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Princess Mushroom

Oct 5, 05 - 8:20 AM
The Oomly-Shroomly Club

I recently met some Wild Mushrooms in my garden. They were singing a song in their tiny voices about a club they had just discovered, called the Oomly-Shroomly Club. It was so cute I just had to record it, so I asked the little dears if they would come into the Avendale Wireless Studio (WADB) for a few momes. Well, they were very shy as Wild Mushrooms mostly are, and if I had been a People, I am sure they would have said an outright (though very polite) "no". However, with my being a Royal Mushroom they seemed to warm to me and agreed to come and sing their song.

So I thought I must share it with you, my dear and faithful Club-friends.

So here is The Oomly-Shroomly Club Song as performed by the Castle Mushroom Garden Choir.

You may not be able to hear the words perfectly as tiny shrooms only have very little mouths and are not used to talking so that peoples can hear them. So I also include a transcription of the charming song you are about to hear:
Along came a Oom
Behind it came a Shroom:
The Oomly-Shroomly Club is the best Club.

Along came a Shroom
Behind it came a Oom:
The Oomly-Chroomly Club is the best Club.

Other Clubs there were
And other Clubs there will be
But at the present mome
The Oomly-Shroomly Club is the very best Club
Where all the nicest people feel at home.

So give me an "O" for Oom
And give me an "S" for Shroom
And give me a "C" for Club.

The Oomly-Shroomly Club
Is the place to have more fun
Even than a very jolly pub
(The Purple Dragon)
Even than a very jolly pub.

I regret that the recording quality is not the highest: but this is a very rare chance for creatures of the people-type to hear Singing Mushrooms.

Incidentally, the Oomly-Shroomly Club is regrettably not open to peoples (if they came in they would literally raise the roof), but if you are a people, do look out for the new Blue camellia Club - coming to an ordinator near you very soon.

Remember: you heard it first on WADB.

P.S. I was told (very shyly) that if the blondie-peoples and the brunettie-peoples liked the song very much, the shroomie-choir might come back to sing some more of their songs. So do please let us know if you enjoyed their singing.
Miss Caridwen

Oct 5th, 2005 - 12:57 PM
Re: The Oomly-Shroomly Club

Well, I think it is a corking song! And what a charming tune; one doesn't hear such pretty tunes much these days. So, if the little singing mushrooms are not too shy, I would love to hear them again. Maybe they could become a regular feature on Aristasia?
Miss Serena

Oct 8th, 2005 - 7:16 PM
Re: The Oomly-Shroomly Club

How wonderful to hear from the Ooms and Shrooms! What charming voices they have! Will we also be hearing from the Wild Mus?
Miss Caridwen

Oct 8th, 2005 - 8:52 PM
Re: The Oomly-Shroomly Club

Does Girls Club have a club song too? That would be fun wouldn't it? Maybe it will be possible some day to sing together in Elektraspace. In fact, for all I know, maybe it already is possible!
Petite Sorciere

Oct 9th, 2005 - 8:35 AM
Re: The Oomly-Shroomly Club

I don't know about the technical possibilities of our singing together, but we really ought to have a Club Song, don't you think. I mean, if mushrooms can have one, why can't we?
Miss Caridwen

Oct 9th, 2005 - 12:58 PM
Re: The Oomly-Shroomly Club

Miss Drusilla

Oct 10th, 2005 - 5:52 PM
Re: The Oomly-Shroomly Club

As someone who has been subjected to the Carrot-Grating Song (and its Associated Dance), I humbly plead for moderation in the matter of club anthems.
Isabel Trent

Oct 10th, 2005 - 7:57 PM
Re: The Oomly-Shroomly Club

Oh, I don't know. I've heard worse than the Carrot-Grating Song (and its Associated Dance). I admit to being a bit puzzled as to why its authorette was grating carrots (such an un-shroomish thing to do), but there was an excellent reason: "Because Miss Wardelle said, 'Grate these carrots.'"