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Miss Corinella

Jun 24, 05 - 3:25 PM
Confused Intrigue

I fell across your site by chance and upon exploring it I am both intrigued and confused. I am not entirely sure what this "club" if that is that correct term for it is, however so many of the things you speak about bear such relevance to my life. I have found your site quite a maze, and am therefore hoping for some kind of guidance. I am not really sure what else to say, except that I hope to recieve a reply, I am most interested in hearing more, and hope that I have caused no offence with my inexperienced terminology.
Sushuri Novaryana

Jun 24th, 2005 - 6:57 PM
Re: Confused Intrigue

How nice to hear from you, Miss Corinella. I suppose the site is a bit of a maze - so many different things and the only common theme being that they all come out of, or have something to do with, Aristasia. Aristasia itself is not a Club, but this is the Blondes' and Brunettes' Club.

Probably the best way to star is by looking at some of the essays in the introductory section. But if you are finding yoursel confused do feel ree to ask any questions here. Don't worry, we don't mind how basic and we won't think you silly - every one of us had to start sometime!

So just flip us a few questions - and welcome!