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Sushuri Novaryana

Jun 10, 05 - 3:37 PM
The Catechism of the Daughter

We have been asked on various occasions for more clarification on the spiritual side of Aristasia. To help with this, we are publising in Elektraspace The Catechism of the Children of Dea. This is also known as the Filianic catechism, because it recognises the Daughter, although most of it is equally applicable to all worshippers of God the Mother, whether devotees of the Daughter or not.

The Catechism was first issued some thirty years ago, and has been used as a basis for teaching Aristasian religion. We are happy to reproduce the first part, to which we have added a commentary, which we hope will clarfy some points.

Those of you who have further questions are invited to ask them here.

You will find the text at The Catechism of the Children of Dea, Part 1.

Jun 10th, 2005 - 7:02 PM
Re: The Catechism of the Daughter

Dear Raya Novarayana,

Thank you, and thank you again, for posting this Catechism. It gave me such a thrill to read.

I have a question to ask, if I may - I have been mulling it over for a while. I read in a recent post, that the Aristasian's reject "sainthood" as a way out of the nastiness of the modern era, as it is too hard for most of us to completely renounce the world. For myself, although it sounds attractive to try and be a saint, I see it is not practical. But the aim, as described in the catechism, is still to reach perfect union with Dea, and I wonder how one does that? What practical steps can one take to go from where we are now, to that pure state? Is prayer important as a means to this end, or are there other ways?

Looking forward eagerly and gratefully to your reply,



Jun 10th, 2005 - 9:45 PM
Re: The Catechism of the Daughter

First and foremost of all, thank you Raya Novaryana for making the catechism available. It should give everyone a clear and concise overview of the faith.

Miss Suzanna: Have you had a chance to read The Gentle Way? This short homily gives a great introduction to the way of living that is contemplative (without necessarily being 'ascetic', which is difficult), centred and mindful.
Sushuri Novaryana

Jun 10th, 2005 - 10:04 PM
Re: The Catechism of the Daughter

Of course, it is not true to say that aristasians "reject sainthood" as such. For the few who have so high a vocation, it is the greatest thing of all.

However, as a means of counteracting the Pit for most of us - earthbound souls that we are! - it is hardly a possibility.

Prayer, of course, is important. The piece recommended by Miss Sarah-Andrea is a good starting point. And try also this piece (have the sound on if you can). I think you will find both helpful. And do keep coming back here to discuss them. We are always here to help in any way we can.