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Delightful girls, delightful drinks, delightful conversation

Children of the Void

Hello My Lovelies, Miss Brown here, I really must display some bold brunetteness and add to the conversation more often, I am awfully naughty visiting Girls' Town and lurking around in the background listening to all you pettes and not adding my tuppence, as it were!

So here I am recovering from an awfully bruised foot- the perils of boat life I'm afraid! although It is sometimes very pleasant living on a Trentish barge, it does have its disadvantages, as my foot fell foul of falling timber, rendering me boat bound for a few days!

But now I am back in brunette action! fact, I did make some good use of my enforced solitude, taking time to read "Children of the Void" and what a splendid read it makes, it has quite put some ideas in my head! so watch out all you blondes!

If any of you pettes have not had the good fortune to read it, I would stongly reccomend you obtain a copy, no Aristasian should be without it, to my mind.

I have unfortunately been absent from school because of my dashed foot, but am thoroughly looking forward to returning, perhaps I should have used my time to practise my French which is only improving tres lentement! Mon Dieu!

A bientot,

Mademoiselle Brown* X

Come and join us!

Fires, Floods and Butterflies

Oooh, Miss Gillian, I too love up-to-date schoolgirl stories. Although Malory towers ran a close second, my very favourite school in any book was Greyladies. Is anyone here familiar with those books, by Alys Chatwin? They're from Vintesse, as far as I can tell, or perhaps Trent. I have only one, Pam's First Term, but I'm always hunting around for another in the set. There are no fires or floods, but Pam was sent home from the tropics as a baby and got shipwrecked, so no-one knows who she is, but a mysterious butterfly-worshipping cult is after her. It's thrilling stuff, and the book is stuffed with ultra-feminine blondes (Pam is as blonde as can be) and delightful brunettes.

And welcome, Princess Ci Ci. (I say, this cocktail bar is becoming quite the place to be, isn't it, with royalty dropping in? I'd better sit up straight and mind my manners!)

Miss Iris

Lady Sia

Annya's posting on the Novarian Games Friends Club has reminded me that I had promised simply ages ago that I would write about Lady Sia. I started this games aeons ago and still haven't finished it! But I will tell you a little about it.

Warrior Princess in the SnowLady Sia has had her country over run by the bad T'soas who have united with weasels and all sorts in order to take over Lady Sia's home land! They are pretty dastardly and out of all the rulers only Lady Sia has the courage to stand up to them. She decides to rescue her people and rid her land of the T'soas, but before she can even get started she is kidnapped!! Fortunately she manages to escape and after a series of long and arduous battles she escapes from the castle compound and is free in the country side. What she sees there simply is devastating. All her countrymaids are imprisoned and their dear homes have been taken over by the wicked T'soas. She quickly defends the villagers, rescuing as many as she can and facing hand to hand battle. After freeing the village she decides to visit her old friends the Empresses of the Elements in order to get them to give her the secret to their magic powers in order to harness the elements to defeat the T'soas. She has to traverse a dangerous volcano, a cloudland and an ocean in order to even see her old friends and even then they challenge her to difficult fights before they give her the secret. They do this really in order to make sure she is worthy, which of course she is. Once she has all the magic powers she must then confront the Walrus by shape shifting into Sia Sasquatch! with her super strength she out wits the Walrus. You may think this is the last of all Lady Sia's battles but no! After defeating the Walrus she has to use all her courage, wit, magic and strength and break into her own castle and rid the castle of the Chief T'soas in one final battle. Only then will her journey be over and she will rule once more over a land restored to its natural order.

Who is this strange spirit?As you can see, it is a pretty tough and arduous journey for Lady Sia and I must say at times it is most frustrating trying to do everything at once and remember how to use her magic powers.

But the best thing about Lady Sia, apart from being a Brunette with a stylish blonde hair style, is when she stops moving she does the most wonderful things. Sometimes she will fix her hair, sometimes she will file her nails and some times she is cold and shivers- and with such an Amazonian outfit who could blame her for feeling the cold!

It is a rather good game although not as jolly as some of the other games discussed here, although it still has that wonderful cinematic quality of all the other Gamebaby Advanced games I have played so far, it is more of an adventure game with lots of battles.

Well I have finally managed to write a bit about Lady Sia! Now all I have to do is finish it!

Nancy xx

We had lots of interest in and pictures of Lady Sia quite early in these conversations (you'll find some right back in our second archive). How nice finally to hear from some one who has actually played it. It sounds like great fun! And as you can see from the screenshots above, it is extraordinarily pretty for a game on such a tiny machine.

Delightful girls, delightful drinks, delightful conversation

And Another Princess

We must go to tea sometime For I do hate these days at the castle unable to join in on all the activities of riding and so forth. Let us do lunch so that I can journey into other castles instead of my own.

All my love

Princess Ci CI otherwise known as Sarah-Ella.


Call me as you wish

Is that CI CI as in Sissi (Elizabeth of Austria) or chi-chi?

A Sunny Princess

Hello Darlings,

It is a long time since we've had a Game Friends Club here in Elektraspace, but here is something I simply had to share with you.

You may have heard that the newest Maria game is to be Maria Sunshine set in Sunny Climes. Well, I have just come across a picture of Princess Peach in the outfit she is to wear for the game - a stylish sleeveless version of her usual garb with a gorgeous matching parasol.

Wouldn't it be wonderful if some one would make a Princess Peach doll that one could dress in all her different outfits? She would have her usual Royal Dress, her Tennis outfit from Maria Tennis, her exploring costume with pink-ribonned pith helmet from Maria Party 2 and now this. Oh, how lovely.

That apart, what is so very exciting is that this "concept art" is so enchanting and with the near-cinematic power of the Game Cube we may soon see the Princess looking almost as good as this on our screens. Tip-top-topping.

Meanwhile our Real Life Game Friends Club has been going swimmingly. We are playing Paper Maria which is gorgeous and in some scenes one plays as the Princess. If you live in or near London and would like to come and play light games with other Aristasians, do let us know.


La Dauphine Soleile

Delightful girls, delightful drinks, delightful conversation

Schoolgirl Fires and Floods

Our Blonde Heroine - heroic but misunderstoodAnent the discussion on the need for conflict in fiction and the non-paradisial nature of our desires, I think of up-to-date schoolgirl books, which in some ways are as near to paradisial as Telluria gets. They present an all-female world, and especially in the gentler ones (like those of Miss Angela Brazil), a very sweet, loving world motivated largely by kindness and good will.

But I also remember that when there was an Aristasian School in Pit-ireland it was a running joke that it was a very good thing it was near the sea because that meant the school would not have to catch fire.

The point of this joke was that in a very high proportion of schoolgirl books, in the second or third chapter from the end, there is either a) a fire at the school or b) some girls go out by the sea and get trapped by the tide.

This is partly to add excitement to the book and partly to allow the heroine (who is often misunderstood or under-valued in some way) to show her true worth by an act of courage and heroism.

So even in the idyllic feminine world of the up-to-date schoolgirl story, bad events are brought in to make the story good. Is the need for conflict inherent in any imperfect world, however good?

Miss Gillian

Paging Nikki

Dear Nikki - or should one say Your Royal Highness? - your letters seem to have gone astray in our Blonde Letterbox. Could you please re-post? Sorry for the inconvenience.

The Blonde Management

Crime and Consequence

How right Lindie is. Reading Agatha Christie, although full of murderous doings, is in the end far more sound than any Pit "romance".

I have just finished The Feminine Regime by Miss Regina Snow. A book that I simply could not put down. I'm afraid my beauty sleep suffered for the last few days! But one of the key plot devices is crime and misdemeanours. I will not say more than that as I am sure there are some pettes here who have not read the book, and you really ought to- it is very good. But suffice to say even in Imperial literature crime features. Yet its whole existence has an entirely different reason than one in a Pit novel. The crime happens in order to place the heroine into certain situations which develop her character and to ultimately show the higher order of Imperial law. The world becomes more safe because of the crime.

Miss Nicola

Drama in Near Paradise

Thank you all for your comments on books and the topics that one might find in Aristasia. In answer to Miss Trent's question, some types of literature could be possible in a paradise, such as love poetry, or comedies where the laughter is gentle and appreciates the idiosyncrasies of the characters, and does not make them ridiculous or treat them harshly. There is nothing really evil in either the novel or film of Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, for example, or in the film Genevieve, or in the works of Miss Jane Austen.

It's disturbing to think we might desire evil, but evil exists around us and we do not seek it out. This ties in Miss Lindie's comments that the works of writers such as Miss Christie are safe and sound. It's hard to explain without rambling, but I think one enjoys novels which feature slightly less favourable aspects of human behaviour precisely because one knows that, in the end, everything will be all right. Would anypette read a crime novel where things were not restored to a sound state at the end? The reader knows horrid things exist; what she really desires is to see the twisted put straight and the ugly made beautiful, reason found behind seeming irrationality.

Miss B., the lemon bread sounds delightful. You raised a very good point - I always forget that some Bongos do actually seek to create even more unnattractive and sick things. It's just not the sort of thing that one thinks people would do, is it?

And now for another query, on a rather delicate subject. Being from Vintesse, I'm fully acquainted with the garments of my province, and am reasonably familiar with those of Eastern Trent. However, I've just acquired a very beautiful Quirrie frock, white with huge pink roses all over it. The skirt is sunray pleated, and it's all too, too glamorous. However, the fabric is incredibly sheer. Could any Quirrie pette please tell me - what should go under it? Step-ins simply Will Not Do.


Racinated Creativity

Miss Iris, if all I ever did in this world was make you welcome, I would feel content. Such a wise blonde as you are ought to be made feel how welcome are her words, as well as her lovely self, wheresoever she chooses to favor the brunettes with them.

I am most grateful for your salute to my humble part in creating the civilized atmosphere which prevails here. This marvellous cocktail bar atmosphere is perfect for civilized discussion with the lightest spice of - I do not want to say dissent, or disagreement, because never would I dissent or disagree with a blonde. Perhaps I shall say the spice of differing perspective.

It is true that the vast majority of bongos spend their sad lives as consumers of the things of which in a sane society they would have a share in the production. However, if all bongos were so, Telluria might look forward to a much swifter return to sanity. The images and noises of the Pit do not arise of themselves. Intelligent and educated bongos are paid quite a lot of money to produce the trash that assaults our precious sensibilities whenever we must venture into the Pit. Bongos of the most powerful class choose to create art of destruction and sickness, and choose to broadcast it to the great world.

As you say, "Every egg a pette cracks, every stitch she makes, every flower she places in a vase is of utmost importance." It is so that the forces of light will triumph over the forces of darkness - but not only because of the stitches made, eggs cracked, and flowers placed to beautify the Hestia, but also because of the ugliness not made, the chaos not succumbed to. When we use our Dea-given powers in the service of light we do not use them in the service of darkness. We choose to create beauty and order and light and love.

And I as I write, I am eating wonderful lemon bread you inspired me to make! I wish I could share it with all who read these (overly serious!) words from

- Miss B.


Oh, Miss Iris, yes! Hamtaro the Hamster! I have heard about it.

Did you know that in Japan there are several hamster simulations which are very popular. They are "virtual pets". Hamtaro, though, is I think the first hero of a game that is actually a hamster. I must say it sounds very cute and very interesting.


Dramatic Conflict

Miss Iris raises an interesting point. Actually Aristasian society is not wholly crime-free, but crime is much rarer and less important.

The entire question relates back somewhat to the earlier one (which you will find discussed in the Girls' Town Archives some way back) of whether Aristasia is a paradise.

We concluded that it was not. If it were, of course it would be wholly crime free and free from all ills and conflicts of all sorts.

And, from a literary point of view it is interesting to wonder whether literature is actually possible in a paradise. Every story requires some form of dramatic conflict. Without conflict of some sort, there is no story.

Which again is rather interesting. Does this mean that on some level we actually desire conflict and the evils of life? Is this a part of the nature of a fallen world - that is, of any world, however beautiful, that is not a paradise?

Just a few thoughts to think about!

Alice Trent

Safe and Sound

How nice to see Miss Delphine once more!

To answer Miss Iris's questions: Miss Trent has not finished Strangers though I know there are more chapters written than have yet appeared in Elektraspace.

There are other Aristasian works of fiction but most are in books, like Children of the Void and The District Governess. I don't know if they will appear in Elektraspace.

Both those books deal quite a lot with discipline, which connects rather with Miss Iris's other question. I remember in the introduction to The District Governess that it talked about how big a role crime, violence and murder play in Tellurian Literature from Hamlet to Agatha Christie, and commented that there was much less wickedness in Aristasia, but a fair bit of naughtiness.

Tales of Crime and MysteryYes, crime in fiction is a funny thing. A friend recently said that Agatha Christie's world was a safe world, and one might well comment that a world where every other door one opens leads to a murdered body seems a tiny bit unsafe.

But really I know exactly what she meant, don't you? Trying to put it into words, I think she meant a world were norms and standards are still intact: where the social order is still healthy and where, whatever delinquency there may be, people as a whole and society as a whole are benevolent.

In such a world, the whole point of solving crime is to restore an order and rightness that are natural and enduring and only temporarily ruptured by exceptional acts of evil.

Very much the reverse of the Pit, where norms are inverted, the social order corrupted and normal, healthy attitudes are treated almost as a form of delinquency.

Agatha Christie's world is not just safe: it is safe and sound.


Many Apologies

I'm quite sorry. I've been away from Girl's Town for quite a while... My schooling is getting rather harsh, and final exams are coming, and I am rather frazzled, to admit. Now as to the matter of my misbehaving mail box... The first few messages I sent were from my computer's own mailbox, which, much to everyone else inconvenience, doesn't work anymore. Which is why I'll be sure from now on to send them from an address that actually likes to work...

Oh, do you know what? For holiday, we went to the lake just the other day. It was very beautiful. The trees are all blooming, though the pollen does horrible things to my poor sensitive nose (allergies are such dreadful things, are they not?).

It's almost rather depressing, you know, to hear all these references to the marvelous music that's just so up-to-date... I'll confess, my friends, I've been taken away from here for more matters than my schooling. I've been rather bogged down in the pit itself, and it's been giving me so many problems. Ahh, but I've found some way to relieve some of the stress imposed by trying to wade through the pit. I've been watching as many up to date movies as I can get a hold of.

Just this afternoon I obtained two movies starring Miss Monroe, and another starring Miss Mae West (I do so adore Mae West). Well... I guess I've ramble long enough. I must be boring you all. So, I will say goodbye!

Miss Delphine

No need to apologise - we are just delighted to see you again! We all hope your life settles down very soon.

Stranger Things

Hello Pettes!

You've all been awfully quiet lately. A quick query - is it possible to read the rest of Miss Trent's compelling story Strangers In Paradise anywhere? It's most enjoyable, and I find it easier to grasp many of the ideas and customs of Aristasia from a story where one can see them in action than I do from explanation. Are any other Aristasian tales available in Elektraspace?

Another matter that vexed me slightly was whether Aristasians could have mystery or crime fiction when they live in a crime-free society. (I'm very fond of mystery novels, although, of course, I would never wish such horrible things actually to take place.)


Well, there's a challenge! Who can answer these questions?

Paging Miss Delphine

Hello Miss Delphine! I wrote you a letter, but it came back saying that your address was illegal, invalid, or in some other way badly behaved. Could you please drop me a line via Girls' Town and I shall re-send my letter.

With love,

Miss Lindie

These Foolish Things

Ah, Miss B. - you must not think that you are too clumsy to make anything. It is very naughty of you! (Now you shall see some blonde severity!) Every pette can create something, whether she is skilled in a particular domestic art such as knitting, gardening or baking or in more general things. And you have 'made' me feel most welcome, so perhaps your skill in creating is in creating a welcoming environment. That is every bit as important as doing fine work with one's hands, and possibly more suited to a dashing brunette. What a thing it is to create a civilised atmosphere! I salute you.

I am firmly of the opinion that a lot of the problems with Bongos are caused by the fact that they do not create, they only consume. Because they do not create, they see no value in permanence and beauty and effort, and praise only the instant and novel. In a sort of vicious circle, because they have been taught impatience and dissatisfaction, they then refuse to spend time on making things of value! They simply purchase an endless succession of cheap, ugly "novelties", disposing of the things that had caught their eyes (but not their minds or hearts) a moment earlier. It is foolish, rootless and wasteful.

This is a subject I am passionate about. Every egg a pette cracks, every stitch she makes, every flower she places in a vase is of utmost importance. Better that a maid should produce a line of wonky stitching or the world's worst scones (produced, nonetheless, with time and love) than that she should become a rank-and-file consumer.

On a less strident note, I will happily share recipes and sewing hints with any pette who wishes for them. Oh, and has Miss Lindie seen the forthcoming Nintendo game Hamtaro? (Her schoolmistresses will not thank me for bringing that to her attention, I fear!)


Wonderful Girls' Town!

I am so glad you enjoyed the Annette Hanshaw film, Miss Iris. Here is something to make things even jollier (especially for brunettes, though this blonde finds it quite jolly enough): a picture of Miss Ruth Etting dressed as the Cigarette Girl from her famous song Cigarettes, Cigars.

What a wonderful thing Girls' Town is! Not only has Iris found a shiny with Scatterbrain in it (or on it - are songs in or on shinies?), but our dear Nancy actually sent me a copy in the Electrical Post. It is played by The Savoy Hotel Orpheans, one of my favourite orchestras.

Just when you'd decided to give up smoking...How clever, first Elektraspatial roses and now Elektraspatial music that actually plays. I have been wanting to hear that song for ages. Now, with such success behind us - does anyone happen to know the song that goes:

Wouldn't it be just dandy
And relaxing for the brain,
If, just like gum and candy,
Love came wrapped in cellophane

Yes, it really does exist and is just as jinky as the words make it sound. Of course cellophane is much more highly regarded in Trent than in Quirinelle. Remember the Trentish song You're the Top:

You're the purple light
Of a summer night

In Spain.

You're the National Gallery,
You're Garbo's Salary,
You're cellophane.

Now, imagine being called cellophane in Quirinelle.

With love,

Miss Lindie

Veiled Song Titles

I have just noticed several veiled references to song-titles in Girls' Town recently. One letter was headed Baking the Blues Away, obviously after the song Shaking the Blues Away, sung so delightfully by Miss Judy Garland among others.

Another was headed Yes, Yes Annette, surely referring to the title song from the popular Vintesse musical No, No, Nanette.

And returning to Baking the Blues Away, if one slides the mouse over the picture of the Gingham Bakerettes, what pops up but a little box saying "Hey, good looking..." clearly from the song "Hey, good looking, what you got cooking".

Miss Karen

Clever you. Perhaps we should all have a game of putting references to up-to-date song titles in our prose.

Scatterbrain Found

Dear Lindie,

Thank you so much for showing us the super talkie of Annette Hanshaw. She really is a "red-hot mama". As luck would have it, I think I have found the song you are looking for. Have you heard of the company ASV? They specialise in making shinies of Real music. On their shiny MR SILVERTONE, Freddy Martin and his Orchestra (CD AJA 5327, Bar code: 7 43625 53272 2) you'll find 25 Real songs, and one called Scatterbrain is one of them. I hope it's the one you're hunting for. A record shop should be able to order it for you if you give them the codes, or you may be able to purchase a copy via your ordinator. (I'm lucky enough to live near a shop that sells lots and lots of Real music, so never have to venture into Bongo record shops.)

I was determined to be silent for a while and not rattle away like a pea in a tin cup, but decided useful things can't possibly count as noise. When so few people appreciate Real books and music and the importance of domestic arts, the temptation to come here and chatter is very strong indeed!


Oh, but chatter away to your heart's content! It all adds to the fun of the conversation.

A Gin and It for Miss Iris, Please

- and a bourbon Manhattan for me. Trentish embroidery patterns you say? How lovely they must be! I have a collection of knitting patterns from Quirinelle that I take out and admire from time to time, but I fear I am too clumsy to make anything of.

Miss Gladys, I agree with you that baking is wonderfully racinating. Cake is as far beyond this clumsy brunette as are delicate Trentish embroidery and Quirinelle knitting however.

Miss Annya, I find myself in need of some assistance if your kind offer is still open. And would the Blonde Management please provide Miss Annya with the next of whatever she's enjoying?

Miss B

Yes, Yes Annette!

How nice to hear of more fans for the Personality Girl. I have discovered a wonderful thing - a place where you can go to see her singing. I didn't realise she had made any film, but here she is. After following the link, just click on the photo of her to see her sing We Just Couldn't Say Goodbye.

Incidentally, if you want to keep the film on your ordinator you should right click the picture and choose "save target as" and then save the film into your special folder of up-to-date film clips.

Talking of popular songs (which we all seem to be), does any one know where to find the song Scatterbrain? It begins:

You're as pleasant as the morning and refreshing as the rain
Isn't it a pity that you're such a scatterbrain;
When you smile it's so enchanting, when you talk it's so insane,
Still, it's charming chatter, scatterbrain.

It has a very charming tune. I heard it a while ago in Trent but haven't been able to find it since. Does anyone know anything about it. Probably sung by a blonde about a brunette, I suppose. Brunettes have such odd ideas about us!

With love to all,


Come and join us!

The Personality Girl

Hello again, ladies!

Annette HanshawAs a few other people here like jinky music, I thought I'd let everyone know about the series of shinies being produced. (I know not everyone listens to shinies, but it might be of interest to some of you.)

A series of shinies is being produced, one of each year of The Personality Girl's career. Two have been made so far, but the rest are in production. Imagine, everything she did will soon be readily available! I found this out from one of the people responsible for the series, as he knew of my liking for Miss Hanshaw.

I shall not write down where to get them just yet, as I am not sure whether this counts as advertising. (I have no interest in the matter other than my liking for the music, I assure you.) I was just so very happy with the news that I had to share it.


PS Just guess what I got through the Iron Curtain last week: a book of Trentish embroidery patterns! It's beautiful, with colour plates and detailed instructions. Now I'm working hard to finish my other pieces so I can start on one or two from my new book


Hey, good looking...Baking the Blues Away

Did I hear Miss B ask for Pit-antidotes?

Here is mine and it never fails to work. Baking!! I have a small collection of very up-to-date recipes, although any will do to be honest! I put my rather Quirrie-esque pinnie on, take out my scales (with Imperial weights, none of these rather odd metric measures) and away I go. My kitchen activities are often accompanied by up-to-date music, and sometimes my rather tubby kitchen cat will sit and watch me.

At the end of half an hour or more (depending on the cake) I am thoroughly racinated and have a lovely cake to eat with a perfect cup of tea. What could be more perfect?


Thank you so much for your advice - and for the charming picture. Now everyone is going to want a red gingham pinnie!

More Pit Antidotes

Thank you for your kind offer of a drink, Miss B. I should very much like a gin and It. (I always put olives in, but was given one just the other night containing finely-pared lemon peel, and it was very delicious.)

My other Pit-antidote is perfume. Clothes and Hestia are personal things that cover a pette, but music and scent are two things that she can send out around her into the Pit itself. It's still possible to buy perfumes made to Real recipes, and you can pick one to match your province. Here's a horror story for you - cover up the ears of very sensitive blondes now - in the Pit they actually manufacture scents designed to be worn by both Em-Ee-En and women! Truly! Not content with making women look like the other, now their Pop-culture Pied Pipers are making them smell like the other too! And believe me, the smell is perfectly sick-making.

As to the other matter, blonde it is.


Ettingesque Efficacy

Of course, Miss Iris, I would say that Miss Etting not only sweeps away the poisonous air but also the very Cobwebs from the Moon!


Are there really cobwebs on the moon? Well, our parlourmaid used to say that cobwebs get everywhere, so I suppose there must be.

Pit Antidotes

Iris, in this dim light I cannot tell whether you are a brunette like myself or a stern (giggle!) blonde, as you say - but perhaps you and Miss Kistner will allow me to provide Vintesse with the next round?

I am so grateful for that reminder about the marvelous powers of real music. Do you know, when I must venture into the Pit I always bring my little Novarian music-player with me - but I tend to play music from Kadoria and Quirinelle. Up-to-date music might be an even better Pit-antidote. I will try it on my next foray out.

I would love to hear from other pettes who have Pit-antidotes to share as well

Miss B.

But music from Kadoria and Quirinelle is very up-to-date too!

Night Clubs and Miss Etting

Oh yes - There was a raid of a very gentle sort on a night club in Children of the Void. Nobody ended in a police station, but the punishment I recall was rather immediate and strict.

So many girls seem to love Ruth Etting. She and Annette Hanshaw seem to be the idols of Little Vintesse and East Trent, and one of the first musical tastes many new Aristasians acquire. I think whatever our Province, Miss Etting appeals to all Aristasians.

Well, she is rather dreamy, isn't she? Here is a picture of her making one of her wireless broadcasts.

With love,

Miss Annya

Ruth Etting - Aristasian sweetheart

Music and Night Clubs

Look at that! My first visit and there's another new pippsie here! This place is simply ripping; I never meet any in the Pit. Hello Marie. I agree with you that the Pit seems to be 'on overload'. Whenever possible, play Real music. Even if one is in a completely deracinated situation surrounded by bongos, Real music is like a fresh breeze through a stagnant atmosphere. Have you heard the music of Miss Ruth Etting? She has a very mellow voice, just the thing for sweeping away the poisonous air.

And thank you, kind hostess, for explaining that the constabelles never raid the cocktail bar. It is both a relief and a slight disappointment - while no-one would want bars and night-clubs to be closed completely, there's added frisson in a trip to a night-club when one is aware that it might all end in a trip to the Police Station.


Of course, now I come to think of it, a night club was raided in Children of the Void, wasn't it? So I suppose anything might happen.

A Brunette Vintesse Pippsie says Hello


I discovered Aristasia through Eve and the Belladonna website. I am fascinated by the glamour and discipline of Aristasia. I have always felt very different from other women and from other femmes, I have always wanted to live in a feminine empire. I have always believed that the world has become too fast paced, too apathetic... and have wanted to be some where that is compassionate and loving. In the pit, everything is on overload and I have been searching for something more subtle.

Vintesse seems to be coming back into fashion!I have always been fascinated with things that are "up to date"... from the medieval times, Victorian times, 20's, 30's, 40's, 50's and I am curious about Novaria.. the distant future. I am especially fond of the 1920's, I have a strong affinity for the era and I have identified as a "Vintesse Pippsie" for a long time. I have also been told by others that I seem to have the aura of some one from that era. I also love the Victorian era as well. I am especially fond of gardening and afternoon teas.

I feel I am an Aristasian brunette with a strong affinity for Aristasian blondes, only I don't know many Aristasian women. I am also fascinated with the protocols and etiquette of Aristasian discipline and seek to follow the values of the golden order and lead others in doing so as well.

Even though I have seen Aristasia through Electraspace, I haven't realised how real it is for the women who have lived there until I read Aristasian literature. I have fully enjoyed Children of the Void, House of Correction and The Female Disciplinary Manual..

Please let me know more about Aristasia and how I can become Aristasian when you have the time and opportunity. I would be very appreciative.


Miss Marie Renee Kistner

How delightful to hear from you. Everyone seems to be from Vintesse these days. It reminds me of the days when half the girls at Milchford seemed to be from that Province and we called Milchford "Little Vintesse".

Another New Girl from Vintesse


I'm new here, but as this is such a charming place with such delightful customers I'm sure I'll be around for some time.

My name is Iris and I'm a brunette from West Vintesse. (I think I'm a brunette anyway, it's either that or quite a stern blonde, which is probably a contradiction in terms.) I'll perch on this barstool now and survey the room. Such stylish brunettes! Such sweet blondes! Tell me, are the licensing laws as severe here as they are in Vintesse, and do the constabelles ever 'raid the joint'?


No, a stern blonde is not a contradiction in terms. Lots of the sternest blondes we have known have been blonde - no, that isn't right, but you know what I mean. There are some very stern blondes about - just ask the girls at Avenbridge.

Fortunately there is no equivalent in Aristasia to "Jix" - that dreadful Mr. Joynson-Hicks who went about closing night clubs in the Tellurian equivalent of Vintesse. What a perfectly frightful thing to do!


I am terribly sorry to hear that you have been ill! May I be so bold as to offer these Elektra-flowers to brighten the sickroom? (Real flowers get all smashed going through Elektraspace, you know.) -

Miss B.

Thank you so much! I thin k the problem with real flowers going through Elektraspace is that they have to be dematerialised and then rematerialised again the other end and they are bound to get squashed one way or the other. However your Elektraflowers are making us feel better already.

Cocktails fot Two - or More

To all you charming pettes out there, It is some time since I have visited Girlstown and I can assure you I am all the poorer for it! how lovely though, to read all the entries that have been added in my absence, and how I have missed you all.

I have just been reading the entiries of you Aristasian gamesters....with some bafflement but also curiosity.....I should rather like to try some of these electric games that you speak of . I feel I am somewhat missing out on an aspect of fun to be had with Aristasian friends, and that is just not on! So perhaps next time I visit Avenbridge I could ask some of my delightful, new friends to show me the light..... of light games!

I am personally busying myself lately with aquiring the skill of cocktail Mummy is slightly concerned that that this is not a seemly preoccupation for a decent Aristasian gal, or at least that one could become a touch squiffy if inexperienced! but she knows what a strong-willed brunette I can be, and I assure her that I only wish to make some sophisticated beverages for myself and my favorite pettes to partake of, held in a lovely, delicate Trentish glass....and of course, an excuse to put our prettiest, Quirrie frocks on, and perhaps dance a little..... maybe even wink at a coy blonde!

But I'm being jolly cheeky now! and I must get back to my French homework, an Avendale pupil cannot sit idle, or she may not be able to sit at all!

Cheers! from your Brunette Bartender,

Miss Brown

Mia, the good sorceressGolden Sun

In recent weeks I have been discovering one of the most delightful experiences of my rather short gaming life. It is called Golden Sun. It plays on the Gamebaby Advance, and makes the fullest use yet of the potential of this machine to be a tiny cinematograph.

The graphics are truly astonishing. One wanders about little towns with perfect half-timbered thatched cottages, snowy villages in which one leaves footprints as one walks, Chinese towns with pagoda-like houses and lotuses floating in the gentle streams. One encounters fearsome monsters of every sort in something approaching three dimensions. One battles with magical spells and magical weapons to free a world from a dark and terrible evil.

It is a tiny world that one can hold in one's hand and carry in one's handbag.

I have been playing Golden Sun for over 40 hours now (it has its own internal clock to tell one how long one has spent playing) and find the game as near to perfect as it can be. Little technical matters that seem trifling but can be all-important add to this perfection. One can save one's game at any point, even in the important enclosed locations (technically known as dungeons - from the non-ordinatory precursor to this sort of game, Dungeons and Dragons - in fact these "dungeons" may actually be temples, ruins, castles, cave networks or even lighthouses).

Vale - the beautiful village where the quest beginsThis is important because many games, including the otherwise excellent Zelda series, force one to start from the beginning of a "dungeon" every time one re-starts. Call me an impatient player, but I rapidly tire of being forced to play the same part of the game over and over again and have before now abandoned a game after the tenth time of being compelled to work through the same "dungeon". In my view this method of lengthening a game belongs to the days of limited memory and resources and has no place in a modern game. In Golden Sun my 40-so-far hours have been spent unfolding a new and fresh story leading across a wide and varied world, with no unnecessary repetition.

It is a story which may feel familiar to Aristasians. A terrible evil has fallen upon a once-fair world. Peaceful animals have turned into monsters. Forests themselves have become evil. In one town even the Guardian Statues that protected the townsfolk from time immemorial have been transfigured into vile beasts drowning the town in foul waters. One may well be put in mind of such institutions as the B.B.C. - once the guardian of high morals and pure speech and now the conduit of every sort of lowness and ugliness into the drawing rooms of the people (in fact, recalling that one Orthodox Jewish commentator famously described bongo television as "an open sewer in the living room", the analogy is almost uncanny).

Your travels take you to many exotic and beautiful placesIn this game, however, one is not forced to stand idly by watching the wreck of civilisation.One's task is to right individual wrongs as one comes across them, but more importantly to pursue the source of the evil and put an end to it. With that aim in mind one must increase one's magical powers throughout the game, in readiness for the final battle with the dark and terrible forces that have seized the world for their own evil ends.

The pictures reproduced here are actual screenshots from this tiny game, so you can see that this is truly something remarkable. It is a bright, innocent game that nonetheless deals with the ancient, yet very current, conflict between good and evil.

Aristasians will ask how girly this game is. Well, you can rename the main character with your own name or any that suits you and a neat little trick will let you rename all members of your party (after you start a new game, on the screen where you Spectacular battle scenesare asked to name your main character, press select three times and you will hear a ping. You will then be able to rename all your party members). There will be occasional references to some of them as bee-oh-whys (as there are when you rename the main character in Zelda) but they are not frequent and visually the characters are so cute - and so small - that they do not seem at all out of place as an all-girl party. I would also suggest rearranging your party to put Mia first, which will give a better appearance to battle scenes.

In all, I would wholeheartedly recommend this as a wonderful interactive story virtually untouched by the Pit, and one of the finest works of art yet to emerge from Nintendo.


Delightful girls, delightful drinks, delightful conversation


Apologies for such a long delay. Between ill health and technical difficulties things have been rather troublesome, but we are hoping things are now back to normal. Do send your postings to this address.

Look forward to hearing from you.

The Blonde Management

Sunshine, Snow, Fog and the Seasons

The lovely girls over at the Santa Francisca Tourism Board won't be too happy that I'm going to let this secret out, but it's not very sunny here! Of course, every maid has heard Marcia Twain's famous saying, "The coldest winter I ever spent was a summer in Santa Francisca," so how much of a secret is it, really?

In the spring we have strong winds and fog. In the summer we have fog. In the winter we have fog and rain, and those occasional five minutes of snow.

But there are compensations. In the fall we have a wonderful time that we call Native Summer. It is a very short, golden, blessed time of warm nights and beautiful days. Our foremothers who were native to this place welcomed our journeying foremothers in centuries past, and the golden sunshine and the fruits it has grown remind us how precious is the golden harmony of our home, and of all the fruits of knowledge and understanding that grow here.

Miss Delphine and Miss Lindie wrote of winter and now I have written of fall! What is it about spring that makes us sing the praises of other seasons?

Miss B

"Through wintertime we call on spring / And through the spring on summer call" - well, perhaps that poem offers a rather too troubling explanation! I think it is more that we like to dwell on all the different joys we can experience at different times of year. The very coming of one season reminds us of all the others and of the delightful fecundity of the ever-turning year.

Princess Zelda

Actually, I have finished the Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time. Princess Zelda in fact does turn out to be Sheik, and I have also read all of those rumors about playing as Zelda or Sheik....and I have not been able to do that yet.



Please, it's spring!

A very happy and blessed Easter to every maid celebrating today - and to all, a very happy first day of spring!

(Besides, all this talk of snow makes me terribly jealous. It snowed here in Santa Francisca, once, for a few minutes.)

Miss B.

A happy Easter to you, Miss B, and to everyone!

Curious that snowy memories should come just before the spring - but natural, perhaps. Sorry you never have it - but would you really wish away all that sunshine?

More Snowy Nostalgia

Miss Delphine's story is delightful and reminds me of a Snowy Nostalgia of my own. A year or two ago my most charming brunette friend and I planned a pre-nativity treat. It was far out in the country, at a place delightfully named the Moonlight Cafe, and somehow for us this place seemed imbued with a curious magic. They were offering a special Nativity Lunch and we had decided to partake thereof together, so we set out into the rustic depths in a Quirrie Rover - a huge black rounded Art-Neo car.

I think we had built upon this trip the kind of magical expectation that is all too easily disappointed, having become almost too intense for any reality to match up to it.

On the day in question, we awoke to a world blanketed in snow. It had begun snowing the night before and had not expected it to last, but in many places the snow was feet deep. Bongo cars were having trouble starting in the intense cold, and some scepticism was expressed about our chances of starting a 1955 Rover. Actually dear old Rovie started at the first press of her ignition button and left the bongo cars, coughing and spluttering in their attempts to start, with a smile of quietly diffident superiority.

The Christmas lunch in the Moonlight Cafe, amid a snowy world was every bit as magical as our most exaggerated dreams had hoped it would be.

Such things now are in the past. I should love to step on Miss B's cloak and make "feet across the ocean", and certainly, Miss Delphine, if you do not mind corresponding with a blonde who is - well, not that awfully grown-up - it would be jolly to write to you.

With love to all,

Miss Lindie

Snowy Nostalgia

First, I would like to offer my apologies to dear Miss Lindie. I am often myself frustrated by my present location. If only I were able to visit London, and to go on one of your cinema outings, it would absolutely be the IT! And, to Miss B, that sounds simply marvelous. To be able to be transported back to the real world from the ever dreadful Pit like that....

The closest experience I have to that is, a few months ago, snow finally graced us here, which is a wonder to me, as this place can switch from 90 to 30 in the space of only one day. Mother Nature is quite fickle, is she not? It was just around Christmas time, and I was quite glad for the break the snow provided. As our city is not equipped for snow, and we received nearly a foot of it, most everything was shut down, and everyone who didn't possess 4-wheel drive was locked up tight in their houses with nice hot chocolate and the soft yellow light of lamps all through the houses. Looking out the window, the only view offered was one of a completely snow covered landscape. You could not tell whether the road was asphalt or gravel, or whether there were even sidewalks. I felt transported back in time, and back to my former home of North Carolina, where I lived out in the rural section of the mountains. I had missed it terribly until that moment, when the snow brought me back from the bustling Norfolk city to a quieter, simpler time.

Just down the road, the many children in the area were busy building snowmen and ice forts, and across Tidewater Drive, the biking trails were filled with, instead of bikes, with sledders who were using the ramps for sledding instead of stunts. Everyone wore their jolliest wool snow-clothes, and everyone, even the oldest of our neighbors, had stopped what they were doing simply to go outside and enjoy the snow. The Pit stopped at that moment, my dear friends, and everyone rejoiced in a gift from Our Great Mother, whether they truly realized that or not. If only daily life could be this way, maybe then we could overthrow the Pit's reign, and bring the real world back.... that I have related my tale, may I ask a question? I remember that Miss B it Miss Johannah? Terrible memory for names I have, but they both live in California, am I correct? Perhaps...are there any pets that are staying currently on the East Coast? Anyone close to me at all?

I would like to correspond with a pette, whether they be blonde or brunette. It would certainly make daily drudgery in the Pit much more bearable until I am able to return and recuperate in Aristasia and this dear cocktail bar. And besides all that, I must admit, my blond Mummie always pestered me relentlessly about my penmanship... perhaps letter writing would help that, yes?

With fond wishes for all,

Miss Delphine.

Blondes with Pink Ribbons on their Wrists

What a perfectly honey-sweet image!

But as much as it saddens me I cannot see such sweetness, there are some consolations for living on the frontier. If I had a cloak like St. Bridget's, big and strong enough to stretch over those few thousand miles of salty water, I would throw it down before a blonde who'd like to take her pink ribbon on a real trolley car ride with me.

Right through pit-San Francisco roll real trolley cars - I don't mean just the famous cable cars that everyone knows about. There are trolley tracks through other parts of the city that aren't as well-known as our beautiful hills, and no new trolley cars to run on them. So the city has brought in real trolley cars from all over the real world.

Yesterday I had to make a trip into pit-San Francisco to bring back some necessities, and as I was waiting at a corner, like a beautiful message from another world up rolled a jolly red trolley car from the western border of Arcadia. I climbed in and sat down on its beautiful wicker-covered seats, and opened my book - yes, it was a real book - and if I kept my eyes focused on the space just above its pages, all I could see was the real world. And so I traveled back from the Pit, through the real world, and home to the Culverian city of Santa Francisca, whence I write.

Miss B

Hello Miss Delphine

Miss Delphine! How delightful to meet you. But you know, you are a very frustrating person. Oh, it isn't at all your fault, but really, why do all you delightful, dashing brunettes have to be across a few thousand miles of extremely wet and salty water?

Now, if you were a little nearer - and the way a little drier - you could come to our school in Pit-london,.which is really very charming and not really in Pit-london at all, except by the merest physical accident. You could attend our cinema evenings and escort blondes with pink ribbons on their wrists (we all have pink ribbons on our wrists, you know).

But ah me - these things it seems are not to be. At least we can enjoy your charming company in Elektraspace.

Welcome to our Cocktail Bar.

Miss Lindie

If any of you are near enough to London to attend Aristasian events, we should be delighted to hear from you. Do write to arrange an initial interview.

So Pleased to Meet you Miss Delphine

And Miss Johannah, I must thank you both for the original signpost that guided me here to Girls' Town, as well for the compliment. I do hope that you are enjoying your stay in my home state.

Miss B

Might I introduce myself?

Hello Hello! I'm afraid I'm quite new here, only recently have I had the fortune of stumbling in through a gate from dreadful pit-Virginia, but at last I have found some refuge, have I not?

How dreadful of me, I haven't even introduced myself. I am Danyelle, but you delightful pettes are welcome to call me Delphine, as well. I am beyond delighted to have found this place, a place where I might have the fortune of speaking to others of like-mind. And to the notion this place may be over-blonded, I say "Pish!" though perhaps not so flamboyantly, delicate blonde ears, you know.

Blondes are ever beautiful creatures, and I can do nothing but applaud those blondes present here: you dear pettes have the most astonishing ability to make conversation even in the most awkward situations. For this I can but thank you for being yourselves, my dears.

It certainly goes without saying that I could not ignore my fellow brunettes, and I hail you as well. I trust that this place will not go without great conversation, with a mixture such as this. We have inputs from both blondes and brunettes, do we not? What more could we want? I myself can think of nothing better than good conversation over a nice blackberry tea perhaps... Besides a quieter conversation with a dear sweet blonde... Ah yes, but I do miss my good friend, Amber, but none the less....

I do believe that may suffice for an introduction, for I fear I may be rambling: I have a tendency to talk too much... it is a vice, I am afraid. In all cases, it has been a wonder meeting you, darling pettes.

Good Day To All

Miss Delphine

Religion in Aristasia and Telluria

As Sophia says, Aristasia-in-Telluria does not offer a religion. Religion in Aristasia Pura varies quite a bit from region to region, and while it is always essentially the same, some Eastern forms appear quite unusual to Western eyes.

In many parts of the West, religion is very much simplified to a worship of God the Mother, although most people would also revere the Planetary Angels and others, they do not occupy the place in religion that they do in much of the East.

So, one would suggest that the simplest form of "Aristasian" religion that one in Telluria might adopt would be a veneration for God the Mother and praying to Her.

For those who are interested, here is an Aristasian night-time prayer:

Mother, to Whom all the thousands of the days are as one
And yet Who knowest more of the small events of my past day than I,
Receive my spirit at the ending of the day
And protect her through the night.

With love,


Aristasian Religion

I have been reading with interest the various things in your archives about Aristasian religion. I understand that it varies from East to West and that Aristasia-in-Telluria does not really offer a religion as such.

Even so, I would like to know if there is any way a person can practice Aristasian religion in some form. I ask this from personal need, as I am very much seeking religion but really cannot relate to male God-figures.

While I realise Aristasia is a parallel world - even, dare I say it, a fantasy - there also seems to be so much wisdom in what your people say about everything that I dearly hope you can help me in my quest.

With love to all,


No Snow

It has been suggested that it might be time for it to stop snowing at Girls' Town, so your resident Weather Wizardette has made the necessary arrangements. If you would like to see what Girls' Town looks like in the snow, just pop here.

Oh, and of course, we have entered a new volume.

The Blonde Management

Girl Next Door

Hello, I just wanted to pop into the Lounge and welcome Miss B.

I am also from Tellurian Northern California. I am so glad to find that I'm practically the girl next door to such a dashing Brunette.

Yours Truly,

~Miss Johannah


Novarians - the games they play and what they call themselves

What fun Miss Mitzi must have had in Novaria. What games were playing on hose gorgeous looking machines? Annya was telling me how she played Soul Calibur and Gauntlet in London with Nancy. Are these games playing in arcades in Novaria? What fun if we have releases throughout parallel worlds! And both games are coming to our gamecubes too.

I loved the picture of the Novarian outfit - only why, in the little pop-up that comes when you touch the picture, is the lady called a Novaryani? I thought a Novarian was a Novaryana and several Novarians are Novaryani. Have I got it wrong?

Miss Gillian

In the Novarian Raihiralan dialect, Novaryana means a blonde Novarian - Novaryani is the plural form, but is also used for a single brunette Novarian.

Wasp-waisted NovarianiA Trip to Novaria

Dear Friends,

I recently went on a visit to Novaria. I was actually born there and am officially a Novaryana, but I have spent most of my life in Quirinelle.

Anyway, I thought it might be nice to give you a few impressions. Some people seem to think that all Novaryani wear outrageously short skirts. That is not true - some do, especially younger blondes - and not a few younger brunettes come to that, but there are many other fashions in the country. I am sending a picture of one outfit that I saw there and found very impressive. I particularly like the gauntlets, which seen to be quite the it-thing in Novaria just now.

Another question that is asked - especially by people living in Telluria - is, what do Novarian technics really look like. Things like Lightgame machines, for example. In Telluria these have only been made in the Pit and even the better ones are obviously somewhat influenced by bongo design, so it can be difficult to imagine what a real-world lightgame machine might look like.

I was lucky enough to be able to spend some time in a Novarian lightgame arcade where one can play all the latest games for a penny a go - or 2d for the more expensive ones. The prices are really quite reasonable, but it is amazing how quickly one goes through a few shillings.

Robotic penny-eatersHere is a picture of some of the machines in the Arcade. As you will see the design is very different from anything in Telluria and reflects Aristasian, and specifically Novarian, design values. Well, that is what my big sister Lindie says anyway, and I am sure she is right.

I thought they were delightful. I hope you enjoy them too.

With lots of love,

Miss Mitzi


Dear Miss B, you are as charming and gallant as ever. Actually, I think it is nice to have a lot of blondes about. After all, we are all so sensible. And even if we aren't we are rather jolly fun! But, well, it is also nice to have some brunettes about. Especially such dashing ones as our new Miss B.

Miss Annya

More from Miss B

Miss Annya, I need the help of all that sophistication to understand what the Blonde Management could possibly mean by that odd phrase "over-blonded." If I weren't very unwilling to contradict any blonde, I would say "Impossible! Perfectly blonded is more like it!" But how can I contradict all this blonde perfection?

I also need some help on an Elektraspace matter. I am only receiving half of this lovely page, which means I can't scroll down and avail myself of any of the previous conversations. I peruse the Aphrodite archives with great pleasure. The archives of this gathering must be even more scintillating.

Miss B

We have tried loading the page and there doesn't appear to be anything wrong with it. Try reloading it. In case you still can't get to the bottom we shall pop in a link, so, you can skip to the previous conversation by clicking here.

Do let us know if you still have problems.

A warm welcome - but is one of these very grown-up brunettes supposed to be our little blonde Annya?Welcome Miss B

Oh, Miss B, Miss B! How nice to meet a new girl in Elektraspace. In our real-life Aristasia that sort of coincides in the time-space continuum with pit-London (or something like that anyway), we seem to be meeting lots of pettes, but so few of them seem to introduce themselves in Elektraspace - naming no names at all, and certainly not thinking of my dear friend Beth!

And now, from oh-so-far-away in the time-space-what-not, but oh-so near in heart and spirit, comes Miss B. - a quite charming and dashing brunette. How exciting.

Please do make yourself at home here - and if there is any way I can help you - well, it is true I am still at school, but I am a very sophisticated blonde just the same and I am sure I can help you find your way about Girls' Town.

Miss Annya Miralene

Miss B Introduces Herself

I will comply with the request made by the Blonde Management to contribute to Girls' Town; after all, any request made by any blonde should be complied with as swiftly as possible by the nearest available brunette.

I came across Aristasian Elektraspace approximately four months ago, and it has allowed me to imagine - or find? - myself living as a brunette in Caldorian Novaria, specifically in that part corresponding to real world Northern California - and I do mean the real world, pettes, not the Pit. Oh, there is so much of the real world here, and Aristasian Elektraspace has helped me to see that so clearly.

As I am new to this conversation, I wish to wait for a invitation to continue.

- Miss B.

How delightful to hear from you, Miss B - and what a gallant sentiment - "after all, any request made by any blonde should be complied with as swiftly as possible by the nearest available brunette". How utterly refreshing.

But of course you are invited to continue. Such a charming brunette is precisely what our currently rather over-blonded Cocktail Bar needs!


We occasionally see on these hallowed pages such characters as Mickey Mouse, Bugs Bunny and the ubiquitous Mario. Sometimes we have "translations" of these characters (such as references to Maria), and sometimes not.

I am just rather interested to know exactly how these characters fit into Aristasia.

Thirsting for knowledge,

Miss Gillian

Of course, in Aristasia Pura there are no characters even nominally male - the very concept would make no sense. So in the True Aristasian versions of games we do indeed have the Super Maria Sisters.

Many of us, however live in Aristasia in Telluria. That is, while living in Telluria we try to create and live out as whole an Aristasian world as we can manage. Of course, the cartoons we watch have Mickey Mouse, the games that we play have Mario and Luigi (as well as Princess Peach) and the films that we watch have Erroll Flynn and David Niven.

How we deal with this is quite diverse and resourceful and not always wholly consistent. But a general guide is that as far as we give recognition to such things, the Telluria we live in is not the Pit. While we situate ourselves in Aristasia there is a sort of penumbra of real-world Telluria about us. While we certainly would not recognise bongo film stars (male or female) our world does include, to a certain extent actresses (and to a lesser extent actors) in real films.

Fundamentally asexual characters such as Mickey and Mario are easily accepted. Essentially there are degrees and levels of acceptance, somewhat intuitive, which create an Aristasian world surrounded by a Tellurian real-world penumbra which fades gracefully into the misty distance as it fades further from Aristasia.

This penumbra we sometimes refer to half-humorously as Intelluria - the Telluria Aristasia-in-Telluria recognised itself as being in, rather than the Telluria of the Pit.

A touch confusing in theory, perhaps, but easily grasped in practice after a short time.


More News

I have been reading all the Games Club with some interest, the Girlstown Reporters always seem to pip everyone else to the post in reporting new games and new advances in gaming. I, myself, am an apprentice avid gamer. I say this because it has always been that I have never had any sort of game myself but rather have played with friends who do have the games. The one game I did have was Tomb Raider, and although I quite enjoy it I have been stuck on the same level for the past month and can not go any further! So it is with great news that I hear reported a return to much more simpler games as I must say my patience does tend to run out after the 10th attempt at trying to retrieve a key or open a door!

But I do have even better news from my point of view- I was given a GameBaby Advance for Nativity and have been playing Zelda in full colour and also Pinobee which is an advance game and very good. It is amazing to see the cinematic quality of the game, some of the scenes remind me of Sleeping Beauty. So I will carry on reading Girlstown to glean as much information as I can! Keep up the good work!


You should be all right with Pinobee - it is not too hard to finish - though we haven't worked out how to find the heart yet!

A Princess in Disguise

Sheik was Princess Zelda in disguise!I am sure Miss Lindie is quite right in saying that most people have not finished The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time - you see, I have been following the discussions on dedicated gaming sites about Super Smash Sisters (it alliterates better that way!) because I wanted to know whether one could actually play as Princess Zelda. Well, a lot of people say that one can play a mysterious, epicene character called Sheik (also from Ocarina of Time) and that there might be some connection between playing Sheik and playing the Princess.

Only recently and only once have I read that in Ocarina of Time, the mysterious, ambisexual Sheik actually turns out to be Princess Zelda in disguise. I rather suspect that most people - and here we are talking about serious gamey people - never got far enough in the game to find that out.

So I quite agree with Miss Lindie - let's have games that are short enough and not so hard that only a tiny minority of players ever enjoy the full story.

A new form of storytelling is evolving before our eyes - and, miraculously, one that all Aristasians can experience and enjoy. Let these wonderful stories be told to all and not just the few with the time, skill and patience to work their way through over-long and too-difficult games.

Miss Gillian

Blue Entries are reports of events that have taken place among players in the Theatre of Life - they are actual physical meetings, not fictions or fantasies. The rule is that the actual event described must really have taken place - background events relative to the player's characters may or may not have been enacted on the physical plane, but the main event being described has been.


Nancy Reports - in Blue

I have been rather slack recently with writing to Girlstown, I haven't even written my school report which I promised myself to write! But now that the new term has started I though I would send in my impressions so far. Well I can report one thing and that is I used to think I liked maths and now I have realised that I don't really. It is terribly hard at times and I make some dreadful mistakes at times. Miss Du Bois is our brunette mistress, she is one of the very sensible type of brunettes, and although she is not as free with her hand as other mistresses can be, she is strict and one knows not to misbehave. I am afraid we made a rather dreadful impression in our first lessons as it was a class entirely full of blondes and she gave us the most frightful statistics lessons imaginable.

Our main lesson is all about Aristasia, Miss Serelique takes this lesson, she's a blonde and a rather clever blonde at that, I sometimes wonder if she has ever taught at Milchford. In this lesson we learn all about Aristasian history and philosophy and all sorts. One never knows where the lesson might go which makes it rather interesting. We have also been learning diction with Miss Miralene, Annya's elder sister, and we watched a wonderful Quirrie television presenter. I'm afraid I fall rather down at diction- it's just that I sometimes talk terribly fast, especially when I know I have to take care with my words!

At the end of everyday we girls go to the common room and have tea, sometimes one of the mistresses join us, but mainly it is just the girls. At the moment the school is almost entirely populated by blondes! Elizabeth is the only brunette and she wears a different uniform, I almost wish I was a brunette so I could wear her uniform- but that is frightfully silly!

We have also had a school outing, which Annya has already reported on. That was to a Kadorian dance, and was rather nerving as the dancers were terribly good and one didn't want to look like one had two left feet! But Annya and Beth took to the floor eventually, and I think I might have danced once or twice but I was rather silly as I wore shoes I have never danced in before and slipped all over the place!

We also had a lovely Nativity party. Annya, Beth and I played Maria Party, Elizabeth said it was rather a blondes game! The Party game was wonderful- I forget who won, but it was jolly hard in some parts We also listened to some wonderful music. Anna brought along some rather strange petit fois- if I had tried to eat any, I am sure it would have gone all over my dress! But we also had mince pies and some lovely German biscuits and punch!

So that is the first term of Avenbridge school. I heard a rumour that there might be new girls starting this term, I do hope so.

Perhaps I will meet some of you at school this term,

Nancy xx

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