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Aug 1, 05 - 10:09 AM
Let's Go to the Movies! - International Aristasian Kinema

Tonight we are going to the Kinema. We shall see an all-girl extravaganza in which the blonde eventually fall into the ams of her True Brunette instead of some gloopy old em-eh-en! Yippee!

We are watching Takarazuka Revue's Flower Troupe performing Elisabeth - Rondo of Love and Death, the story of the great Austrian Empress, wooed by the strangest of brunettes - Death herself!

Death is played by Sumire Haruno and Elisabeth by Rei Otoro. No doubt my lovely cousin Isabel will tell you a little about the nicknames and backgrounds of the players and a little about the story. She is a Takarazuka Wizard. If we have a school in Culveria, she will be the Takarazuka Mistress.

The International part comes because this Kinema will be shown in the Extended District of Avendale and will be seen simultaneously in locations near London England and near Atlanta Georgia. If any of you far-flung pettes would like to become part of an Extended District, do let us know.

In the meantime, I am looking forward enormously to this evening!