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Sushuri Novaryana

Aug 23, 05 - 12:05 PM
Aristasian "Religion" - What IS it?

With many essays on Aristasian Spirituality appearing recently, people have asked: What actually is the Aristasian religion?

A very good question. We have tried to make the answer clear in this piece.

As always, if you have questions, do ask them here.

Aug 24th, 2005 - 12:16 AM
Re: Aristasian "Religion" - What IS it?

A rather silly question perhaps. You talk about Filianists and Filyani. Do the two words mean just the same thing or is there a difference?
Miss Drusilla

Aug 24th, 2005 - 2:33 AM
Re: Aristasian "Religion" - What IS it?

They mean the same thing, dear, but Filyani is the Raihiralan term and is thus more purely Aristasian. Raihiralan ("of the Raihira estate") is an adjective meaning noble or well-born, as well as a language derived from the ancient Cairen tongue of Aristasia Pura. Lots of Aristasians use a word or two of it here and there, although it is not widely spoken outside the East. It is rather like peppering one's speech with Latin tags.
Lady Aquila

Aug 24th, 2005 - 8:31 AM
Re: Aristasian "Religion" - What IS it?

It is worth noting that there is no Raihiralan equivalent to the term "Deanists" (it would presumably be "Diani" if it existed). That is because the term Deanist is purely Tellurian and does not exist in Aristasia Pura.

That is because Deanism - which is used to mean the simplest possible belief in God the Mother, but is also the "basic minimum" which includes all other legitimate feminine spiritual perspectives (that is, as opposed to human-centred and New-Age-style ones) - is universal in Aristasia, in the sense that neither patriarchal religion nor New-Age pseudo-religion have ever had any existence.

It is an interesting feature of language that while it may have words for things that do not exist, it cannot have words for things that exist universally. In Aristasian science fiction we shall encounter the term "schizomorphic" which means a race that has two sexes based on opposite principles (the Sushuric, or Venusian, and the Vikhelic or Martial): in other words male and female.

Telluria has no word for "schizomorphic" because it knows no people that is not schizomorphic. Aristasia Pura has no word for "Deanic" because it knows no spirituality that is not Deanic.

Aug 24th, 2005 - 10:48 AM
Re: Aristasian "Religion" - What IS it?

So if Deanists would be Diani, would a single Deanist be a Diana?
Lady Aquila

Aug 24th, 2005 - 4:15 PM
Re: Aristasian "Religion" - What IS it?

Actually a single blonde Deanist would be a Diana (pronounced, of course, Dee-anna). A brunette Deanist would be a Diani. The blonde and plural forms are the same in this type of word as in, say, Novaryana, a Novarian:

Novaryana (bl)
Novaryani (br)
Novaryani (pl)

Where Novaryani/Novaryana is a surname it will change according to the sex of the bearer - rather like Polish.

Curiously the blonde form of Janya is always used (possibly because the Janyati are "blonde" in relation to Dea?) Otherwise that sort of word would tend to be:

Janya (bl)
Janyi (br)
Janyati (pl)