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Lipstick Thespian

Jun 14, 05 - 11:13 AM
The Girls' Camp

Over at the Lipstick Theatre, we suddenly realised that, despite the deplorable state of our Card Shop (just three lines on dusty old shelves), over 60 cards had been sent in the last month, which made us think we really must do something about the old place.

So, after burning a bit of midnight oil (best quality rose-scented midnight oil, I might add) we came up with a whole new set of cards largely on a theme of pulp fiction and high camp.

Lots of new music too, again with an accent on the Girls' Camp. Chantilly Lace, Lipstick on your collar, and - oh, but you must see for yourself.

We think you are really going to love it all, so do pop over to The Lipstick Theatre" and pop into the card shop. Have the sound on if you can!

Everything at the Lipstick Theatre is Free.