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Margaret Susan Turner

Aug 15, 05 - 6:04 PM
where's the map?

I'm lost. I used to be able to find the map of the Aristasian provinces here on the website, but can no longer find it. Feeling much more grounded here in our fantasy world when knowing "where/when" I am, I remain desperate. Would someone please show me the way to the map?

Thank you,
Peggy Sue
Blonde Management

Aug 16th, 2005 - 9:52 AM
Re: where's the map?

A very good question. The map has been gone for a very long time, as it belonged to one of the earlier sites, but I am pleased to announce that we have now got it in place on Aristasia Friends. The clicky-bits that take you to province details aren't there yet (they never did work well, did they?) - but perhaps later.

For the meantime, here is the map.