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Aristasia Friends

May 22, 05 - 9:08 AM
New Things

We are reorganising the Aristasia Friends site to make it easier for you pettes to find your way about and enjoy all the interesting material there, much of which may seem a bit "buried".

This process is beginning with a little, unobtrusive pink Navigation Bar that will sit at the top of most pages without detracting from the main content. However, once you start playing with it, you will be able to use it to find all sorts of fascinating things. It is up and working now, though the system is only in the first stages of development.

And if all this seems a little technical you may be more interested to know that we are starting a fiction section, beginning with a reprinting of Strangers in Paradise which used to live on before the domain was stolen by "domain squatters". The first module we have published is called "A Meeting at the Mermaid" and concerns a mysterious Estrenne Brunette who appears at an Inn in Quirinelle.

You can read the story and get a first look at the new Navigation Bar here.
Miss B*X

May 22nd, 2005 - 10:15 PM
Re: New Things

What ho!

I have looked at the old navigation bar, and what a clever, little mushroom.

However, why is the navigation bar not on the Girls' Town page? Is it supposed to be? Am I missing the point?!

Miss B*X
Aristasia Friends

May 23rd, 2005 - 10:19 AM
Re: New Things

The bar is at Girls' Town now - at least it will be when the Remote server has stopped playing Silly Mendicants - together with a short piece explaining about it.

I don't know if the Young Mushroom had much to do with it. It was mostly juvenile ordinator wizard, Mitzi Marenkhe, I believe, who did the technical bits.

There is also a rather fascinating piece on revolutionary nylons in China by Miss Jannie from Holland. So do pop over and have a look.