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The Silver Vixen

Aug 6, 05 - 9:57 PM
Aristasian Writers' Studio

There is a very informal Writers' Studio in the Extended District of Avendale. In fact I have only just named it! I was talking over Elektraspace to another of our writers whose work is as yet unread in Aristasia-in-Elektraspace - but not for long, I hope.

We were discussing a little science fiction piece I have knocked up for possible publication in a bongo science-fiction magazine; the aim being to pave the way for a novel or two which is (are) in the works. One of our concerns is to present a scientific culture in an intemorphic (i.e. blonde/brunette rather than male/female) culture - one in which 17th-century rationalism never came about and science is continuous with traditional metaphysics.

This storylet begins in the Pit. I was aware that I was writing about people of a sort I neither know nor understand, so I set it in a foreign country to help disguise this. However, my fellow studiette immediately said that it read as if it were set before the Eclipse. She kindly asked how else it could be with an image-sphere as pure as mine.

I am thinking the only way I can portray bongos is by seeing them through the eyes of characters I can understand.

She also suggested that this was not the sort of thing bongo magazines normally publish.

Hmm. The old problem. How does one communicate with people who speak a different language? I think we need to get Aristasian fiction to a wider audience. But I continue to wonder how.

Any bright ideas, girlies.

At the same elektra-session, my friend - whom I shall not name in case she chooses to use a nom de guerre like the self - showed me her work-in-progress: a blossoming novel by which I become daily more enchanted. She was even sweet enough to ask me to write a bit (another reason for noms de guerre: we Aristasians aren't great fans of the Cult of the Indivudual Author and often write bits of each others' work). I do hope she will allow some of it to be published in Elektra soon. I am sure you will all love it as I do.

And if any of you would like to join our informal "Studio", do let me know here, or contact Vixen Princess on MSN Messenger.