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Isabel Trent

Jun 9, 05 - 8:44 PM
Greta Garbo

Who here is familiar with this business of Six Degrees of Separation -- the idea that with six removes you can connect anyone in the world to anyone else? It seems a topic sufficiently idiotic to amuse the blondes around here. Anyway, I had an exciting thought today: I'm only four removes away from Greta Garbo.

I had a very dear friend who passed away a couple of years ago, who used to be quite chummy with a famous Broadway lighting designer named Tharon Musser, who did the lighting for the original production of Sondheim's Follies in 1972. Among the aging Follies girls with whom Miss Musser must have worked was one Fifi D'Orsay... who knew Greta Garbo in the '30s and was rumoured to have been her lover!

And I'm two degrees away from Vivien Leigh; that's old news. She stayed at my grandparents' hotel in the '50s and left a charming autograph. Two, really, because she must have signed the register, but when the hotel burned down the staff filched all the registers in the most underhanded fashion, leaving only the current volume, which was so new it contained hardly any illustrious names.

All right, I suppose it's only exciting if you're a nut like me. Who else can trace tenuous yet ever-so-slightly interesting links to silver screen goddesses?
Miss Rowbotham

Jun 10th, 2005 - 12:13 PM
Re: Greta Garbo

Not exactly a silver screen goddess, I know, but my grandmother's mother was a great friend of Catherine Booth. Does that count?

She was quite a lady apparently, and much more central in the founding of the Salvation Army than the great plaudits offered to her husband might initially suggest. Definitely a fiery brunette!

Come along, ladies, surely someone can think of a more glamorous set of associations than this; although I fear Miss Garbo might not be easily beaten!