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Aug 24, 05 - 10:31 PM
What does this mean?

I recently heard the term "Bottle Blonde." What does that mean?
Petite Sorciere

Aug 25th, 2005 - 12:07 AM
Re: What does this mean?

In Telluria, of course, a bottle blonde is a girl with non-naturally fair hair. The same as a Suicide Blonde - "dyed by her own hand". Except that the hairdresser probably did it. Makes a change from the butler. But I DO digress.

In Aristasia the term "bottle" is rhyming slang, the full form being "Bottle o' beer -queer" and a bottle actually means a girl who is keen on chaps. So a bottle blonde is - to reverse the famous phrase - a blonde who prefers gentlemen.

As opposed to brunettes, of course.