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Cornelia Poetrell

Sep 12, 05 - 1:48 AM
The Kinema, Festivals, and Makeup

Sounds like it should be a jolly post, doesn't it?

Being new to Aristasia (but already feeling so much at home -- a fact which I am trying to check, so that I don't make a right little fool of myself), I find myself with a few questions.

First of all, I have often found the word 'cinema' spelt 'kinema'. Is there a special reason for this? Has it some wonderful connotation that I simply haven't had the chance to wrap my mind around, yet?

Secondly, I wonder if there's an Elektraspace page somewhere detailing the festivals native to Aristasia? Are they religious or 'secular' in nature? Is there a Christmas, or anything like it?

Thirdly, ...oh, I hope there is a sort of Christmas, because I don't think I can continue living without these beautiful trinkets! I'm in choice raptures over the 'Trio Gift Set' -- it looks so real.

Thank you for your patience -- I do prattle so. I'll return to pressing my nose to my ordinateur screen now, as one might the window of a shop, gazing at the Besame display beyond.
Princess Mushroom

Sep 12th, 2005 - 4:43 PM
Re: The Kinema, Festivals, and Makeup

In Aristasia Pura the word is pronounced "kinema" even when it is spelled "cinema" and that seems to have spilled over into Aristasia-in-Telluria. I am not certain why. In an unpublished (so far) chapter of Strangers in Paradise a Brunette in Quirinelle Pura meets a girl from Telluria and wonders at her pronunciation of "cinema" - she thinks perhaps she has very strict mothers who associate the talking pictures with sin.

As to festivals, I am wondering if there is somewhere in Elektraspace where all the main ones are listed. I can't remember anywhere, though I am sure the months of the Old Aristasian calendar are somewhere.

In any case, don't worry about Christmas. We certainly have an equivalent. It is called Nativity and celebrates the birth of the Daughter. It is celebrated especially by Filianists - those who have a special devotion to the Daughter - but the Daughter-principle is understood by all Deanists - that is all who know God as their Mother.

As in Telluria, Nativity is celebrated pretty much universally, regardless of how religious or otherwise one may be. and is one of the most beautiful and charming celebrations of the year.

Incidentally - we do rather like to celebrate the full twelve days, since the idea of it all being over on Masquiday (the Aristasian equivalent of Boxing Day and so-called because it is a traditional day for certain ritual plays and dances - or in the more secular West, just for theatricals) could be just a shade sad.
Cornelia Poetrell

Sep 12th, 2005 - 11:27 PM
Re: The Kinema, Festivals, and Makeup

Thank you very much for your help, Princess Mushroom. (And let me say that it is an honor to speak with you!)

I believe that I've found some further information on the subject in the Girls' Town archives here (about halfway down the page). There're also the rest of the Club archives to be gotten through; I'm certain there are references made to the Aristasian calendar there, as well.

As soon as I've got all my ducks in a row, I plan to mark up the new Tellurian calendar I recently purchased. (Each month has a new blonde pin-up...hopefully not too shocking. I barely look at the girls, but rather at their costumes!)

Nativity sounds absolutely glorious. I, too, think that the equivalent celebration in the Pit ends far too abruptly, and leaves one feeling rather empty and let down.

Sep 13th, 2005 - 1:01 AM
Re: The Kinema, Festivals, and Makeup

I, too, am happy to hear about Nativity and would like to know more when the time comes. But at present, I am all full of autumn, that most enticing of seasons, and wonder if there are any Aristasian festivals or rituals connected with it?
Princess Mushroom

Sep 13th, 2005 - 4:00 AM
Re: The Kinema, Festivals, and Makeup

Only too delighted to meet you, Miss Poetrell.

Miss Suzanna, there is the Feast of Divine Life, which I believe falls this month (I am really rather hopeless about dates and things), and the Feast of the Dead, which is a fire-festival and comes at the cross-quarter between the autumn equinox and the winter solstice, which is the same time as hallowe'en in Telluria.

Trick or treating is unknown in Aristasia, but lighting bonfires to guide the souls of the dead is in order as are fireworks and just about anything involving apples. The apple is the symbol of autumn in Aristasia.
Eve Beaumarsh

Sep 13th, 2005 - 2:13 PM
Re: The Kinema, Festivals, and Makeup

Apples, eh? Toffee apples, apple pie and custard ~ Cider!

I love these jolly old festivals!
Miss Q

Sep 13th, 2005 - 4:10 PM
Re: The Kinema, Festivals, and Makeup

Fire Festival?
Feast Of the Dead? Does this festival have the same
beginings as Holloween? IS there a place where one would read up on this? Are there stories of Unseelie
fiends going bump in the night?

Thank you, in advance for any help.
Miss Serena

Sep 15th, 2005 - 10:16 PM

One of my favourite apple recipes is Eve's Pudding, which should suit you, Miss B! Also baked apples crammed with sultanas and ginger sauce and stuck with cloves - Yummy! A certain chocolate club provides apple pieces soaked in spicy mulled wine and enrobed (glorious word!) in the best chocolate. It may not be traditional but it deserves to become so. All traditions have to start somewhere, don't they?