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Princess Mushroom

Jul 20, 05 - 2:29 PM
Art-Neo and for the Home

Heart-stocking beautyI have always coveted one of those delicious, up-to-date-looking Smeg frigidaires, preffy in pink or (brunette vetos necessitating) duck-egg blue.

They do, however, cost quite a bit. That is the blonde way of putting it. The brunette way of putting it is: "The price of those things is outlandish. Its only a frigidaire after all."

Yes, but such a nice, real-looking frigidaire. The sort that gave rise to the expression "I'm smug 'cause I've got a Smeg". All right. I did just make the expression up, but the Smeg frigidaire's did give rise to it. When Marilyn Monroe sang "I've stocked my heart with icy frigidaire" [in I'm Through with Love] she must have had a Smeg in mind.

Years ago I was with my then-brunette in Selfridges and I asked if we could go and look at the Frigidaires.

"Do they sell fridges here?" she asked.

"Of course," I said. "How do you suppose the shop got is name?"

Ahem. Well, you couldn't resist that one, could you? She still didn't buy me a Smeg, though.

Anyoldhow, the happyish ending to this story is that we did acquire a fridge-freezer (we used to have a simple larder fridge, but the blonde dictum was borne in upon us that a home that cannot store ice-cream is really no home at all). It was one of the cheapest in one of these rather cheap shops. Their own brand, no less, but it really looks much closer to Art-Neo than nearly all its dearer competitors.

And the moral of the story (which should always follow a happy ending) is that decent design is not as hard to find as it once was. Not long ago the dead hand of foul design lay upon everything in the pit.

Now the "post modern" eclecticism of bits-of-this-and-bits-of-that means that one can buy some quite decent-looking things even at budget prices, and by choosing only the nicer looking things one can make one's hestia really quite lovely.

If only they would do something about cars, where the dead hand seems to be bigger and deader than ever.

Anyway, what think you of the frigidaire? It isn't a Smeg, but I am reasonably smug about it.

I wonder if I could persuade li brunette to spray it pink.

Duck-egg blue?