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Sep 24, 05 - 11:13 AM
Lady Aquila

Hi, I'm reading this set of booka at the moment and I was just wondering if u had read them because they just happen to have a Lady Aquila in them. The book set is the Ancient Future Trilogy is the first set and the second one (the one with the name in it) is the Celestial Trial. thanx.
P.S. please answer back soon!
Lady Aquila

Sep 24th, 2005 - 4:47 PM
Re: Lady Aquila

No, I have never read any of those books. In fact I have only recently become aware of the proliferation of fantasy novels in Teluria.

"Aquila" means eagle, and I suppose it is a foregone conclusion that someone somewhere would have used the same name as the self. Thank you for letting me know where!