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Petite Sorciere

Oct 18, 05 - 2:28 PM
Playing House in Elektraspace

People have sometimes wondered why some Aristasians are so fascinated with Japanese lightgames. Well, there are the obvious reasons of cutesyness, but also there is the continuing quest for technical means to create more complete and intimate connexions between Aristasians in Elektraspace, with the ultimate aim of creating a Virtual Community that has as many of the interactions and satisfactions of a real-life community as possible.

Step by step, games technics seem to be bringing this ideal closer. The ultimate aim would be, say, a 3d virtual room in which we could all meet together using virtual bodies - Princesses, Lady Knights, Trentish film starlets, even little mushrooms! - and converse as freely as if we were in a real room, perhaps to the point where we forget that we are not.

This, of course, is a little way off yet. But with wireless communication on the Nintendo Wonderbox (DS) being introduced next month (a first step toward connexion on their forthcoming revolutionary system next year), it will be possible to make and decorate our own houses, exchange virtual furniture and clothes and visit one another over the aethyr. All on a small screen (albeit a double one). But it could be the beginning of something big.

A small step for us Aristasians, but a giant first-step for Virtual Aristasia.

Who's game?
Princess Mushroom

Oct 22nd, 2005 - 7:03 PM
Re: Playing House in Elektraspace

I fancy the game you are referring to is Animal Crossing, one of the first two Elektra-games on the wonderbox. The Wonderbox can connect wirelessly to Elektra, so one can play it from anywhere in the house or even from access points elsewhere (such as hotels and some coffee houses).

Animal Crossing is definitely a game of "house" as one spends most of one's time decorating one's house, finding new carpets and furniture, running errands for the animals in the village and so forth. It is really not a "game" in the usual sense. One can't "win" or even compete - except in things like catching the most different kinds of insect or having the prettiest house or finding the rarest items - but even then one can share things with one's friends. It is a friendship "game". It is well known for being a game that girls like more than bee-oh-whys.

My only misgiving is that some of the characters talk rather like bongos. I wish one could play it in the original Japanese. I mean one can if one speaks Japanese - but I don't. One might try setting the text to a European language one knows. It would be good practice.

But it certainly is a lovely game for getting to know girls over Elektra, and if some of you want to give it a try after the new Wonderbox Elektra system comes out next month, I am certainly game.

And if any one wants to ask questions on how to go about it, here is the place to ask.