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Flora Sutton

Jul 1, 05 - 2:41 AM
The Good News of God the Mother

Last evening, I listened to the audio presentation titled "The Goods News of God the Mother." I was very happy to hear the message, but I was wondering if there are written materials to support it? I seem to recall different philosophers, anthropoligists, art historians and others about whom I know nothing.
I would like to delve deeper into these areas.

I also have encountered Mother Mary from the Christian perspective, and Kwan Yin from the Buddhist tradition. Both have places on my altar.

I seem to recall that presenter also recalled the Hindu Goddess Durga. I am unaware of her specifically in a motherly context. I recall her in primarily the record of the slaying of the buffalo-demon Mahisashura. Where could I look for further references to her as a mother?

Thanks for your consideration.
Sushuri Novaryana

Jul 1st, 2005 - 7:20 AM
Re: The Good News of God the Mother

I am so glad you enjoyed the audio broadcast The Good News of God the Mother.

The best place to go for some general supporting materials is The Chapel of God the Mother. This is primarily a devotional rather than a scholarly site, but here you will find the text of the Angelic Hymn (which is quoted in the broadcast) with a substantial commentary. You will also find other material on Aristasian spirituality.

On the question of Durga. As you say, she is seen primarily in her fierce aspect, slaying and protecting us from evil. She is seen, as Aristasians would say, as the Vikhelic aspect of Dea (cf. The Seven Great Janyati). Nevertheless, she is also Dea in the fullest sense.

In Hinduism, all "goddesses" are seen to be embodiments of the one Mother. Thus we read in the Devi Mahatmya, which recounts at length Sri Durga's killing of the Buffalo Demon and his hordes:

11.0 Devi, you are the Intellect, by which the essence of all scriptures is comprehended. You are Durga, the boat that takes souls across the difficult ocean of worldly existence, devoid of attachments.

12.Gently smiling, pure, resembling the full moon?s orb, beautiful like the splendour of excellent gold was your face! Yet it was very strange that, being swayed by anger, Mahisasura suddenly struck your face when he saw it.

16.By your grace, 0 Devi, the blessed individual does daily all righteous deeds with utmost care and thereby attains to heaven. Are you not, therefore 0 Devi, the bestower of reward in all the three worlds?

17.When called to mind in a difficult pass, you remove fear for every person. When called to mind by those in happiness, you bestow a mind still further pious. Which goddess but you, 0 Dispeller of poverty, pain and fear, has an ever sympathetic heart for helping everyone?

18.The world attains happiness by the killing of these (foes) and though these (asuras) have committed sins to keep them long in hell, let them reach heaven by meeting death eventually at the battle (with Her)thinking thus, that you, 0 Devi, certainly destroy our enemies.

19.Don't you reduce to ashes all asuras by mere sight? But you direct your weapons against them so that even the inimical ones, purified by the missiles, may attain the higher worlds. Such is your most kindly intention towards them.

The full text of the Devi Mahatmya, may be found here. It is quite extensive and contains some patriarchal accretions, but is a valuable scripture. The translation is poor and we hope some day to make one of our own.

To some extent, it may be seen as a revelation of Dea for the Iron (or Vikhelic) age.

On Kuan Yin, it should be realised that while she is today seem mainly in the light of the Buddha-Dharma, She was revered as a "goddess" long before Lord Siddartha Guatama, the Buddha, was born; as indeed, the Queen of Heaven was a title of Dea used by many (including the ancient Hebrews) long before it was transferred to Mary.
Flora Sutton

Jul 5th, 2005 - 3:12 PM
Re: The Good News of God the Mother

Dear Sushuri Novaryana,

Thanks so much for the thoughtful reply to my posting. I have much to learn about God the Mother. Devotional materials undoubtedly serve to help me get started. It's not simply a head matter, but primarily a heart matter.

Thanks for finding the scriptures regarding Durga--it will take some time to work through them.

Flora Sutton