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Jun 14, 05 - 4:05 PM
The Craziest Brunette

many of you will have heard our wireless broadcast of the new outer-space story tentatively entitled The Princess and the Captain. You will no doubt be wondering who were the mysterious hijackers and what it was all leading up to.

Very soon you will find out, and will also meet the craziest brunette this side of Ladyton. In fact, quite possibly this side of the galaxy.

In case you missed episode 1 you will find it here.

But we need to ask you, darlings - do you prefer stories in audio format or as text? Do you enjoy our wireless broadcasts? Do you have difficulty receiving them? would you prefer to read the stories? Please let us know.

In the meantime, the next surprising episode of Aristasia's favourite space serial is coning to an elektra-wireless near you sooner than you think.
Lipstick Thespian

Jun 14th, 2005 - 1:22 PM
Re: The Craziest Brunette

Part 2 of Space Vixens is now ready for your delight and delectation. We also have a new Audio section on the Aristasia Friends navigation bar, so in future you should be able to find sound broadcasts from there.

So who has captured the Silver Vixen and why? It isn't what you expect! And is our juvenile audio technician, Mitzi "Coconut Shells" Marenkhe going overboard with those crazy sound effects?

There aren't two ways to find out, so listen in now to Space Vixens Part 2.