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Princess Mushroom

Jul 30, 05 - 9:49 AM
Pretty Things!

Well, I haven't much to say but I simply had to show you some pretty things.

One is a maginificent display of flowers that has been transferred from the Tiggrage to Castle Mushroom. Naturally, like everything in the Tiggrage, they are in Tigger colours, but since Les Tigues will be in Africa for a couple of months, and since we are looking after the Tiggrage, we thought they really ought to come somewhere they would be loved and admired before they meet the fate of all Flowers.

Don't they look grand in the Castle Drawing Room?

The other Pretty Thing was that we went to an adorable Chinese restaurant the other night, and some of the dishes were decorated with roses made of that lovely rice-paper business that they make flying saucers from (you know flying saucers, the ricepaper ones with sherbet inside). Very Quirrie.

And at the end they gave us a soft candy Shroooooom! Here they are:

Has any one else any pretties to share with us.

And on a different but equally important topic, what are your favourite Quirrie Sweeties? I think flying saucers are mine, but what about those sucky peanuts with real peanut inside? And Nut Brittle? And....
Isabel Trent

Jul 31st, 2005 - 1:00 AM
Re: Pretty Things!

Oh! I have one! But I fear only the blondes in the room will agree with me on its merits...

Natsuki Mizu.

Jul 31st, 2005 - 10:53 AM
Re: Pretty Things!


I mean, I tell you what - WOW!!!

And phew!!