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Blonde Management

Jun 21, 05 - 11:17 AM
The Great Amelia Bingham

Blonde Bombshell Books - a department of the Golden Order Press - is hoping in the not-too-distant to publish Enter Amelia Bingham, a collection of stories about the charming lady swindler. You have probably met her in the introductory audio broadcast, still hearable at Aristasia Friends.

However, as a further appetite-whetter, we are happy to present her second story, entitled White Magic.

You may know that Raffles, the gentleman thief, with his partner Bunny Manders, was written by a cousin of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and was intended to be a sort of shadow of Holmes and Watson on the other side of the law.

Amelia bingham and Pash Chevender were intended as, in a sense, a feminine Raffles and Bunny, and yet with the ambiguity that in an inverted society, being on the "wrong side" of the law might be on the "right side" morally.

Just as Holmes's adventures are all narrated bt Dr. John H. Watson, M.D., so all Amelia Bingham's adventures are narrated by The Hon. Hypatia Chevender.

But enough palaver. You are wanting to read White Magic.
Blonde Bombshell

Jul 1st, 2005 - 8:05 PM
Re: The Great Amelia Bingham

The new Amelia Bingham book is coming along wonderfully.

Re-reading these never-before-published in book form stories, I realise what a truly magnificent character Amelia is. The gentlewoman swindler may have been loosely modelled on A.J. Raffles, the Victorian gentleman thief, but actually she is much better than Raffles ever was.

Little Miss Mitzi has done a beautifully traditional typesetting job, using arcane things like thins to separate punctualtion, which one only normally finds in books printed before the 1960s.

Most people won't even notice these subtle touches, I suppose, but it will all go toward giving the book that indefinable something that other books haven't got.

As if the great Amelia couldn't do that by herself!

The picture here is only a preliminary sketch for the much more impressive animated advertisement which you can see at Girls' Town.