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Princess Mushroom

Aug 25, 05 - 12:40 PM
Mushrooms in France!

Somewhat shamefacedly I have to tell you that my Morning Letter feature on our trip to France has only just appeared on the eve of our return to America. I could blame the newspaper, but that would be a Big Fib and I understand the Editress is well connected with the District Governess. So I shan't.

Instead I shall tell you that while it is late, it is a very jolly illustrated piece about Aristasians in rural France, so do have a look!
Isabel Trent

Aug 25th, 2005 - 3:10 PM
Re: Mushrooms in France!

Oh, well done, old girl. I've been so looking forward to hearing about France properly. And I'm terribly glad you found that bishop-picture after all. It's the most hideous thing imaginable, but it makes its own point -- you hardly needed to say a word!

Aug 26th, 2005 - 9:53 AM
Re: Mushrooms in France!

In one of the notes, on the symbolism of Chartres Cathedral, you say:

The handbooks refer to the symbolism as "astrological" which rather typifies the modern confusion over the sacred sciences. A better expression would be "cosmological".

Since I believe a lot of the symbolism is about the planets and constellations, why is "astrological" the wrong word? One does want to know what is right and why!
Sushuri Novaryana

Aug 26th, 2005 - 12:00 PM
Re: Mushrooms in France!

The note was suggested by me. In the first place a lot of the symbolism has to do with the elements and other non-astrological facets of cosmology, astrology being the science of the stars.

This may seem like a quibble, but the real problem lies in the modern understanding of the term "astrology", at about the time of the "Enlightenment" the science of the stars was divided into two branches: "Astronomy" which confined itself to the purely physical aspects of the celestial bodies and "Astrology" which continued the traditional study of their symbolical and spiritual aspects.

The science of astrology became increasingly devalued in the eyes of the new rationalistic world view which successfully confined the word "science" to the inferior aspects of the study - i.e. those which dealt exclusively with the material domain without regard to its greater significance. As a result, astrology became associated in the popular mind with - and indeed, in most cases degenerated into - a system of vulgar divination: something that could literally be termed "superstitious" - i.e. a remnant "standing over" (superstat) from something greater and more complete.

Thus, apart from being strictly inaccurate, the term "astrology" gives very much the wrong impression of the symbolism of the Cathedral and the domain in which it operates. "Cosmology" is much more adequate to this.

For useful background on the modern vs. traditional perceptions of the cosmos, see The Image of the Cosmos from the Feminine Universe
Miss B*X

Sep 13th, 2005 - 2:08 PM
Re: Mushrooms in France!

I have not been in the club for a little while (that's not strictly true, I have been to visit very often but have not had time enough to contribute) I am not yet in Paris as planned, I have to remain here for the moment for some good and some more difficult reasons, so intend to review the situation and perhaps go in January. Meanwhile improving my French!

I have certainly been missing my dear friends Miss J and that little mushroomy type. I wonder when they are returning? so we can take tea together once again and share our adventures of the last months.

My love to you all, dear Pettes,

Miss B*X
Blond Aline

Sep 16th, 2005 - 11:39 AM
Re: Mushrooms in France!

I recently heard that Paris is called the City of Light (or rather La Ville Lumière), and it intrigues me. It cannot mean it is lit up like Las Vegas, can it? Can anyone who has been there enlighten me? � if you will excuse the expression.