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Blonde Management

Aug 19, 05 - 12:47 AM
That Dreadful Word!

We keep thinking that we need a dictionary of Aristasian slang so that everyone can understand words like crimp, guzz, cozen, gloop and chell, and know the difference between a lemon and a striped cushion.

One word that could not easily be defined in a dictionary, however is groosh. That word, despite its jolly silly sound, has deep roots in Aristasian aesthetics and we don't think any one has been able to define it in cold print up until now.

Recently, however, in the midst of a discusion on(of all things) religious art at the Aristasian Spirituality Group, groosh received the finest definition we have ever heard. So good, in fact, we have given it an illustrated article to itself.

Still puzzled? Well, why wouldn't you be? Pop over to:

Groosh: That Dreadful Word!

and find out what groosh really is, and just why the word is so important to Aristasians.
Umm Jack

Aug 19th, 2005 - 1:01 AM
Re: That Dreadful Word!

Groosh is always associated with disordered hair, has anyone else noticed?