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Princess Mushroom

May 26, 05 - 4:09 PM
Aristasian Art

We have been talking a lot in this District about developing Aristasian Art and culture - from music to literature to painting. Most of you will have seen Aristasian fiction and a few rather charming animation sequences.

On a recent brief visit to the Tiggrs, Blonde Tiggr showed me her latest painting. It is such a lovely piece of Aristasian art that I begged her to let me borrow it to show you all. It is in oil on canvas and is called The Rescue. She would venture no furiher comment. I might hazard some guesses, but since they would be rather personal to the artist, I shall leave the viewer to form her own impressions.

I think I can tell you, however that the fair-haired maiden is the brunette, and the dark-haired one the blonde, as seems often to happen in Telluria, and is certainly the case with the Tiggrs.

But enough. Go to the Gallery and let the painting speak for itself.