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Miss Amelia

Jun 25, 05 - 7:01 AM
The Man Who Died Twice

At the Penthouse Library, I've noticed a wireless programme entitled "The Man Who Died Twice." I would love to listen, however, it doesn't appear to play when I click on it; instead, I see a picture of a glowing radio. Is there another way I might listen to (or read) this story?
Blonde Management

Jun 25th, 2005 - 10:57 AM
Re: The Man Who Died Twice

Oh whoops! The wireless set is supposed to play. I wonder what has happened this time.

I have to warn you, in any case, that this whole thing was a bit of a patch-up. Only the first episode of "The Man Who Died Twice" was ever recorded, though the full story does exist.

We have a plan to publish it in the future, along with another Mimsy Crystal story and some Victorian lady detectives, but at present poor Mimsy is rather badly served, I fear.

Apologies to you and to all Mimsy fans.