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Princess Mushroom

Sep 1, 05 - 6:58 PM
Mushrooms back in America

Here we are back in America. When we landed the weather was, li Brunette said, "like a sauna". Now I am not entirely sure what a sauna is, but I gather it is something steamy. Well, I can certainly testify that when I had to sit outside while the vroom-vroom was being organised and whipped out, as one does whip out, my trusty wonderbox, its two screens steamed up like spectacles in a bath. This is perfectly true and not a blonde exaggeration.

The vroom-vroom itself is a cream-coloured Chrysler convertible and while it does not look up-to-date it looks about as getting-on-for up-to-date as any bongo car I have seen. So it really is rather jolly.

We arrived in mid-Florida, and are now in Georgia heading up toward the Carolinas, having spent most of yesterday on property research.

Most distressing has been seening news reports of many of the places we visited earlier this year - particularly New Orleans Biloxi and Gulfport - in the most terrible state of devastation.

We pray that all our readers and friend - both those we know and those we don't - are safe.
Isabel Trent

Sep 1st, 2005 - 8:13 PM
Re: Mushrooms back in America

How delightful it is to know you've arrived safely and will be with me soon!

Atlanta is much less of a sauna at the moment than it has been over the last two months. While Hurricane Katrina has been venting her fury further south, she has inadvertantly sent us cooler air and a bit of welcome late-summer rain. I feel rather guilty for enjoying it as much as I am.

And don't worry, I have plenty of furs and nice pink winter woollies waiting for you, darling, so you won't catch cold in my drawing-room the way you did on your last visit...
Miss B*X

Sep 2nd, 2005 - 12:40 AM
Re: Mushrooms back in America

I am now back from a week in Gay Paris.I am Glad to hear that Princess Muushroom and Miss J are safely in Culveria, and my best wishes to Miss Isabel Trent.

I do hope to see my dear friends soon upon their return, please do keep me posted as to your movements.

Your loyal friend,

Miss B*X
Miss Sarah

Sep 2nd, 2005 - 7:42 AM
Re: Mushrooms back in America

Sure does our beloved fungi (yet another misused plural form for fungus; not 'funguses'!) pop up all over the place!

Miss Sarah

Sep 2nd, 2005 - 7:43 AM
Re: Mushrooms back in America

Sure _do_... I meant...

Now, from the subject line I surmised that there are more than one mushroom; but I am not certain about this.

Miss Drusilla

Sep 2nd, 2005 - 2:35 PM
Re: Mushrooms back in America

There is indeed only one bona fide fungus aristasianis, who uses the royal plural at every opportunity she can locate or manufacture. But were there ten of them (it sometimes feels that way), they would be either funguses or fungi at their own discretion. Both are correct. The latter is of course pronounced "funji".
Princess Mushroom

Sep 2nd, 2005 - 7:38 PM
Re: Mushrooms back in America

Thank you for your good wishes dear friends.

There is more than one of us, though I confess I often say "shrooms do this" or "feel that" when I mean myself. This is generalisation, as in Tigger's famous "Honey is what Tiggers like best".

Actually mushrooms in the plural is a curious Aristasian usage. "The Tiggrs", for example, in Aristasia is generally used to mean both Tiggrs. Actually only one of them is a Tiggr. The other is technically a people, but collectively they are known as "the Tiggrs" - I suppose in the sense of "the Tiggr household, or family".

Anyoldhow, we had a splendid day yestarday despite a shroomish headache and a peoplish discovery that her bed was teeming with ants and the need to transfer to another room in our nightdresses. We had dinner by a beautiful lake in South Carolina and are now heading to Charleston, home of the famous Vintesse dance.

The weather is drier here and quite charming.

People in the singular, by the bye, seems to be Aristasian talk for a humanish person as opposed to the various curious creatures that some of us tend to be, such as Mushrooms and Tiggrs. Think of us as cartoon characters and you won't go far wrong.

Or if you do it won't be our fault.

The plural of a people is peoples.
Princess Mushroom

Sep 9th, 2005 - 4:58 PM
Re: Mushrooms back in America

Well, here we are in Georgia, back with the family. In fact, I am in my school uniform awaiting a somewhat mysterious meeting with Miss Drusilla.

We reached Charleston a few days ago (don't expect me to remember days - I'm blonde) but when we were at the very outskirts a brunette premonition turned us about and we headed inland to the mountains. What the premonition was all about we never did discover, but it feels very much that Dea has been guiding us on this trip, and we are discovering valuable things that may well be crucial to the plans for Aristasia-in-Telluria's next phase of development.

We followed rumours of a perfectly Quirrie drive-in movie theatre which we never found, and ended up in a little town called Saluda, up in the mountains. It is cooler there and for the first time I wore my jacket at night as protection against the outdoor temperature (until now I had been wearing it purely as a defence against air-conditioning, which can be rather fierce in North America as Anglo-Saxons everywhere appear to consider it virtuous to freeze).

We stayed at the loveliest wooden lodge up in the mountains with glorious views and rocking-chairs wherein to appreciate them. I shall pop some pictures when I can.

For now I had better pop myself as a prefect wishes to see me. Wish me luck.
Isabel Trent

Sep 10th, 2005 - 12:11 AM
Re: Mushrooms back in America

In the 72 hours there have been mushrooms on the premises, I haven't posted a single note. Why, you ask, this lamentable lack of charity toward all you clubmaids who are waiting breathlessly to hear our tales?

Well, there was the police roadblock.

And then we had Practical Anthropology with Miss Wardelle.

And so far we've had to contend with mocha frappuccinos, caramel frappuccinos, strawberry malts, caramel mocha macchiatos, Oreo ice-cream with lots of fudge, lemon sorbet, Lindt chocolate bars, cappuccinos, Triple Chocolate Meltdowns, and probably some other things I can't remember due to being in a sugar-induced haze the entire time. It's entirely likely that by the time mushrooms are to leave, they'll be so round that they won't fit on airplanes and they'll just have to stay. I do hope so.

In the meantime: Two Blondes at Baskin-Robbins, a Story in Pictures:

Part One

Part Two

Part Three
Princess Mushroom

Sep 14th, 2005 - 3:22 PM
Re: Mushrooms back in America

After a lovely time with my most darlingest of all cousins ever, we are back on the road - I think Alabammmy bound, but am not certain.

Tell you when we get there. I am a blonde, after all!
Princess Mushroom

Sep 22nd, 2005 - 6:10 PM
Re: Mushrooms back in America

Well, here we are back in the Cockney Raj again after a fascinating fact-finding tour of southern Alabama, northern Florida and southern Georgia. Lots of Sensible Business and Dea seemed to be leading us each step of the way. Exciting plans are bubbling which I am - as the Queen's First Minister in Quirinelle is wont to say - "not yet at liberty to reveal".

Anyway, having slept for thirteen hours after travelling for twenty-four, I am ready for anything.

Provided "anything" entails a nap.

In any case hello to y'all. Happy to be back and chatting even if a little tired to say much au mome.
Miss B*X

Sep 23rd, 2005 - 12:43 PM
Re: Mushrooms back in America

I'm jolly glad to hear that you're back and that trip was successful.

I am immersed in hospitals and horrid things at present with a tricky family situation, I shall telephone you both as soon as I can and catch up on all the news.

Much Love and Best Wishes to my dear friends,

Miss B*X
Princess Mushroom

Sep 23rd, 2005 - 1:07 PM
Re: Mushrooms back in America

Oh, poor Miss B* - these things keep going on, don't they? I do hope everything will be better soon. We got your lovely postcard from Paris when we arrived at the Castle.

Well, here is a thing that may amuse you-all.

On the way home from America, although I had passed my handbag and jacket through the Marie-Curie machine, I set off the metal detector.

I was taken aside by a very charming but no-nonsense security brunette who made me hold out my arms and felt me all over. My hat and shoes were taken and carefully examined. I was stood on two foot-shaped things and made to put one leg forward and then the other while I was felt further and had detector-things run over me.

After much scrutiny it was discovered that what had set the alarm-bells ringing had been my traditional metal suspender-clips. This caused much jollity among the security-folk. They, of course called them garters.

I might have suggested that such careful security was rather like wearing a belt and braces. But they, of course, would call them suspenders.