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Aug 19, 05 - 11:30 PM
looking for friends

ok , well , i am new in the town and i would really like to talk to an aristasia , (excuse me , i dont speak english from a long time ago , so you certanly know what i mean )mmmm, well , i am a goth girl , so i dont know how difficult is to be an aristasia. well something tahat i wanted to tell to all of you , is that i dnt really like boys , i am 14 years ld , and i had an argument whit a boy , becouse he said taht boys are better , and i said that girls or ladies are better , so , now every single boy in m school knows about it , and i really need ladies�s support, bie.mail me if you want
Petite Sorciere

Aug 20th, 2005 - 10:02 AM
Re: looking for friends

Hello, Miss Paula. Welcome to the Club.

Why have you come to Aristasia? There is much more to Aristasia than just preferring girls or ladies to boys. You might try one of the lesbian sites - but they are pretty gosh-horrible, so I do see your problem!

Aristasia is a magical world all of its own. Let me suggest this. Look at the world about you. Do you say: "It's fine, I like it. I just prefer girls to boys"? If you say that, you probably do not need Aristasia.

Or do you say: "It's ugly. I don't like it. I want a world more magical, more charming, more beautiful, more true"? If you say that, you may be looking for Aristasia.

I don't know much about goth-girls, I am afraid. But I believe that SOME of them are looking for a style that is more romantic, more imaginative, more striking and daring and beautiful than the dull, drab world they see about them. Some of these girls may be potential Aristasians.

Certainly Aristasians find some goth-girls better to look at than the usual drab bongo in jeans or bits of tracksuit!

I suggest you read the story Perdita and see what this makes you feel. This will help you know if you are an Aristasian.

Fourteen is the age when many of us started to feel we were different and not a part of the Pit. It is a time to start looking around and finding out where we want to go.

Have a look around Aristasia-in-Elektraspace and ask us any questions you want to. If you find some of the English hard, just ask. That is what we are here for!

And welcome to the Club as our guest and our friend.