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Blonde Aline

Sep 24, 05 - 3:28 PM
Just too subtle!

I can usually wake up at a required time by firmly telling my mind (or is it my mind telling my brain or maybe my brain telling my body?) to wake me up. It is less precise but as reliable as an alarm clock - my alarm clock, at any rate. The problem then is to actually get out of bed before I fall asleep again! The other day, though, it was rather too subtle about it. I was dreaming about looking around a shop - rather pedestrian, but there you are - when an assistant handed me a piece of paper. I took it for an advertisement and did not read it. Later when I was busy loading books into boats and sending them down an underwater stream, I looked at the paper, and it said that their computer had identified me as a loiterer and would I kindly leave the store. This really made me indignant and I thought of several things to say to those shop girls if I ever went back - and I continued to be mad about it though several dream sequences. It was only when I was waking up that I realized what the �loiterer� notice was all about. Fortunately I wasn�t disastrously late!
Princess Mushroom

Sep 24th, 2005 - 9:58 PM
Re: Just too subtle!

I too tend to be able to wake up at a pre-arranged time, though these days I do seem rather sleepy, so I tend to use my Wonderbox as a back-up. It has never failed me.

But dreams are so clever, aren't they? I once dreamed about a lovely Quirrie car being delivered and it arrived all but the tail-fins. When I asked where they were I was told:

"They have been buried."

"Where?" I asked.

"In Finsbury Park."

It wasn't until after I awoke that I realised it was a pun.

Sep 27th, 2005 - 7:26 AM
Re: Just too subtle!

I overheard some girls talking about the difficulty of getting to sleep, saying that telling your mind to be quiet and go to sleep was about as effective as talking to a naughty child. I've often had trouble because my mind was busy worrying or planning or imagining conversations, but I lately found an excellent method which sends me to sleep pretty quickly. It's like the one which works with naughty children! I tell myself a story. Not in this case a very familiar story, but a recent one, the story of the book I'm reading or a film I've just watched. I don't think about it, I just concentrate on the plot. Because it is a current memory it engages the mind without simulating it, and because it is a narrative it is less vulnerable to distractions that the famous sheep jumping over a fence routine. Try it, it works!
Isabel Trent

Sep 27th, 2005 - 8:32 AM
Re: Just too subtle!

What a very scientific approach, Miss Damaris. I shall attempt it this very evening! (Well, morning.) I had a frightful time nodding off last night (well, yesterday morning); I had one of Praetorius's Terpsichorean dances running through my mind over and over without cease. If you've never tried to sleep to a volta, you don't know what futility is.

Do you have any useful tricks to help one wake up? Generally speaking, that's the area in which District blondes need the most help. Once we drift off, we could sleep for the Olympics.