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Miss Rowbotham

Jun 10, 05 - 12:34 PM
Are there potential Aristasians at the bottom of your garden?

The title of this thread was inspired by the lovely little 'Vintesse fairy' thread. However, it addresses a question rather more of the physical realm than the aetherial.

A story to explain. Last evening, finding myself in need of the waters of life (alcoholic beverages designed to revive the spirits and accompany the evening repast), I sallied forth in the direction of a local vintner's emporium.

As I left home I found a lady with a bicycle happily chatting to a group of previously aloof cats. In amazement, I declared aloud, "My goodness! I have never seen one of those animals talking to any human before." The conversation had begun and, before I knew it, we were chatting about how elegant times were before the Eclipse and how very sad she found it that the world "lacked discipline and self-respect".

Well, we have all been saying as much for a long time so nothing new there. However, she then proceeded to tell me how Real her hestia is, how she often wishes she could go back to a proper school, how she would love to be in a world of elegance (I think she would have to be Kadorian by nature) and other things that most new-ish Aristasians say when they first come to us. And she lives just across the square from us; you can see her front door from the hall window!

Let me encourage all of you lone Aristasians out there to strike up casual converstaions with those around and about your own localities. I was most encouraged by my chat of last evening - I even amused the vintner with some light-hearted quip since my mood was so lifted by my encounter. I expect the thought of selling me more wine may have been the reason of jollity there though!

Has anybody else tried this tactic? What have been the results?