaw and Noah Webster (adopted in America).

How Aristasia will acclimatise in America,we don't yet know. But we hope to find out very soon!

So are you an Aristasian?

From what you say you sound very much like an Aristasian brunette.

Aristasia is a nation (actually a collection of nations) with its ways and its customs. Within Aristasia there is a broad range of possibilities, though there are certain rules and parameters. This is true of any society (go into one of those lesbian bars and ask "have you any rules and parameters here?" and they will say "No" very firmly. Are they telling the truth?)

Actually, human societies don't function without rules and parameters. None ever has, none ever will. Most don't pretend to and the ones that do are only pretending. The real question is, what sort of society suits us best.

I think Aristasia might well suit you, and I hope you'll stay around to find out!

Hmmm .. a bit of a ramble in the end, but I hope it helps.
Sushuri Novaryana

May 14th, 2005 - 8:42 PM
Re: Am I an Aristasian?

Just a few small points on all the foregoing. America may be brash, but in many ways modern Britain is worse - not quite so brash, but coarser, more degenerate and even more infiltrated with deformist anti-culture.

Europe is a little less affected than either, but it is doubtful whether this is much help to people of our disposition.

"Submission to a disciplinarian", in the usual sense is decidedly not what Aristasia is about. For most Aristasians nothing of the sort is likely to happen, and where some one is exercising discipline (like that of Miss Drusilla over some of the members of this Forum) she does not do so as a private individual, but as a representative of the Golden Order. She will have her place in the scheme of things and her own mistress. Trusting her as an individual is not really the issue.

However, when Lady Aquila speaks of rules and parameters, she is not meaning that it is necessary to become involved in any sort of discplinary relationship; simply that if you went to live amid members of a distant culture, you would, from simple courtesy, adapt yourself to the forms and etiquette of that culture. While you were visiting this would be a purely outward thing. But if you wanted to become a part of that culture, you would adopt its forms inwardly.

It goes without saying that you would not (and could not) do the second before you had been doing the first for some time.
Miss Diana

May 15th, 2005 - 1:01 AM
Re: Am I an Aristasian?...Thanks

Hmmm...thank you for some interesting responses. I do have one comment, though. I think that I could be both a blonde or a brunette depending on the sort of environment in which I were placed. I suppose it would depend on whether or not I were interacting with others in an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding where intelligent discourse could take place. Aristasia is a very interesting dimension that I shall have to visit sometime.

Umm Jack

May 15th, 2005 - 7:00 AM
Re: Am I an Aristasian?

If pre-Eclipse Britain was sane, and pit-Britain is insane, I think perhaps America is drunk - or has been drunk until recently and is now suffering through the morning after the night before.

The restoration of a legitimate social order is quite possible here and there have been American cultural developments since the early sixties that are nothing to sneeze at - the closely related Christian classical academy and homeschooling movements, for example. Obviously these are not currently offering a place to the kinds of girls to whom Aristasia may provide a haven. In a generation or two, however, the culture for which the current American Christian counterculture is laying the groundwork today will be able to afford to be more tolerant. Americans have a duty to be hopeful, to look forward to that future and not to despair.
Lady Aquila

May 15th, 2005 - 9:53 AM
Re: Am I an Aristasian?

Yes, there does seem to be more hope for America. In Britain, the very lynchpin of the culture - the class structure - has been destroyed almost completely, giving it the chances of survival of a body with the heart torn out (of course some kind of transplant is still remotely possible, but the situation is certainly desperate). Corruptio optimi pessima.

Because America is constructed somewhat differently, it has not suffered such a mortal blow, though its condition is also critical. There is there some chance of recovery, though it is not assured, and perhaps not even probable.

More to the point from our point of view, perhaps America is ferstile soil for the growth of another kind of racinated counter-culture.

Rayati Raihiranya!
Miss Trinny

May 15th, 2005 - 12:42 PM
Re: Am I an Aristasian?

To the question of whether one is blonde or brunette, I wonder whether it is time to compose that "test-to- determine-what-hair-colour-keeps-secret"?

Here are a few to get us started:

1. In relation to cars, what is your preference?

(a) Chauffeur-driven elegance (because you couldn't possibly manage to drive yourself)
(b) Chauffeur-driven elegance (because you have a rather nice young lady with you in the back seat)
(c) Chauffeur-driven elegance (because since you stripped the carburettor you are just too greasy to soil the red leather steering wheel)

2. In relation to menus, what is your preference?

(a) Salmon en croute
(b) Boeuf en croute
(c) Rib Eye, medium rare - hold the croute

3. In relation to handbags ('purses' for the US contingent), what is your preference?

(a) Tiny, sparkly, and utterly impractical for that much make-up (but it doesn't matter because you can find someone else to carry most of it)
(b) Sturdy, black and leather with an elegant buckle or other subtle embellishment (Perfectly good for everything I need and beautiful to boot)
(c) Slightly larger, more like a briefcase than a handbag, full of useful items (swiss army knife, silk hankies, capacious wallet or purse, spare spark plug or two etc.)

If you said mainly (a) you may be blonde; (b) you are more likely to be brunette. If you chose mainly (c) and you are definitely a girly girl you may be what is called in these parts, a Superbrunette.

Anyone want to offer further test questions?

Trinny xxx
Miss Anna de St Exupery

May 17th, 2005 - 12:35 PM
Re: Am I an Aristasian?

I am a little nervous as this is my first message and I have given myself a name to fit my country of origin. I have been fascinated by Aristasia ever since I heard of and investigated it. I so wish to be part of such an elegant, imaginitive and close society. I think I have been brought up in quite an old fashioned way and so I recognise many of the virtues that are present in Aristasian society.

I am replying to the test and my answers make me a brunette. I am not sure if I am happy or not at this news! However, ones nature is as it is...

I hope to speak to other girls and become more integrated into Aristasia if i find favour here.

Princess Mushroom

May 17th, 2005 - 2:35 PM
Re: Am I an Aristasian?

Dear Mlle. de St. Exupery,

You say you have given yourself a name to fit your country of origin. Would that be France or Serendip?

Actually, our Aristasian family is very fond of France, and one of my loveliest trips began at St Exupery airport in Lyon. I wish I had written a diary of that, as we travelled all over southern France. But I think it takes the iron will of Miss Drusilla to make me write a proper diary!

I am sure we shall love you as much as we love your country of origin. And I hope you will love our country too.

Welcome to Aristasia.
Miss Anna de St Exupery

May 18th, 2005 - 9:08 AM
Re: Am I an Aristasian?

Dear Princess

Thank you so much for your gracious reply. I am French but at present I am completing my studies in England. I am pleased that my country is well thought of by you and that you had an enjoyable visit to Southern France. My family have a place on the coast so I spend some time in the South in the summertime. I agree it requires a lot of self discipine to keep a diray especially when you are having a tremendous time. Though I am sure the thought of Miss Drusilla would provide more than a little encouragement!

There are so many things to learn about Aristasia especially in the language but I am sure i will progress. It sounds so ignorant but what for example is Bongo? I am embarassed to ask really.

Thank you for taking care to reply.

Princess Mushroom

May 18th, 2005 - 10:14 AM
Re: Am I an Aristasian?

Dear Mlle. Anna - you really must visit us if you are in England.

"Bongo" is an adjective describing the state of things since the cultural Eclipse of the latter 1960s. It is slang really, but it is quite a useful term.

You will find a lot of information on Aristasian terms in the Aristasian Glossary which realy needs to be brought up to date, but is still a very useful reference for Aristasian vocabulary.
Miss Anna de St Exupery

May 19th, 2005 - 10:10 AM
Re: Am I an Aristasian?

Dear Princess Mushroom

Thank you for the information about Bongo and the link to the Aristasian Dictionary. I will study and learn.

I would very much like to visit some Aristasian girls in UK as I am here. Perhaps when i am more familiar with everything but soon perhaps? I have in last days bought some clothes more in Aristasian style. I must say the lady in the shop looked a little surprised (probably given my age!)but they feel so elegant I didnt mind how she looked at me.

Miss Catherine

May 22nd, 2005 - 10:21 AM
Re: Am I an Aristasian?

Well, this does seem to be quite the time and place to step forward and introduce oneself, and I've tried a good four times thus far, but haven't been happy with any of them.

I think I will just keep it short and sweet. I discovered Aristasia about a week ago, and like others, I simply could not stop thinking about it. At first it was thoughts of "Oh! So perfect!" but then I started to doubt and it turned to thoughts of "Oh! Am I good enough? Am I right for Aristasia? Is Aristasia right for me?"

And, well, I'm still not entirely sure. I'm very confused about a lot of things right now, being at that very confusing age of sixteen. And Aristasia does sound so wonderful, but there were a few questions. I think I've found the answers, which generally seem to be "don't worry - not important."

So because I think I'll be hanging here around for a little while, I thought I'd best do the polite thing and introduce myself.

Before I finish, are there any Aristasian resources in Australia by any chance?

Miss Catherine (or Kate for short)
Princess Mushroom

May 22nd, 2005 - 1:02 PM
Re: Am I an Aristasian?

Delighted to meet you, Miss Kate. It takes a while to get the "feel" of Aristasia. But if you have questions to ask, please do feel free to ask them. Even if we have answered similar ones before, you may have your own special "angle" on the matter, and we really don't mind answering your particular questions just for you!

We are really hoping to get things properly under way in America very soon, but I am afraid Australia is very quiet as far as things Aristasian are concerned. I hope that will change in the future.

Once again, welcome to the Club. We are very happy to meet you.