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Hair Colour, Soundness and Passion

Miss Mayhew is relieved that "hair is its natural, beautiful and expected colour in Novaria". Well, often it is natural, but some of these jet-brunettes and lemon-blondes - well, surely no one begrudges them a little help from a bottle?

Girl-love in far-away landsBehind the issue of Novarian hair perhaps lies another - the possibility that these purple-haired blondes may represent something essentially unsound - the bongo Tellurian (and surely somewhat passé - but who knows, things change so slowly in the Pit) habit of dyeing hair in odd colours.

I do not think the issue arises in this case. In Eastern adventure games one often encounters people with coloured hair. These tend to be games set in fantasy-realms, not "modern" ones, and I think the notion is one of strange and beautiful races beyond the lands we know.

As an example of this phenomenon - and also as an excuse to reproduce a thrilling example of shoujo-ai or girl-love - I enclose the above picture. The military violet-haired brunette passionately kissing the dusky princess with indigo tresses, both with distinctly elfin features - surely neither is representative of Western bongo silliness, but of a strange and magical people far away.

That is my thought at any rate. I should be interested to know what the adorable Miss Mayhew thinks of this.

Oh - we have seen your picture now, Miss Mayhew, so it is futile to pretend you are not adorable.


Hair and Pictures

To all the ladies who assured me that hair is its natural, beautiful, and expected colour in Novaria - my heartfelt thanks!

Oh, and I have some pictures for the moderatrix of this forum. I doubt she will want to use all of them, but perhaps some she may find useful over the course of time? One is an actual picture taken of me while I was travelling - as you can see, I am wearing a college scarf in that picture, because it was very cold that winter and I have always been sensitive to the cold. There is also a picture of Miss Louise Brooks; some drawings of Vintesse ladies, including a soon-to-be-married young bride; some real advertisements that I found refreshingly wholesome to behold; a drawing of some ladies graduating from my college at Milchford; and some more wedding pictures. (I love weddings, don't you?) Please use the artwork as you wish.

Miss Victoria Mayhew

Thant you so much for your pictures. The Milchford one is utterly, utterly topping. We are going to keep it till there is a proper Occasion to print it - or perhaps some one should write a story to go with it. We are tempted to print all the pictures right away but it would cause what is technically known as cloggage on the bar (actually it is not technically known as anything of the sort, but you know what I mean).

Would others of you pettes like to send pictures of yourselves? - Since we are often engaged in life-theatre they do not necessarily have to be literal pictures of your physical self, though they certainly may be - as I am sure Miss Victoria's is - and how too, too charming.

One more of your delightful pictures we cannot resist - since Miss Christabelle was speaking of Vintesse Blondes here is a Vintess Brunette - or is she eastern Trentish? In any case, what a brunette so utterly soulful.


Unfounded Imputations and Unparalleled Nectar

I wish to enter a plea that Ladies at this Establishment shall desist from spreading the unfounded Imputation that people from Novaria have or ever have had purple hair.

I have lived in Novaria all my life and have never seen a maiden, of any age or either sex, with purple hair.

As to faeries and alienettes from Outer Space I cannot speak, for I have never seen either - nor do I believe them to be more common in Novaria than in any other Nation.

Should this rumour return to Novaria I assure you that it would there be assumed that the patronettes of this most honoured House have been partaking a shade too freely of its renowned and unparalleled Nectar.

With respect, I am,

Miss Irelinhe Caliste

Chikkie and Chic

Oh, you Vintessiennes, so chic and so very charming, and of course you do understand short skirts!

You are more than kind, Miss Christabelle, I do wish everyone took the same view.

I do hope you liked my diary of Silver Adventures - I was so busy new-yearing and such that I had no time to post any pictures, so here is one of my dear little Chikkie, so you will all know why I love her so much. Not quite a Vintesse blonde, I fear, but almost as sweet, perhaps?

By the bye, I have heard that in some places Chikorita is known as Sunleaf - an equally charming name, don't you think?

I shall tell you more of my adventures later, if you would like to hear.

More blonde Kisses,

Miss Lindie Miralene

Another Vintessienne

Jeepers! What a charming blonde! I will have to bring in a picture of one of our marvelous Vintesse blondes. Talking of which I have heard that one of our most popular singers will be passing this way soon- how thrilling!

I quite agree with Miss Lindie, the purple haired girl must be a fairy, the very type that my aunt would tell me about when I was a little girl. And I must say that I am sure nobody could be that cross with you for wearing short skirts as you are too charming.

With love,


Victoria's Introduction

My name is Victoria, and I am a blonde. I currently reside by by myself in Vintesse. I was raised in Quirinelle for the first few years of my life, but my brunette mother died and my blonde mother moved back to western Arcadia to live with her family for a while. Most of my childhood was spent with my blonde mother (Miss Mariana Michford) and her sister, lady Iris de Winter (a brunette). However, I have also spent much time with my aunt, a blonde professor named Miss Juliana Mayhew, in Trent as well as in a small town on the edge of Quirinelle called Eastminster. After my mother had ended her years of first and second mourning, she found herself swept off her feet by a former classmate, Miss Anna Milchford, who is actually my stepmother, so I suppose my aunt Juliana is not really my aunt, but I've always called her that...

Anyway, I have two younger stepsisters, Leila and Elspeth (blonde and brunette, respectively) and they are both in boarding school right now. As for myself, I received private tutoring from Aunt Juliana. Perhaps that might account for my conservative views on some matters. Most of my relatives are originally Arcadian. Not that we don't have our fair share of bohemians in the family, but in matters of fashion and taste we do tend to be quite provintal. Purple hair simply does not exist in Arcadia, or even in Trent or Quirinelle! My cousin, Olympia (de Winter) is crazy enough to try a stunt like that, but she wants to serve in the army once she graduates from the University, and somehow I don't think that they will allow her such an affectation.

I graduated from a small blonde college at the University of Milchford three years ago and currently support myself by tutoring - I suppose I am ike my aunt in many ways, except I am not quite so formidable as she is. Also, I write poetry - but one cannot pay the bills on that. Alas.

I hope I have not bored you with the details of my family?


Miss Victoria Mayhew

The Silver Diary Begins

Madam Secretary, Club members, friends. Today, as you may know is a very special day. In Old Aristasia it is the start of a New Year. It is a day I have been waiting for, because my dear brunette has presented me with a copy of Pokemon Silver. This means that I can start out on an adventure I have been awaiting since I completed Pokemon Red many moons gone. And I promised myself that when the New Adventure began I should begin a diary telling the story of my new travels and discoveries in the most completely Aristasian way, to show how we may capture these wonderful things for our own.

Before I begin, I must tell you that unlike the earlier games, the Gold and Silver games are set in time. One enters the hour at the beginning and the day. Thereafter the clock ticks even when one is not playing. The game knows if it is Tuesday or Saturday, if it is five in the afternoon or three in the morning. At night the world is dark, and I am told, different creatures appear in the night time. And certain things happen on certain days. At this moment I am waiting for the hour to strike, so my silver world shall have time just the same as the world outside. When the hour strikes, my adventure will begin.

The Silver Diary (Wednesday 3:31 - playing time 31 minutes)

I am only a blonde so it seems a curious thing to be adventuring about a strange world. But I recall in Pallet Town, many months ago meeting another young blonde who said that she had some delightful little creatures and that when they grew big they would protect her. I too am siezed with the desire to travel the land seeking such creatures.

I awoke in my mother's house in New Bark Town. I look about my room - there is a wireless that really works and an ordinator as well as a map of Johto, the land in which I live. When I go downstairs my mother is waiting for me. She tells me that Professor Elm wants to see me. Me? How very exciting why would the great Professor want to see me?

I left the house and soon found Professor Elm's laboratory. The professor is a tall brunette in a white lab coat. She smiled at me very nicely and told me a story about an old lady living in Cherrygrove City who is always claiming to have found rare and mysterious creatures. As the Professor and her aide are busy they wonder if I could go and find her and report on what she says. Even more excitingly, I am allowed to choose a creature of my very own to help me begin my adventures.

I am offered three creatures to chose from - a Cyndaquil, which is a fiery porcupine-creature, a Totodile, which is a little watery crocodile-thing, and a Chikorita, which is a curious plant creature with a leaf on top. I have been warned that Chikorita is weakest against the early creatures I shall meet and the first Dojo Leader. But I love the grass-type creatures so much that I choose her anyway. I hope that was not silly - but it is too late now.

As I leave, I meet a sweet little blonde girl who tells me she thinks my creature adorable. This makes me feel much better about my choice. I think so too!

Having consulted map, I head out on Route 29 which seems to be the way to Cherrygrove City. I go very carefully, for I know my little Chikkie is weak (I have named her Chikkie) I try to keep out of the grass where the wild creatures hide, but still we encounter several Pidgeys - I have seen many Pidgeys on my earlier travels and one really fascinating thing - a Sektet, which looks like a sort of flying squirrel. Oh, how I wish I could catch one to start my new collection, but alas I have no pokeballs to catch it in. Chikkie fights the creatures we cannot avoid. This helps her to gain experience. We progress slowly and carefully, keeping mostly to the safest courses and once I take her back to Bark Town to heal her.

She is only a little thing, but, by the time we reach Cherrygrove City she has grown from level five to level seven. Oh, my sweet little Chikkie. I am so proud of her. Now we must look for this curious old lady - and see if we can find some pokeballs. But first I must take Chikkie to the Pokecentre to get her back to perfect health after her exertions.



Faery Hair - and Hairbrushes

Oh, Miss Mayhew - I am sure - whether blonde or brunette - the girl in question is not really a purple-haired Novarian. I have travelled in Novaria and asked a friend who lives there and I can assure you there is no such fashion. She says that while her mother is by no means an Arcadian she would certainly have something to say along hairbrush lines were she ever to make her hair purple.

In any case what could one then do? One could hardly walk the streets with purple hair in Novaria or anywhere else.

But the young lady with the Emerald Wand is clearly not a Novarian but a member of some other race - possibly one of the Faery kind, or perhaps from a Distant Planet. A Faery I am inclined to think. Note her ears. The purple hair has nothing to do with fashion, I am sure. She was doubtless born that way.

Though - speaking of fashion - I confess I have worn some extremely short skirts before now, but I think the District Governess would have something to say about an outfit like that, don't you?

With blonde (but not purple) kisses,

Miss Lindie Miralene

That Purple-Haired Novarian

Oh dear. Call me old-fashioned, if you must - I prefer to think of myself as Provintal, maybe I'm just conservative - but purple hair? Blonde, brunette, does it matter? It is still...purple hair! I can't fathom it. My Arcadian aunt would have thrashed me raw if she ever caught me trying out that Novarian fashion.


Miss Victoria Mayhew

Purple-Haired Blonde

All these Novarian Digital Maidens are all very well, but what about a few up-to-date blondes. May I supply one? I mean the Cocktail Bar should be full of delicious blondes shouldn't it?

And that girl from Final Phantasy - are you sure she was a brunette. She looked rather like a purple-haired blonde to me. And that Emerald Staff - rather a blonde accessory I thought - not that I know a great deal about these Distant Lands of Adventure.

Anyway, purple or otherwise, this is rather more my idea of a blonde. Who agrees with me?

Julia Palemila

When you send such delightful pictures, I am sure no one will disagree.

Heebie Jeebies

I ought to introduce myself- Miss Christabelle Foxham, brunette from Vintesse. It's very charming in here, and so many topping blondes too! Oh I am sorry- I didn't mean to make you blush- oh that is a pretty name, Vintesse I believe. Oh it is, then you would know how to Charleston- would you care to dance? My pleasure...


*I see you've got the heebie jeebie jitters again*

Of course it is the Boswell Sisters who really have those heebie jeebies - did you know that as well as singing the song, Connie Boswell actually wrote it? Ah for those of you who don't know what I am talking about, how I wish I could play you the Boswell Sisters singing the Heebie Jeebie Jive. Speaking of which...

Musical Thoughts

Although I can imagine the music that is being played here at the moment I do think a little jukebox or wireless would be wonderful. I have been told that there is some sort of Elektraspace system where you have a musical "locker" with a password and everything and can store all your favourite songs as mp3's and listen to them when ever you desire. Perhaps something akin to that could be set up for the Cocktail Lounge? It is very charming here and music would just enhance the atmosphere, as would a Gin Sling... oh! thank you very much- how did you read my mind?


This all sounds very intriguing. I don't know a thing about it - but real music in the Cocktail Bar would be divine.


Final Phantasy

Our revered Game Friends Club Secretary does not, I think exaggerate when she speaks of the difficulty in getting the Gamebaby Advance. Nintendo is producing one million of the little darlings for Japan (release in a few days), one million for America and one million for Britain and Europe. The American one will be released in June and the Britain-and-Europe release is intended to be almost simultaneous with the American - probably a little later.

Now, wouldn't you like to play this girl?Hmm. The problem is that Nintendo has now increased its production for Japan by 100,000 (making it 1.1 million). But back in January 2.7 million of the new Gamebabies were pre-ordered. So at the most conservative estimate it must be over three million by now. There obviously won't be enough to go round, even for the provident people who have ordered in advance. With a simultaneous transatlantic release will there be enough to go round in the West? Or will the British release be delayed? Nobody knows, but it is something to consider.

Here is something else that might interest the Club - a picture from Final Phantasy Online. This is really how it looks on the screen (only bigger). Rather charming, don't you think? What a brunette! It would be possible to get together a team of four or five girls from the Club - all could have female characters and we could explore the exciting and dangerous world together.

Unfortunately, apart from the fact that I don't think many of us have Dreamcasts, there is no provision for unmetered access, so the cost of playing on-line for any length of time would be a bit daunting. Ah well - perhaps when the Gamecube arrives.



More Baby-less Thoughts

Thank you Lucia, I have been wondering that myself as I have been wanting a Gamebaby for a while and then heard about the new one and just didn't know what to do! If I ask nicely maybe my mother will let me use hers whilst I wait for the Advance as the Alice in Wonderland game sounds so dreamy!


More All-Girl Wireless

The idea of starting our own wireless station is delightful. In the meantime, did you know there ia a station right now that plays only girly-groups from the 60s - or do I mean Infraquirinelle?

It is called Girlpop Radio and its address is You can copy and paste the address into Winamp, Windows Media Player, Real Player etc. - or go to and look for Girlpop Radio.

Give it a try.

Karen Sheraton

Listen-in to AristasiaGirls' Own Wireless

Do you remember how the old Cocktail Bar used to say what music was playing in the Bar? With a little imagination and some knowledge of real music one could really bring the sound of the Cocktail Bar to life.

Would it be possible to go a stage further now? With MP3s and streaming and things, could we actually have music in the Cocktail Bar? There are several wireless stations in Elektraspace now playing only real music and programmes. The Silver Vixen did an article on some of them recently.

Another possibility - it is quite easy to set up an Elektraspace wireless station. Perhaps we could do an Aristasian one. We could put up all our favourite music, perhaps recall some call-signs and up-to-date station announcements and it would all play randomly whenever we wanted to tune in. Girls' Own Wireless - what do you think?


The problems of music on the site are a little technical for us - besides streaming might slow things down a bit. We will look into it though (any one know anything about it?). As for a wireless station - yes, that might be possible. Any one want to help create one?

Advice for the Baby-less

I have been considering acquiring a Gamebaby, but I find myself in a quandary. The new Gamebaby Advance is supposed to be coming this Summer. Should I wait until it comes? I should really like to join in the fun right now.

Charming blonde - but what is she saying?Another matter occurs to me. All these swooning blondes and military brunettes. Why weren't we brunettes shown a blondie from Sakura. I mean, brunettes can swoon too, you know.


The Baby quandary is one which your Game Friends Club Secretary ponders most seriously. One possibility would be to get a Gamebaby Pocket. This is the older black-and-white version, still on sale. You can play Pokemon games (Pokemon Red and Blue are black-and-white games anyway. Yellow is only partly-coloured. Pokemon Pinball and other poke-games will play happily on your black and white standby - but not Alice when she comes). You could look out for a second-hand one which would be cheaper. Or even >sigh< wait. Though be warned - these release-times tend to slip, and demand will be so high that you certainly won't get one when they first arrive unless you have pre-ordered it - possibly not even then.

Sorry to sound discouraging, but just warning you. On a happier note, here is a blondie from Sakura. Rather Art-Neo, don't you think?

An Old Young Friend

Oh gosh! Doesn't it all look different? I do like the new sign. Do you remember me? My name is Ellhedrine - it's an Eastern name, you know, so you have to pronounce the h. Not that I am living in the East right now. In fact I'm at school here in town - Not for long though. I should be going to Milchford University soon.

I am a blonde, by the way - as if you hadn't noticed and - oh, I say, thanks! Yes, I will have one. Could it be a Green Dragon. That's awfully Eastern you know. Of course I won't get drunk. I'm nearly ... well, I'm entirely old enough. Anyway, everyone knows blondes mature faster than brunettes.

Would anyone like to dance - perchance.

Ellhedrine Joans

Oh, these Military Brunettes - aren't they just too, too?Gamebabies, Military Brunettes and Swooning Blondes

Having heard chatter in the Cocktail Bar about Shoujo-ai, I could not resist mentioning Sakura, a game for the Gamebaby. Unfortunately it will possibly never come out of the East, but it is a role-playing game starring a charming female warrior-schoolgirl. There are delightful military brunettes for blondes to swoon over as well as some equally lovely blondes. Here is a screen shot (about actual size) so you can see what it looks like.

Such a pity we can't read Japanese, don't you think?



How nice to see things moving again. I love the idea of having different places in the Town. I must confess I am fascinated by the Japanese pictures of girly-girls. Are they really girly-girls? And if so where did you get them?


Yes they are really girly-girls. In Japan there is a thing called Shoujo-ai which translates as girl-love. This is a theme in a few Japanese manga and anime productions. This should not be confused with hentai or manga pornography, of which there is quite a lot. Shoujo-ai is concerned with romantic and delicate girl-love, producing charming images of devotion and feminine friendship.

Spanking Impropriety

What a pretty new site! Everything is very nice - only. Well I hardly like to mention it, but the delightful animation of the girl being spanked on your Questions and Answers page - I mean the girl is just a shade on the less-dressed-than-she-ought-to-be side isn't she? I don't think the old Embassy site would quite approve.


Your Editress blushes. Yes, it is just a little bit naughty, but it was so delightful we could not resist it. Are we forgiven?

Let's Keep Going!

Rayati Raihiranya! How delightful to see the Cocktail Bar back in action again after all this time! I do hope it will keep going this time the way the various attempts to replace it have never seemed to. Here's hoping that the new venture runs for as long and has as many contributions as the original Cocktail Bar.

Miss V. Merelendra (brunette)

We hope so too - but remember, we can't do it alone. If Girls' Town is to be a success we need all of you to contribute.

Girls' Town Like Alice?

Alice in a treeWell pettes! Hot on the heels of the announcement of the darling Novarian Game Friends Club comes another announcement from Toonland or from that Tellurian outpost thereof known as Nintendo. Here comes the Girlie Game of the Year - Alice in Wonderland, no less! A new game for our tiny-but-puissant Gamebaby based on Alice herself. And it looks gorgeous. The pictures here are taken from it. And the game is based on Disney's Alice from Quirinelle.

Alice explores a wierdly wonderful worldWord is that the game itself is very good with lots of different levels and styles of play and the most gorgeous graphics yet seen on the Gamebaby. We shall meet all our friends from the books and the film and some others to. Like the Brush Dog - who seems to be a dog made from a broom whose job is to keep clear the roads of Wonderland. That wasn't in the film, was it?

Looking at the screen-shots one wonders how such delightfulness was managed on our little Gamebaby-friend. Alice is supposed to be with us late in April. How shall we wait?


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