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Sushuri Novaryana

Oct 2, 05 - 12:39 PM
The Supreme Devotion

Darlings: what with far-travel and other District distractions, our Sunday Morning Meetings have been a little disrupted of late, but today I want to make it up to you by presenting one of the most important devotions the world possesses. The text has already been published at our Chapel with a full commentary, but now we are happy to present it read aloud for your devotions.

This great hymn goes back in written form to the Vedas: the most ancient Scriptures still known in their entirety and revered as sacred scriptures by millions of people. In the more ancient oral form it almost certainly predates patriarchy.

Demonstrably, it long predates the Christ and the Buddha; Muhammad, Confucius and Lao Tzu. When we listen to this hymn, we are drinking at the wellspring of humanity's first and purest faith: the devotion to the One Mother of all.

The Scripture promises that those who recite this hymn once a day will have all their sins destroyed. Those who recite it twice a day will be blessed with prosperity.

You can listen to the hymn now. May I ask you to very kindly listen with full attention. May I ask you to load the sound file down to your ordinator. Put it on your iPod or music box if you have one. Listen to it often, for each time you hear it, it will purify and enrich your soul.

Listen now to The Great Hymn to Mahalakshmi.