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Miss Diana Atalanta

May 15, 05 - 7:14 PM
Life in Aristasia

Suppose at some point in the future I were to journey to Britain and live in the Aristasian dimension. What would my life be like? Would there be stimulating intellectual discourse? Is love and romance possible? Is their art and music? It seems that discipline plays a role in the life of Aristasia. What would be the norms of the new society in which I would live and how would my behavior be corrected? As an Aristasian, what would be the proper manner in which I would interact with the exterior world? Please excuse my poor vocabulary as I am a newcomer and have not yet learned proper Aristasian speech.
Lady Aquila

May 16th, 2005 - 12:33 PM
Re: Life in Aristasia

You must understand that aristasia at this point does not have large physical colonies where a non-Aristasian might come and live.

Aristasia is a Country of the Mind; which is not to say it is not incarnated physically: it is. Its physical incarnation is hestia-based. That is to say, its physical existence takes place in a number of Autonomous Households. You would no doubt visit some of these and also come to Aristasian events such as kinema showings, tea-parties or schools.

Aristasia is a reality that depends on one's degree of participation. Essentially, you would begin as an outer-circle Aristasian. you would find a persona (or more than one) which was Aristasian and she would attend these events and visit with Aristasians.

If you went to a school there might be some discipline -- but only if it were warranted. There probably wouldn't. Not unless you actually felt the need for discipline -- or unless you gave way to the urge to throw a rubber (eraser) across the room!

In school you would wear a uniform. But you might also (or alternatively) attend seminars on philosophy and other subjects. These would be more relaxed, in a drawing-room rather than schoolroom atmosphere, like a University seminar in the days when Universities were still essentially gentilmaids' clubs.

In terms of dress, a minimum would be, say, a skirt and blouse, proper shoes and stockings, tidy hair and so forth. If you wanted to break out in Trentish Art-Neo, Dior New-Look or Arcadian crinolines, of course that would be entirely acceptable and quite up to you.

I hope this gives you a few ideas of how things work in Aristasia.
Miss Diana Atalanta

May 16th, 2005 - 1:15 PM
Re: Life in Aristasia

Ah--I see. Perhaps an Aristasian colony could be established here in the New World...
Princess Mushroom

May 16th, 2005 - 2:15 PM
Re: Life in Aristasia

We are certainly hoping so!

Jun 8th, 2005 - 12:40 AM
Re: Life in Aristasia

The best answer to your question can easily be found in the last chapter of Miss A. L. Trent's The feminine universe : An exposition of the ancient wisdom from the primordial feminine perspective (London: Golden Order Press, n.d.[circa 1996-1999?]). This book is not available anywhere (as far as I know, I've tried all other known options locating a copy) except from Miss Martindale.

I do highly recommend the book, although this is a very intense reading that will challenge any preconceived ideas you may have in your mind. It might take several times reading it to digest the concepts and let them sink in. This needs to be a required reading for anyone who cares about the way the world is, and is perplexed as to why very few attempts at addressing the world's problems seem to be working these days. It deals with a wide range of subject matters, such as philosophy, metaphysics, social psychology, historic analyses, gender theory, and arts, giving a more holistic view of human cultures and civilisations.

A copy of this book costs approximately $24 in the US currency inclusive of shipping fees.

Having said that, life in Aristasia seems to be fairly well depicted in some of the fictional works online. These fictions should inform your image-sphere and help you internalise Aristasia, so to speak.