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Miss Caridwen

Oct 12, 05 - 1:49 PM
Another piece of nonsense from the Pit.

A pit-dwelling relative alerted me to a Test Your English quiz on the BBC website; it sounded interesting, so I decided to try it. But dearie me, what a strange experience! It would more aptly have been named "Test Your Slang". As the questions progressed, I realised with great force that the Pit is becoming more and more an alien world to me; it's language is now a foreign language. There were four audio clips of someone speaking and you had to remember what they said, but the speaker spoke in such a mumbling accent, that I couldn't understand much of it. And there are all sorts of words and phrases that are apparently common usage now, which I have never heard of. Part of the test was questions on "text message" abbreviations, which seems to be a new literary genre.

I felt so contaminated after that, that I had to return to Aristasia elektraspace and listen to the measured tones and seemly prose of the latest Sunday offering!
Petite Sorciere

Oct 12th, 2005 - 3:50 PM
Re: Another piece of nonsense from the Pit.

In the 1960s, the B.B.C. changed from being the single finest influence n the spoken English of the population to the single worst. The change was entirely conscious and deliberate and done for clearly-stated "political" reasons. Unfortunately the B.B.C. (latterly known as the Bongo Brainwashing Commisariat) was highly effective in both roles.

Curiously, it was only yesterday that a brunette friend who occasionally listens to B.B.C.7 because of the delightful up-to-date programmes that are often broadcast there, told me that when she had not listened to it for a while she genuinely forgot how truly dreadful were the voices of the Yeek announcers who introduce the programmes and came to thinking they couldn't be that bad; then she heard them again and realised that they really are just toe-curlingly abominable.