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Miss Diana Atalanta

Oct 8, 05 - 3:23 AM
Review of "Ameila Bingham"

Dear Aristasians:

Having gone through moving, two hurricanes, and a busy schedule, I have finally had time to read "Enter Amelia Bingham." I read through it at one sitting. I found the collection of stories about her and Hypatia Chevender quite charming. (I must admit, however, that as an American I did not immediately understand some of the puns and slang and I had to resort to using a dictionary in a few cases.) As Hypatia was drawn more and more into the world of Amelia Bingham, I felt myself being drawn along with her. I most especially liked the part in which she describes her preperations for the ball. The Tower Bridge story was a bit much, though. Being like Amelia Bingham is a goal (as far as the world of reality permits) that I should very much like to aspire to. In America, however, she would most likely have a 1964 Lincoln Continental convertible limosine rather than a Bentley. If there are any more stories about her I should very much like to read them.

--Diana Atalanta
Petite Sorciere

Oct 9th, 2005 - 8:32 AM
Re: Review of "Ameila Bingham"

Interestingly there is a Bentley Continental as well and I know a certain brunette who much covets one!

I agree about the Tower of London story, though it was a Christmas Story which gives it a little leeway in the area of fantasy, perhaps.

I am told there is another Amelia Christmas story in existence since the series ran for two years in Artemis and there was a special story in both the Christmas Issues it covered.

Perhaps the Guardians of the Binks could be persuaded to release it this Nativity.

Pretty please?