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Little Sorceress

Jun 12, 05 - 10:17 AM
S*x Scenes

My Aristasian cousin and I were having a discussion about sex scenes in books. I have never read one myself, as I am not permitted to do so either by my elders or by my taste. But apparently they are obligatory in a lot of bongo novels. I have never read one of those either, so I wouldn't know.

Anyway, here is the discusher:

I was thinking about all these graphic sex-scenes in these books...

Don't think about them. They're very boring.

I mean... Having said what there is to say, what more is there to say? And how can one go on saying it?

Some people are rather thick, you know, and need to have it explained to them multiple times.

But then I never understand how people can talk for hours about soccer either. But I can see that there might be a few intricacies to that - soccer, I mean.

I suppose the people who are so interested in sex and soccer would be horrified by how many hours some of us can spend talking about lipstick and shoes.

Yes - I suppose that is true. But then no two pairs of shoes are the same. Well, actually quite a lot are. But who could spend ages discussing two pairs of shoes in the same identical style?

I think perhaps shoes are a less apt analogy for sex than chocolates. Lots of chocolates look identical. But that doesn't mean one only wants one.

Agreed - and I could play ping-pong for hours, but I couldn't discuss it for ten minutes.

I could play ping-pong for two minutes, but I couldn't discuss it for ten seconds!

Nor would I take pleasure in a description of other people playing ping-pong - or eating chocolate.

Well, I have to say there would be something in a well-written passage about a beautiful girl eating Belgian chocolate truffles. It would remind one poignantly of chocolate truffles in one's past.

Yes, that is true. And madelines can remind people of all sorts of things!


Even so, a graphic chomp-by-chomp description of chocolate-eating...!