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Miss Serena

Sep 19, 05 - 2:56 PM
Miscellaneous Cats

Who doesn�t love the charming wilful furry ones � at least at a distance? But here are some Macavitys (mystery cats, to you unpoetical ones) to puzzle you:

a) A disastrous cat
b) A subterranean cat
c) A noisy cat
d) A farmer�s cat
e) A creeping cat
f) A church cat
g) A saucy cat
h) An old Chinese cat
i) A sneezing cat
j) A listed cat
k) A listless cat
l) A hanging cat
m) A falling cat
n) A kitchen cat
o) A Roman cat
p) A nautical cat
q) A dangerous cat
r) A desirable cat
s) A quizzical cat
t) A conspiratorial cat
u) A funereal cat
v) A spectacular cat
w) A cat in a class of its own
Isabel Trent

Sep 19th, 2005 - 7:26 PM
Re: Miscellaneous Cats

Let me see...

a) catastrophe (or cataclysm)
b) catacomb
c) caterwaul
k) catatonic
o) Catullus
p) cat o' nine tails
u) catafalque
w) category

Oh, my brain is tired now! It's very hard work, getting eight of those when one hasn't so much as glanced at "Scatty" in years!
Cornelia Poetrell

Sep 20th, 2005 - 4:22 AM
Re: Miscellaneous Cats

I just had to try a few...though I'm horrible at this sort of thing!

f) Cathedral?
g) Cacciatore? (I'm probably only exposing my ignorance of Italian, here....)
j) Catalog?
r) Eye-catching?

Sep 21st, 2005 - 7:57 AM
Re: Miscellaneous Cats

m) Cataract
r) Catch?
Marie Lopez

Sep 22nd, 2005 - 7:24 PM
Re: Miscellaneous Cats

Catullus is a good answer, but could (o) also be Catholic? And on a similar theme, (s) Catechism - it is a sort of quiz!

Sep 27th, 2005 - 7:40 AM
Re: Miscellaneous Cats

Could d) a farmer's cat possibly be cattle?

Just to finish off the alphabet,a few littl'uns:

x) a moneyed cat
y) a ticklish cat
z) a flying cat

Sep 27th, 2005 - 2:18 PM
Re: Miscellaneous Cats

Here's my attempt!
e) caterpillar