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Miss Q

Sep 11, 05 - 12:13 AM

This is not the first time I have heard of Aristasia but it is the first time I dropped a line.
I think I first heard about this interesting place when I was I was using netscape for the first time
at university and the web was new and enticing.
I was not sure at the time what it was, and I remember thinking it was just some weird fiction, but I left Mt Allison forgetting about this world in time. Until last month. I forget what I was looking up on Wikipeda but I stumbled on the entry there. I then mustered up some courage and started to write a hello.
I really don�t know what to say, I like to describe myself as Nice but Nebular a little shy with a warped sense of humour but ok when you get to know me. I hope I have the opportunity to talk more with you and maybe take larger steps. Until later

Nyssa, sometimes know as Miss Q
Princess Mushroom

Sep 11th, 2005 - 3:29 AM
Re: Hello

Welcome Miss Q. May you never miss a cue here at the Club. I mean the theatrical sort of cue, of course. We don't play billiards here. At least I don't think we do. Do we?

But enough of this gay banter and welcome to the Club of B&B.
Miss Q

Sep 11th, 2005 - 3:36 AM
Re: Hello

Yes, I am a bit of a techie, who was once in a chorus
but perfer not to be a thespian. The Q is from my days at University as a co secutary witha woman named Kate. She called herself King Kate and I became her queen, and over the years it has evolved to be just Q.

Sorry I tend to babble, a bit. Til later
Cornelia Poetrell

Sep 11th, 2005 - 4:23 AM
Re: Hello

Hello, Miss Q! It's a pleasure to meet you! (Hee, that rhymed!)
Miss Q

Sep 11th, 2005 - 8:19 PM
Re: Hello

The pleasure is all mine, I am sure.

No Rhyme, this Time.


Oct 11th, 2005 - 9:17 PM
Re: Hello

Hello miss Q,
This is also the first time that I am posting anything here. I am a blonde and I am usually wearing a skirt and blouse. Hope tohear from you.
Hugs to you all!