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Miss Serena

Sep 4, 05 - 11:46 AM
Clatter clatter clatter

I love my old bike, but I hate when it clatters. My back rack recently lost something of an attaching nature, so I tied it up with some gardening twine I had with me, also doing a little winding to create a sound buffer. This lasted about ten miles to my friends� house. The brunette spotted me about to replace the twine and suggested something of a more permanent nature. The exact article was not present, so she compromised on a plastic what-not and advised a visit to the bike shop. To its credit, the plastic lasted for over a hundred miles, but at least when it gave out I still had some twine in my bag. I decided to call at the hardware shop on my way home. It is a proper hardware shop, selling little metal thingies loose in ones rather than prepackaged in a bubble in twenty-fives. Unfortunately it was closed for its annual holiday. Even shops need a rest, it seems. So the bicycle repair place it is. I am not quite sure what to ask for, so I shall simply point to the problem and let them work it out. I don�t much care for the bike shop, to be honest. It is full of ugly-looking bikes, mostly black, which look difficult to mount and uncomfortable to ride. Meanwhile I think I�ll try some picture wire. Yes, that should do the trick.