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Miss B*X

Jul 21, 05 - 7:28 PM
More attempted bomb attacks in London

More chaos is London today with attempted bomb attacks (bombs that didn't properly detonate on underground trains and a bus) several parts of London cordoned off.Transport system in disaray.An underground station near where I work/live evacuated and closed.
The area near Beth's workplace was evacuated,she is alright, but trying to get home.

It is all rather strange. It is all adding to my feelings of not wanting to be in London for so many reasons.

Miss B*X
Isabel Trent

Jul 21st, 2005 - 8:12 PM
Re: More attempted bomb attacks in London

Dear Miss B.,

I'm so glad you're all right! A stiff upper lip is called for, I suppose -- and remember you're in the minds and hearts of all your Aristasian friends.

(Speaking of which, it's been twenty million years since I had a letter from you!)

Yours faithfully,

Isabel Trent
Umm Jack

Jul 21st, 2005 - 9:20 PM
Re: More attempted bomb attacks in London

May a gracious God keep you all safe.
Lady Aquila

Jul 21st, 2005 - 10:06 PM
Re: More attempted bomb attacks in London

I think only those of us who live or have lived in or near London know what Miss B really means. Pit-london is simply horrible. It is a vile, ugly parody of London. It is a hole.

Also, Britain is an arterial country: that is, its one great city serves as its heart - and at one time as the heart of the whole Empire. America is not like that. America is more modular. No American city is so important that its destruction would entail the destruction of the national spirit as such. London is (or was) that important. Destroy London and you have destroyed England. And they have.

The bombs are not the reason for leaving. They are just the cherry on the cake. London withstood immeasurably worse bombing in the Blitz; but then there was something to defend, something to stay for, something to uphold and believe in.

Now there is nothing.
Miss B*X

Jul 21st, 2005 - 11:31 PM
Re: More attempted bomb attacks in London

I agree that the bombs are not the reason for leaving. As I mentioned they are just "adding to my feelings or not wanting to be in London".

I have been looking into going to Paris recently, and It actually seems quite feasible. With the help of a few existing contacts it seems that I could aquire both employment and accomodation relatively fast and easily. I do need to brush up on my French, but that would not have to be an immediate barrier as I can apparently obtain employment teaching English in a language school where they insist everyone speaks only English at all times. Meanwhile, I would be learning the language outside.

This seems like a transitional period for Aristasians. A change for the better. With the Embassy household looking into decamping to Culveria. I believe it may be the beginning of the next great phase of our lives, and of Aristasia.

Certainly Britain (I can no longer call it "Great") seems irreparably decayed at the moment, and rather than stay and hope against hope that I can contribute to her rebuilding, I feel I must go elsewhere and restore my own spirit, which has been in serious danger of being depleted by the rot.

I do hope one day I might feel like returning to my home country. I will never give up entirely on her. The landscape in some areas is still beautiful. It is not her fault the Bongos have been so destructive.

I feel stlightly daunted but mostly excited by the decisions I must make now. I feel confident things will get better for Me. I must make them better.

With Love to you all and thanks for your understanding, support and grace.

Miss B*X
Isabel Trent

Jul 21st, 2005 - 11:37 PM
Re: More attempted bomb attacks in London

I say, Miss B: why don't you come to Culveria as well? France isn't the only place in which people need to be taught English...
Princess Mushroom

Jul 22nd, 2005 - 10:19 AM
Re: More attempted bomb attacks in London

Reports of our immediate decamping to Culveria may be somewhat exaggerated as Abdul the Boy Bomber plays havoc with the international value of Sterling (it would be interesting to know who went short on Sterling before these attacks).

Much of England is still beautiful, and I certainly still enjoy it. The history still breathes in it, but the living culture is departed.

As for "my country" that is, and can only be, the Motherland, and I shall go wherever in Telluria I can best serve her.

As we sing:

From the Mountain's rayant pinnaclé
To the troublèd waters of the sea,
O Rayanne, thy rule doth run
As coursers of the sun:
We pledge allegiance unto thee.

Jul 22nd, 2005 - 11:56 AM
Re: More attempted bomb attacks in London

Please do not... Culveria is in a much worse mess than in anywhere. After all, much of what caused the Eclipse originated in America, and with the current state of hyper-patriarchal insanity, one would rather look into somewhere else, perhaps New Zealand.
Isabel Trent

Jul 22nd, 2005 - 3:54 PM
Re: More attempted bomb attacks in London

I grew up in New Zealand, Sarah-Andrea, and got out as fast as I could. It's no place for Aristasians. Believe me.

On the other hand... the fish and chips are brilliant.
Princess Mushroom

Jul 23rd, 2005 - 2:44 AM
Re: More attempted bomb attacks in London

I do not think we are viewing America through "rose coloured spectacles". We have few illusions about the collapse of culture in all Western - but particularly all English-speaking - countries; nor are we unaware of the extent to which much of this (at least in its surface manifestations) derives from America.

However, one does nonetheless see a somewhat healthier condition in America than the Yeek. This is really only an indication of how very far down the path the Yeek has gone, and also of the fact that being "arterial" in structure, the Yeek, corrupted at the heart, is corrupted all over, whereas, America being "modular" is capable of having remnants of tradition surviving in some bits while dead in others.

There is also, it is true, the phenomenon of one's being less offended by the destruction of a culture that is not one's own, if only because one is less sensitive to its nuances. I do not believe that is the whole of the case, but I cannot, of course, be certain.

Finally, however, our aim is not to find the most pleasant place to be, but to find the place most conducive to the next phases of Aristasian development. I am committed to being wherever the Motherland finds me most useful.
Miss B*X

Jul 24th, 2005 - 10:21 AM
Re: More attempted bomb attacks in London

.....then surely Britain needs you more than anywhere?!
Miss B*X

Jul 24th, 2005 - 10:31 AM
Re: More attempted bomb attacks in London

PS ~ Reports of reports of the Embassy's "immediate decamping" to Culveria (if indeed they were mine) are somewhat exaggerated! What was actually reported was the household "looking into" decampment with no specified timescale. Indeed, I have been "looking into" losing a stone in weight for about as long as I can remember!

As for my "home country".....this is simply the place I happened to be born in.

I would somewhat agree that my true home is also where I can most usefully (but also, for me, pleasantly ~ as I suffer from a most hindering melancholy in seriously unpleasant places ) hang my most stylish hat!

Vive La France!

Mlle. B*X