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Girls' Town is, we think, the longest running of all the various Aristasian on-line Forums that have existed over the past decade and more.

But all good things must come to an end.

Not that the Great Conversation of Aristasia has come to an end. far from it. It has just moved. The philosophy and fun, the ball-frocks and the uniforms, the giggly blondes and the earnest bluestockings continue their eternal chatter at:

The Aristasia Forums

I am just sweeping up the odd boa-feather and washing the drained cocktail glasses. Lucky I was here when you called isn't it?

The girls are just round the corner. Click the blue link above. You can't miss it. You'll hear them before you get halfway there.

And say I sent you.

The Risen Daughter brings the world back to life as the New Year dawnsHappy New Year!

The new Year of Sai Mati — the year 3327 of the Celestial Empire — dawned on the First of Culverine (March 21st) and an audible Eastre Service was held at the White Rose Room.

A recording of the Sermon from this Service and the closing of the Rite is available here:

Lotuses and Roses: A Sermon for the Year of Sai Mati

You may click to hear the streamed audio or right-click (control-click on Maccies) to load down the file for your ordie or music-box. If by chance the file should stream badly, please load it down.

To understand a little background to the sermon, you may wish to check the Encyclopaeadia Aristasiana article on Mantras.

A second audible Eastre Service will be held this Saturday, the 4th of Culverine (March 24th) will be at our usual meeting times:

On the west coast of North America, 4 p.m.
On the east coast of North America, 7 p.m.
In the British Isles & Portugal, 11 p.m.
In western Europe, 12 midnight.

At the White Rose Room. Membership is not necessary and all interested maids are welcomed.

Aristasian Calendar

For those who are mystified by the thirteen-month Aristasian Calendar and its various Feast Days, we are pleased to announce the new


This delightful doohickey shows the Aristasian year at a glance. You can find out how the Aristasian date for any Telurian date and vice versa, and see all the Aristasian seasons and festivals.

If you have ever been puzzled by references to the Month of Werde or the High Feast of Rosa Mundi, or wondered just when the Aristasian New Year is, this is the place to go.


Chatterbox!The Chatterbox! Opens

New Forums (Fora? No — a Fora is an Aristasian Cross!) are popping up all over at the Blue Camellia Club.

The Maiden Introductions Forum is the place to go if you are new to Aristasia and want to introduce yourself. Or if you have been about for a while and have yet to introduce yourself.

Now we have the Chatterbox! The Chatterbox! is a forum for — well, chatterboxing!

Some girls, it seems have been nervous of posting to the main Blue Camellia Forum, seeing it as a place of daunting Aristasian Perfection.

The Chatterbox! is there to break the ice. Pop in and say anything you like (within the rules of kindness and decency, of course). It doesn't matter how silly. If you wake up one morning thinking "Boing! Boing! Merry Morning!" just say it at the Chatterbox! That is what it's there for!

While you must be a member to post at the main Blue Camellia forum (but not to read it) you can pop into the Chatterbox! — or the Maiden Introductions Forum and post without registering, either as "Guest" or giving yourself any name you like. It just couldn't be easier.

So do come along and chatter!

Your Chatterbox! needs you.



Miss Martidale Miss Martindale/Aristasia Documentary Now Available

The documentary A weekend at Miss Martindale’s showing three girls visiting Aristasia and their experiences over a weekend is now available for general viewing.

You will find it here.

The Documentary places rather excessive stress on corporal punishment (which does not take place in most Aristasian households) but also gives an in-depth view of Aristasian life and attitudes.

Much talked about and previously unavailable, the documentary is well worth watching for both newcomers and established Aristasians.

Below the viewing-screen you will find a Questions-and-Answers section clarifying some of the points that arise from the documentary and explaining the actual Aristasian position on discipline and other matters.

Miss MartidaleDon't Forget: the Miss Martindale/Aristasia Documentary airs on Sunday

This documentary, screened ten years ago on national television, had an audience of well over a million in Britain. Since then it has been much discussed in and out of Aristasia, but almost impossible to get hold of.

Reactions were mixed, some thought it showed a shallow view of Aristasia; others found it enchanting and even life-changing. The discipline angle is greatly overstressed (in accordance with the public's view of Aristasia at that time), but it is portrayed quite sympathetically and Aristasian ideas are discussed in detail.

Here is an opportunity to see the film with a group of Aristasians; and, if you wish, to ask questions and discuss it - or just listen-in to the discussion.

All girls are welcome. Even if you have never come before, be assured of a warm greeting.

All you have to do is pop over to the White Rose Room (just click this link). You can sign in as a guest (it takes about three seconds) and we will do the rest.

The time of the screening is Sunday the 7th of January at 11pm GMT:

On the west coast of North America, it will be 3 p.m.
On the east coast of North America, it will be 6 p.m.
In the British Isles & Portugal, it will be 11 p.m.
In western Europe, it will be 12 midnight.
On the south-east coast of Australia it will be 10 a.m. Monday morning, in Queensland 9 a. m.

Delightful girls, delightful drinks, delightful conversation

Ten Reasons for Ten-do

The Ten-do ("Way of Heaven") console (known among the Telluri as Wii) has now been released. This tiny white box, controlled wirelessly by waving a magic wand, is a new thing. It is not simply a light-game machine in the old sense, but opens up new possibilities for virtual community. With the beautifully realised virtual terrain of Second Life becoming more untenable by the week, Ten-do may represent the future of an Aristasian Virtual Reality.

Here are ten reasons why you should be putting Ten-do at the top of your Nativity list.

1. It is the next step toward genuine Virtual Reality, translating actual body-movements into actions within a virtual environment. We shall be able to play tennis or golf with each other, or fence with virtual swords, not by pressing buttons but by participating physically.

2. It is the cheapest system on the market, costing about as much as a decent graphics card which would be needed to allow many ordinators to operate in the Second Life grid.

3. Avatars, or dolls, are incorporated into the firmware and can be stored on one's controller-wand. The concept of having one or more Virtual Personae is fundamental to the system. The hardware also contains a virtual notice-board where friends across the world can leave messages for each other and things will be announced across a group of friends - like when one of us gets a new game. Virtual Community is in the very bones of this charming system.

4. A web browser will be issued free for the first six months. This means one can participate in this club, the White Rose Room etc., through the system. Those who need an extra ordinate for Aristasian purposes (and fun) will have the necessary functionality for a fraction of the cost of an actual ordie. We hear there will even be a full implementation of Linux available, turning the tiny box into a full ordinator.

5. People are already calling this "the girls' console". Not only does this mean it is feminine-friendly, but it also means that Virtual Life, home-making and dressing-up type environments are likely to be implemented on it, since these are the kinds of programme girls like. Creating a Virtual Homeland seems a strong possibility.

6. Nintendo has patented a voice-to-text chat application. If this is implemented, Elektrachat could be easier and quicker through Ten-do than by any other means. As an additional piece of fun, it reacts to the tone of voice, so that a whisper might come out in TINY PINK text or a shout in BIG RED text.

7. It is a "level platform". However sophisticated virtual applications become they will all have to run on the basic Ten-do hardware. This makes impossible the position that has arisen with Second Life where many ordies (even those that were running it happily six months ago) are not powerful enough to run the application properly or at all. A new Ten-do is likely to be released in about five years, and if the current one is successful (which it seems it will be) it will undoubtedly build on its success, moving further into the territory of virtual reality; but until that time no new hardware purchase will be necessary.

8. Nintendo's approach (unlike that of ordinators, the X-Box etc.) is not to allow an open free-for-all in which we will be mixing with Johnny Outlander. The current system on the Déesse allows interaction with strangers, but it is limited to the exchange of set phrases. Free communication is only allowed between people who have exchanged Friend Codes. This means that we shall be able to build a protected and exclusive Aristasian Virtual Environment rather than having to carve out a territory from among the barbarians.

9. It looks like becoming wildly popular. This means that it will be well supported. Things like more sophisticated implementations of the avatars, fully-developed virtual environments, opportunities for interaction - designing our own clothes and so forth - and all the things we want are likely to develop on such a popular system which is streamlined so as to have optimum graphic power at a budget price.

10. Games. Games in the old sense aren't the main reason for Ten-do, but nearly all the charming, cutesy games are Ten-do games, rather than the shooting, warring and other mascul-things that dominate the other machines. Games are also cheaper on Ten-do, even though many of the best games (Maria, Zelda etc.) are exclusive to it. The Gamecube games such as Maria Karts and Super Monkey Ball will all play on it (so those of us who were Gamecube girls can share our older games with new Ten-do girls) and the Virtual Console will allow one to load down really old Nintendo games - the Great Classics for a few dollars each.

Ten reasons why this tiny box may house Aristasia's future Virtual Home.


New Things

With so much of the day-to-day business of Aristasia now taking place at the Blue Camellia Club, various things have been announced there that have not been announced here.

The most important of these is the new Encyclopaedia Aristasiana. This is the beginning of a huge project — no less than a complete encyclopaedia of our dear Motherland. It is a group project, and any editress can create or add to the articles. New editresses are always welcomed. New mateirial is being created for the encyclopaedia, and also we are hoping to gather the huge amounts of valuable information about the Empire that is currently buried in obscure archives. Among the first batch of articles is the fullest exposition yet of the concept of blondes and brunettes as it operates both in Aristasia Pura and Aristasia-in-Telluria.

Find the Encyclopaedia Aristasiana here

Another important new development is the release of the first Lady Carleon story to be deployed in Aristasia-in-Telluria. There have been various references over the years to the popular television and wireless series Lady Carleon Investigates but never before have Aristasians in Telluria had the chance to experience Lady Carleon's adventures in the Motherland for themselves. Now we have a full 11,000 word story plus a bonus feature: click on the wireless set in the top right-hand corner to hear a sample of the Trentish wireless programme. For those who already know a little about the Motherland, this is a wonderul introductio o some of its finer aspects, and for those who are new, it could be a rather charming starting-point. You'll find it here:

Lady Carleon Investigates: The Adventure of the Crystal Staff

There have been other things, such as two new singles release by the Oomly-Shroomly Club, but — well, we don't want to deprive you of all the joy of discovery. You'll have to have a browse about the Blue Camellia Club to find them!

The Blonde Management

Delightful girls, delightful drinks, delightful conversation

A cure for wandering blondes?Mountains

As one can see from this photograph from the late 1890s girls indeed seem to have always been climbing mountains  - but appearently these girls did not seem to find any reason not to wear proper hats and gloves, not to speak of corsets just because they found themselves 9000 feet above sea-level near Matterhorn in Switzerland.

It even appears that two brunettes by means of a simple, solid rope can bring several blondes up to such giddy hights at the same time.


Indeed — and considering the remarks some brunettes make about the difficulty of keeping blondes together on an outing, one can imagine this method finding favour even much nearer to sea-level!

Incidentally, regarding the lack of response to your last posting, we should mention that most of the chat-function of Girls' Town has now moved on to the Blue Camellia Club. There are many reasons for this — it is easier and quicker to post to, does not require a member of the Management staff to work on each posting and has amusing things like little pictures of us all!

If you want to post pictures like this one, the best way is to find a bit of web space (most Internet Service Providers give you a bit free with your account), pop up the picture and then link to it using the Img tag available when you post to the Club. That is how all the pictures get in there. This uses the power of Elaktraspace to deploy large amounts of material without putting all the strain on one central server.

Believe us, that matters. This site has just had to take out a more expensive account because of the high bandwidth taken up by its many images and large number of daily visitors.


Blue Camellia Club Back

We are happy to report that the Blue Camellia Club is now back in biusiness and ofering a free Virtual Drink to everyone who pops up there.

So whizz over to the Blue Camellia Club now!

Blonde Management

Blue Camellia : Temporary Arrangements

Regular visitors to the Blue Camellia Club will have noticed that the forum is currently unavailable. This is some sort of technical problem but since it has been going on for many hours, we are re-opening the old Blondes' and Brunettes' Club so no one will be starved of her regular dose of chatter, fun and information.

Owing to Elektra-attacks from some rather ugly bongos (see further down this page for details) the old forum has been locked for some time since our rather zippy new Club was doing the jolly old bizzums, but for a brief time (we hope!) we shall be haunting the old haunts.

Come and find us there!

Blonde Management

Delightful girls, delightful drinks, delightful conversation

Anyone for tennisAristasia and Sports

The weather has been absolutely wonderful for the last weeks, and of course that makes some of us more inclined to engage in sports and other outdoor activities.

As for myself I am a passionate long distance runner (marathons and ultra-marathons), and when I was younger I also used to take great joy in playing tennis and fencing. Now, I am wondering: What is the Aristasian approach to sports? Are some kinds of sports considered post-eclipse and/or unfeminine and hence unfit for girls, e.g. women's soccer?

Are some approaces to sports - e.g. a very competitive approach as opposed to an aesthetical approach putting more stress on style than on a winning result - considered unfit for girls?

And what about clothing? How should a girl who wants to follow traditional clothing standards dress for sport activities? If she plays tennis, should she dress somewhat like this? And would it be all right to be barelegged if you run a marathon?

I remember some time ago there was a rather impressive report from a group of girls climbing Kilimanjaro. How was their approach to this adventure in light of the foregoing?

Well, I think I have asked enough silly questions now - does anybody have an answer?



Various New Things

Much of the life of Aristasia online outside Virtualia now takes place at the Blue Camellia Club and it is there that many of the latest additions to Aristasian resources are first announced.

So, for those of you who only pop in occasionally, it seems like a good time to catch up with some of the developments.

The White Rose Garden

First of all, we are pleased to announce the latest issue of The White Rose Garden Elektramagazine. As usual the magazine contains news and photos from Aristasia-in-Virtualia as well as the latest episode of The Princess and the Captain, the new Aristasian action-adventure novel from the Silver Vixen.

The current episode, is called "Swords and Sorcery", and is an extra-super-bumper edition, so do pop over and see it.

The Nine Flags of Aristasia

Lhi Raya Chancandre Aquitaine's talk on The Nine Flags of Aristasia given at the White Rose Room is now available as an illustrated essay.

It is based on the flags of the Aristasian nations and the Imperial flags, and discusses the meaning and symbolism of the different Aristasian nations and gives a vast amount of information about the Motherland and the philosophy underlying the Aristasian Empire. Even those who thought they knew all about Aristasia will find something new here.

Those serious about Aristasian studies are advised to read it not once but several times, and those even slightly interested in Aristasia should certainly pop over and take a look.

The Frozzer Song

Aristasia's finest mushroom choir — we refer to none other than the Choir of the Ooomly-Shroomly Club have made another successful recording, this time of The Frozzer Song: an affecting piece inspired by a recent Aristasian visit to Paris, in which much time was spent in a frozzerage (that is a French police station — Frozzer = Froggy Rozzer).

The tender lyric is perhaps to well known to need repeating here, but in case any should not be familiar with it, we transcribe it anyway.

Frozzing in the capital of France
Leading all the criminals a dance
Frozzing in the night,
Frozzing in the day,
Frozzing till the criminals have all been Frozzed away.
Frozzing in the capital of France.

However the song cannot be appreciated in all its beauty until one has heard it sung by the delicate voices of the nocturnal fungi, so do pop over and hear it. You will also find links to a number of other Aristasian sound recordings, serious and not-so-serious.

—Tellurian Edition

A Novarian ISIS officer in Virtualia

Testosterone Terrorists Sent Packing

There is more to last night's deliberately planned mass attack on Aristasian Elektraspace than was reported in yesterday's Morning Letter.

The White Rose Room was for a time flooded with semi-literates spouting obscenities and accusations including such rapier-like witticisms as:


and many things that cannot be repeated in mixed company - or even in unmixed company come to that.

Fortunately our Virtual Warrors were on the job (see picture). Avenging Angel appeared on the list of people present in the room and the neanderthals started "leaving the room". One of them observed:

"hey were being baned one at a time"

And soon the room was empty save for a few human beings.

Meanwhile even the old Blondes' and Brunettes' Club had been attacked and was full of misspelled messages by people who think grammar is an elderly relative, spewing out hate for the Motherland and praise for obscenity and masculinity.

How revealing that the two things go together in these people's "minds".

The mental processes of the testosterone terrorist are fascinating. These people might have been designed by Freud.

Or do I mean Darwin?

Lady Aquila commented at the Blue Camellia Club:

This never was a game. There is a war on.

In Telluria the Forces of Darkness have declared war on femininity and beauty and order and goodness; and up till now they have had things very much their own way.

We represent femininity and light and the Golden Order. On the spiritual level this is bound to stir up a hornet's nest.

As Miss Vargas says, it is because we are good that the Forces of Darkness are so hateful toward us.

We are on the side of the angels. We cannot expect the devil to like us.

But ISIS* is watching over you.

*ISIS — the Imperial Security and Intelligence Service

—Tellurian Edition

But the Empire Marches On

The forces of Darkness have been in full force this weekend with a masive attack on the Blue Camellia Club and the theft of Bluebird, the Embassy's Triumph Herald from outside the Aristasian Embassy in London.

The two incidents, while clearly not connected in a material sense (they were not planned by the same people, one group being thuggish criminals and the other being sex-obsessed bongos of a particularly unintelligent sort) are clearly part of the same aethyric assault. The "coincidence" of the two attacks clearly shows how the type-3s with "opinions of their own" are really only puppets of forces they cannot understand or imagine.

The first attack involved the theft of the up-to-date Embassy car from outside the Embassy by uncouth ruffians who threatened a mechanic with phyical violence.

We are pleased to report that the main perpetrator is currently in police custody facing a number of charges connected with automobile crimes. The car, unfortunately has yet to be recovered and may be permanently lost.

The second attack involved the flooding of the Blue Camellia Club with obscenities, male-supremacist comments and sophomoric bits of undergraduate political wisdom by a group of semi-educated fetish types.

At one point 73 individuals were logged on at the Club posting obscenities as fast as we could delete them in what was clearly a planned attack. Posting at the Club is currently restricted to registered members.

As usual, the fact that the Forces of Darkness go to such lengths to attack us only convinces us that we must be doing something right.

The dogs bark, but the Empire marches on.

Delightful girls, delightful drinks, delightful conversation

Another Sunday, Another Easter

For those of you — like me — who thought Easter was a week or two ago at the Aristasian new year, those cheeky Tellurians have surprised us by having another one!

It happened yesterday. They had eggs and things just like — well, just like Easter really.

Not that I am complaining two New Years, two Easters: the more the merrier.

And we had a very merry time in the Virtual Embassy garden where my darling cousin hid virtual bunnies (complete with virtual carrots) for us to hunt.

Here are some pictures of the little darlings!

It was an exciting Sunday all round, with lhi Raya giving another of her wonderful audible talks at the White Rose Room, this time on the Seven Flags of the Aristasian Nations which told us a lot about the meanings not only of the flags but of the nations themselves and the Angels that rule them. Everything is connected in Aristasia!

Lhi Raya promises that her talk will soon be available in Elekraspace as a full-scale illustrated essay. In the mean time, if you would like to see the flags together with a map of Aristasia (apparently the map isn't super-accurate, but it gives an idea of where the nations are in relation one to another), do look here.

With Deutoroeastery love,

Sushuri Madonna

—Virtualia Edition

This Year of Sai Vikhë

Aristasia-in-Virtualia has celebrated its first New Year.

Part of the fun of being an Aristasian is having two New Years to celebrate. Everyone celebrates the "secular" New Year on January the first, but everyone knows that the real New Year — the one that sets the character of things to come over the next twelve months — is the one that begins on the First of Culverine (21st of March).

Perhaps it is the Aristasian calendar's curious feature of having one day (occasionally two) that is not part either of the old or the new year — a day when the world officially does not exist and when Aristasians try not to mention the existence of a future — that gives the rebirth of the year such a tremendous potency. Whatever it is, the New Year for Aristasians has that kind of ritual efficacy that has been almost entirely lost in the Tellurian West.

This New Year was celebrated with the first ever audible Service in Virtual Aristasia. Previous Services have been conducted through text input. This one was held in the upper floor of the Aristasian Embassy in Virtualia, which has been converted into a chapel, while the sound was broadcast through the White Rose Room.

Since Virtualia puts considerable strain on some ordinators, it was also possible to participate in the Service entirely through the White Rose Room. About half the participants were in Virtualia (pictured here) while the others participated through sound-and-text in the White Rose Room only.

Through the Service we partook in the timeless Events of the Daughter's Sacrifice and the Mother's destruction of the Gates of Hell, and experienced the rebirth of the world through the rebirth of the Daughter.

Lhi Raya Chancandre Aquitaine spoke on the significance of this Year of Sai Vikhë — this year begins on Tuesday and each of its months begins on a Tuesday. It is governed by the ruling Janya of Tuesday, Sai Vikhë, who rules courage and combat and all matters knightly and military. She had warned in a talk late in the old year of Sai Candrë that this year might bring an intensification of the conflict with the Forces of darkness that we have seen since the beginning of Operation Bridgehead and also that it would be a year of greater discipline for committed Aristasians.

At the Service, she told how the true Holy war is the war within us against the spiritual forces of darkness and how the establishment by Aristasia Pura of a Bridgehead in Telluria is part of a war that is not physical and material but spiritual. She likened the coming of Aristasia into the darkness of late-patriarchal Telluria to the descent of the Daughter into Hell, bringing the Light of the Mother even into the darkest places of the universe.

The year had begun literally with a bang when Takashi-san and Miss Sushuri Madonna had been attacked with a virtual bomb in the first hours of the year. Lhi Raya suggested that this indicated the martial nature of the year.

We were all delighted to see Lieutenant Fiona Gregoire at the Service, for she has been kept from us in recent weeks by numerous problems — including being banned from Virtualia through no fault of her own (she had been defending an innocent girl against obscene harassment and was forced to use weapons in response to an armed assault — all parties were banned while the case was under investigation). Seeing our Head of Security back in action on the first day of the year felt like a first taste of Sai Vikhë's victory over the Forces of Darkness.

The New Year has begun and Sai Vikhë's governance is over us — though of course all the other Janyati are also with us. It is a year in which all of us, blonde and brunette, must play our part, be neat and disciplined, be firm against the Forces of Darkness and strive always, as they said at my school in Novaria, to be good little Knights of the Motherland

Delightful girls, delightful drinks, delightful conversation

The New Year Begins!

The strange and dark day between the years has ended and the new Year of Sai Vikhë has begun.

We welcome the year 3326 of the Celestial Empire.

In fact the year began with something of a bang. I arose very early, having gone to bed very early. I had work to do for lhi Raya and since Hiatus is an inauspicious day I felt that an early New Year start would be better.

After doing some work I popped into Virtualia where dear Takashi-san was working on a veil for lhi Raya to wear at the Service tonight. While we were examining and discussing it thee was a bang, and explosion of re fire and a great deal of smoke, after which we found ourselves in a different place. We had been bombed, or as the local colloquial appears to have it, kerploded.

It seemed a somehow appropriate start to the Year of Sai Vikhë. I wonder if it indicates that this will be a year of combat.

The upper floor of the Embassy has been converted into a beautiful chapel (see picture) by Miss Calista and we shall be having the Service today (Tuesday 1st Culverine/21st March) at 7 p.m. Pacific Time, 10 p.m. Eastern, 3 a.m. (Wednesday) GMT, 4 a.m. Western Europe. Of course, since Aristasian years start at dawn it will in fact be Tuesday by Aristasian reckoning in all territories.

We apologise to Europeans for the awkward time. We shall probably be having an early sleep and then awakening for the Service.

This will be our first ever audible Virtual Service, and also the first Service according to the Filianic Rite. We hope you will all be able to attend this important occasion.

It will be held simultaneously on the upper floor of the Embassy and at the White Rose Room. Sound will come through the White Rose Room, so please register your profile there. If you cannot get into Virtualia, simply attend at the White Rose Room. Full participation will be possible there.

To learn more about the meaning of the Aristasian New Year, please listen to lhi Raya's talk here.

We look forward to seeing you.

Sushuri Madonna


Lhi Raya Speaks on the New Year

Many of you missed lhi Raya Chancandre's talk on the New Year last Sunday. She spoke for some two hours and answered various questions. While we have not recorded the entire session, we hope to present some of the more central parts in recorded form.

Our first selection is her initial talk on the nature and meaning of the Aristasian New Year and Easter.

Just click here to hear it

[If you can't play the speech at first, please wait for it to load fully]

Lhi Raya begins by explaining the why she is discussing the new year "in principle" rather than "in general". Unfortunately the beginning of this was lost, but the meaning very quickly becomes clear.

This talk is the perfect introduction for those who wish to know about the Aristasian New Year which begins next week and the meaning of Aristasian Easter which falls at the same time.

White Roses

New Year and Easter Service

A Service for the New Year will be held on Tuesday 21st March (1st Culverine) at 7 p.m. Pacific Time, 10 p.m. Eastern, 3 a.m. (Wednesday) GMT, 4 a.m. Western Europe.

This will be the official beginning of virtual Aristasian events for the new year 3326.

The Service will be held on the upper floor of the new Aristasian Embassy in Virtualia and simultaneously in the White Rose Room. It will be an audible Service, so those attending in Virtualia must also have the White Rose Room open and have registered a profile there. Those without access to Virtualia may attend at the White Rose Room only.

Those who attended Sunday's lecture will have heard lhi Raya Chancandre explaining about the meaning of the New Year in principle and of this coming Year of Sai Vikhe in Aristasia. We shall try to make sound files available for those who missed the lecture.

Anyone who wishes to have help with setting things up, wishes to ask about Aristasian New Year and related matters (or wants to chat about anything else, of course) can visit our regular Sunday meeting on the last day of the year: Sunday the 19th of March (28th Moura) at 11pm GMT, 3pm Pacific Time, 6pm Eastern Time 12 Midnight Western Europe.

May Dea bless you all

White Roses

Coming Events at the White Rose Room

Lhi Raya Chancandre Aquitaine will be speaking (audibly) about the Aristasian New year and related matters on Sunday the 12th of March at 11pm GMT, 3pm Pacific Time, 6pm Eastern Time 12 Midnight Western Europe. At the White Rose Room.

All girls interested in Aristasia are welcome. Please register a profile at the White Rose Room in advance in order to receive sound. This is free and very simple.

Lhi Raya will be talking both about the philosophy and spirituality of the Aristasian new year and about the coming Year of Sai Vikhë in Virtualia. It will be a good opportunity to meet lhi Raya and ask any questions you may have.

We are planning to start a regular kinema evening soon, showing the adorable Maria Sama ga Miteru from the beginning. Watch this space for more details.

Our next White-Rose "at home" will be tomorrow, Sunday the 5th of March (Med-Moura) at 11pm GMT, 3pm Pacific Time, 6pm Eastern Time 12 Midnight Western Europe. At the White Rose Room.

No specific event, but if you wish to pop in and meet us, please do.

Blonde Management

Eos by Evelyn de MorganAristasian New Year, Easter and other Things

We are now well advanced in the first half of Moura. Med-Moura is on the 14th of Moura (March 5th). On this day all Moura disciplines you may have undertaken are waived. It is also the traditional day for honouring mothers, mistresses and other "intimate superiors".

Normally there will be a celebration on this day, doubtless involving chocolate, alcohol, meat or whatever things have been given up during Moura.

The last day of the year is the 28th of Moura (19th March). For Filianists this is the day of the Daughter's death. Non-filianic Deanists usually regard it as he day of the "Inbreathing of Time" when the universe comes to an end and is breathed back into the Dark (i.e. unseen) Mother. As always this is primarily a matter of perspective rather than a "disagreement". Non-Filianic Deanists are normally happy to attend Filianic Services and vice versa.

The following day is the Hiatus. In the Tellurian Calendar it is March the 20th but in the Aristasian calendar it has no date, for this is the day outside the year. Filianists veil all statues and pictures of Dea on this day. Very traditional Aristasians reduce all activity to a minimum on Hiatus, and it is generally considered ill advised for anyone to begin any important project or activity on this day.

Culverine the first (March 21st) is the first day of the New Year. Whether you call it New Year or Easter depends on how Filianic you are. It is, of course both.

Easter is one of the most fundamental names of Dea as bringer of Spring and Dawn. In Telluria the name derives directly from Teutonic Eostre (goddess of spring and dawn) who is the same as Greek Eos, Sanskrit Ushas, Semitic Ishtar/Esther. In the Hellenic and Indian traditions, Eos/Ushas was among the most important aspects of Dea worshipped before the mascuinised pantheons came into being.

For Filianists Easter is the Resurrection of the Daughter. For Deanists the emphasis falls more on the creation of the world - the New Year being a microcosm of the Historical Cycle, and the Historical Cycle itself being a microcosm of the Day of Time - that is, the entire course of Cosmic Manifestation. The Night of Time is represented by Hiatus.

In either perspective Easter/New Year is a time of rebirth and revitalisation. As the resurrected Daughter walks over the barren earth, flowers grow at Her every step and the world becomes fruitful again.

I wish you a happy Med-Moura, a happy Easter and a happy New Year!

Chancandre Aquitaine


—Virtualia Edition

Like a Phoenix from the Flames!

New Aristasian Embassy Established in Virtualia

High on a hilltop in Grace proudly stands the new centre of Aristasia-in-Virtualia.

It is both a tribute to the tenacity of Aristasia and a sign of things to come.

The new Aristasian Embassy was established in its final location yesterday after many tribulations.

When the former Embassy and the whole surrounding area, including the Chapel of the Tower, was levelled some weeks ago, the Maison Sainte Anne complex took on the function of temporary Aristasian Consulate. While Maison Sainte Anne will continue to function as a retreat centre and Chapel, Ambassadorial functions are now transferred to the new Embassy.

We are proud to report that the Aristasian ministry in Virtualia has continued without a break of a single day despite every attempt of the Forces of Darkness to stop it in its tracks.

The new Embassy has been established by the valiant efforts of its Seneschal, Miss Calista Elytis (pictured on the steps of the building). The land was acquired short time ago and there was a rather charming meeting there one night recalling the early days of Aristasia-in-Virtualia when girls met perched on walls in public parks.

On this occasion a group of mushroom chairs and tables (a feature of the old Embassy and to be seen in the corner of the garden at the new) were set up on the empty lot with a gramophone and a rather charming Japanese screen. A rare photograph of this (literally) ephemeral proto-Embassy may be seen below.

With the return of other Embassy girls from Bohemia, the design for the new Embassy was chosen and Miss Elytis began to establish it on the site prepared for it, just across the way from Maison Ste. Anne.

Unfortunately she ran into objections that the building was too large and dominated the area (no Aristasian venture ever seems to lack some attempt to stop it) and after some rather distressing attempts to re-size it, a new site was found: one which we feel is even more suitable; high on a mountainside with a wonderful view over the valley, and where beautiful sunsets over the sea can be watched from the great one-way rose-window on the upper storey — or even from the columned balcony in front of it.

Lovely stained glass windows add to the Abassadorial grandeur of the building, and Miss Elytis has begun creating a lovely walled garden with pond and trees. Her experience in creating her beautiful tea-house is standing her in good stead here!

The furnishing of the interior has yet to begin in earnest, but plans are to use the downstairs area as the Embassy reception hall for welcoming newcomers and holding some functions, while the upstairs will be a versatile event-chamber whose functions will vary from that of a tea-room to a dance-hall to simply a place to sit and watch the sunrise with a few friends.

Yet grander plans for entire Aristasian areas lie in the future. But at present, with the new Embassy, Aristasia-in-Virtualia is ready to start the Arisasian New Year, which begins next month, in high style.

Note: Embassy Seneschal, Miss Calista Elytis, would be deliriously happy to receive donations towards the upkeep of the Embassy.


—Illustrated Weekend Supplement —

The Charm of Aristasia-in-Virtualia

Tea and Symphony

Sometimes it sounds as if the news from Virtualia is all bad.

It isn't at all!

Of course it is the big disasters that make the news, but meanwhile, life goes on, as delightful as ever.

This week, my cousin Calista acquired a beautiful garden with a Japanese-style tea-house and several parties of Aristasians have spent happy hours there talking over steaming cups of matcha.

The picture here, I feel, displays beautifully the civilised eclecticism of Aristasia-in-Virtualia. Three girls kneel in kimonos, while Miss Thorn Gregoire (foreground right) displays her latest Vintesse creation. Miss Thorn is a promising new Virtual dress-designer.

The clean, classical, elegantly austere Vintesse lines blend perfectly with the purity of the tea-house and the kimonos, creating a delightful harmony of Estrenne and Westrenne beauty.

Here is the tea-house from the outside. Miss Calista, with the invaluable help of Miss Hyasynth Tiramisu has surrounded the garden with ivied walls, made a delightful pond, complete with swimming fish, and planted trees, whose branches sway gently in the virtual breeze.

Lanterns hang from the trees, and a gramophone is available for musical entertainment (it streams real music, apparently, though we haven't quite learned how to work it yet).

To add to the eclectic charm, a traditional Vintesse-designed British telephone-booth stands in one corner of the garden giving something of the piquant effect of the famous Narnian lamp-post.

Amid the wild melée of appearing and disappearing Aristasian buildings (someone suggested that we need a Lost Property Office), Miss Calista's tea-house and quiet garden seem, although they are very new, a place of tranquility where one can easily forget that there is an aethyric war on.


Tranquility is not always the keynote of Aristasia-in-Virtualia. There is quite a lot of delightful silliness. Like the time (it was yesterday) I lost my telegram-box. That is a box one uses to type "Instant Messages" to people who are in Virtualia but not nearby.

Anyway, I managed to drag mine practically out of the SL window and I could not get it back. Even when I restarted it was still obstinately stuck out there and I could not send wires.

I said that I should need a super-long Elektra-tweezer to get it back, and within a few moments, Lieutenant Fiona handed me an object called "Super-long Elektra-tweezer". Lt Fiona is fast becoming an expert in the art of Virtual Creation, and has begun a new company called

Here is a picture of me holding it in the new ATC building!

Lt Fiona is fast becoming a mistress of the art of Virtual Creation, and has begun a new company called Starry Iris, selling virtual religious supplies. I hope to feature her gorgeous Golden Dome Pagoda shrine in a future article for this newspaper.

Oh and I did get my telegram-box back evench!

Skin Deep — but Still Beautiful!

Hair was the fashion-item of the moment a few weeks ago, as my loyal readers will remember. Today it is skin. And Eyes! Recently Miss Hyasynth was kind enough to take me to an Anime Eye-shop and gave me money to choose any eyes I wanted. I bought large Anemone Baby Blue Eyes, which I simply adore.

A skin is a thing that defines one's whole face — texture, lip-rouge, eyes, contour. It is simply a marvelous invention. Our virtual selves become more beautiful day by day as we find more ways to improve them.

I accompanied my Great Cousin and Miss Drusilla to a shop called PixelDolls which specialises in beautiful skins, and Cousin Calista bought a skin that suits her so perfectly it is almost beyond belief.

Here she is back in the Garden of Tranquility with her delightful new skin. Can she be improved any further or is this the Ultimate Cousin Calista? Who can say, as Aristasia-in-Virtualia becomes more beautiful with every passing day?

Behind her stands our most elegant prefect, Miss Drusilla Echegaray (of "dour and hovering" fame). She too has a new skin and looks anything but dour.

We persuaded her to pose for a photograph by the lovely tree that grows by the tea-house. As we stood together, Cousin Calista said:

"You know what we look like? We look like a family."

She was so right. Brunette Mummie, Blonde Mummie and a small winged blonde.

"Why winged?"

"We don't know. She just came out of the egg that way. A touch curious, but we love her."

I suppose brunettes don't get all sentimental about these things.

So, no news at all. Just a day in Virtual Aristasia full of things like:

Green tea and tranquility

Giant tweezers and hilarity

Shopping-trips and beautiful skins

Anime eyes and angel-wings

And charming thoughts of blonde and brunette families that might be

And love, and friendship and more green tea.

And that, aside from all the comings and goings, the buildings that are taken from us and the new ones we build; that is Aristasia-in-Virtualia.

It is a rather lovely place.

We shall see you there soon. shan't we?

—Virtualia Edition—

Further Moves in Virtualia

It was a moonless night when the Lieutenant broke the news to me.

The great Aristasian Trading Company Building, acquired in the wake of the loss of the Embassy, was also going the way of all pixels. It seemed the owner was moving to an island and liquidating mainland properties. At least this time we did not just wake up one morning to find it gone.

“Where shall we go now?” I asked. Without a word the Lieutenant teleported me through the star-pierced sky. Was it a hundred miles or a thousand? I couldn't tell.

When I landed the air was warmer. We were in what seemed like a Louisiana bayou. I looked at the Southern-style house.

“This is it,” she said.

“You move fast, Lieutenant.”

“We have to. So does the enemy.”

She was right. We were still reeling from the destruction of the Embassy, Chapel and Administrative Office when NeoVictoria fell. Technical problems, illnesses, loss of premises. The campaign had been relentless ever since Nativity. Whatever aethyric structure we are building in Virtualia (and perhaps only our aethyric mistresses know for sure), the enemy certainly doesn't want it built.

We looked over the house together. It is as big as the original ATC, though not as grand looking. It has a special charm of its own though, even by starlight.

It will be a fine place to make a headquarters while the Commander matures her plans.

The enemy doesn't make all the moves.

First Virtual Lecture

Last night, Lhi Raya Ulalua Serendra inaugurated the Aristasian Virtual Education Initiative with the first audible lecture.

The White Rose Room was converted into a classroom for the evening, and although we could not see each other, we could hear lhi Raya.

That was something of a minor miracle, since a particularly nasty virus, affecting throat and chest has been sweeping the District. In the morning she was scarcely able to talk, but with strong medicines and stronger willpower she managed to talk for two hours, outlining plans for Aristasian Virtual Education and giving an introductory lesson on the Aristasian philosophy of language.

Despite the fact that we could not see each other, a visual display was arranged by Destiny Angel, allowing lhi Raya to illustrate her talk with certain fundamental Japanese kanji and discuss their universal metaphysical significance.

A dozen girls crowded into the small classroom and others sent their apologies for being unable to attend.

Miss Drusilla Echegaray acted as Monitress (she already holds the rank of Prefect) and is expected to publish the Merits List for the class shortly.

Fashion and Gossip

Miss Drusilla Echegaray, following her appearance at class, made a rare foray into Visible Virtualia, and is shown above as the Protective Brunette Presence guarding one of her blonde charges. As the photographs were taken she asked: “Will that do? I shouldn't want to be taken for anything less than a dour figure hovering in the background of Aristasia-in-Virtualia!”

She is wearing a delightful outfit made by Miss Hyasynth Tiramisu. This is one of a line of clothes based on the Quirrie “Teddy-Girl” style adopted by certain young Rough Brunettes in the Province. As you can see, Miss Hyasynth has re-married the style with its original Arcadian inspiration (Teddy = Edwardian), creating something stunningly stylish.

For comparison we show a real Tedde from Maryhill, Quirinelle.Which one makes you swoon, blondies?


Our First Audible Event

After some disappointing results earlier in the week, we finally seem to have the sound problem solved. Sound tests today and yesterday were — if I dare say so — a resounding success. Testers report that one could be heard as if one were in the same room - even down to the creaking of one's ancient office chair.

We therefore propose to hold our first Open Lecture on Sunday the 12th of February at 11pm GMT, 3pm Pacific Time, 6pm Eastern Time 12 Midnight Western Europe.

We shall be outlining current plans for Virtual Aristasian Education and will begin the programme with a talk on the nature of language.

Points to Note

1: The Great Aristasian Virtual Education project will begin here. The school is yet a way off, but first merits may be earned at this lecture. If you wish to be involved from the beginning, please attend. If you cannot make this time, please post at the Club to say so.

2: The lecture will be held in the White Rose Room.

You must register your profile at the White Rose Room in advance. Unregistered users cannot receive sound.

Registration is free and will entitle you to receive the White Rose Garden magazine which is reserved for White Roses. Please register in advance of the lecture.

3: If you have problems or if you wish to ask questions before the lecture, please post at the Club.

4: All females with a genuine interest in Aristasia are welcome.

This will be our first audible event and yet another landmark in the creation of Virtual Aristasia. We look forward to seeing you there.

Ulalua Serendra

Aristasia, Bridgehead and the “Culveria” Fallacy

As Operation Bridgehead continues to establish the Virtual Reality of Aristasia, we are pleased to present another essay clarifying some vital aspects of the Motherland.

While this essay sets out to address some very particular questions it also clarifies, in a truly inspiring and uplifting way, precisely what Aristasia-in-Telluria is, and how very blessed we are to be Children of the Empire.

Please Read Aristasia, Bridgehead and the "Culveria" Fallacy.

Blonde Management

—Virtualia Edition—

Forces of Darkness Fail to Stop the Light

Feast of Lights Service Held Despite Aethyric Opposition

The second Virtual Service was held in Aristasia-in-Virtualia yesterday and once again the Forces of Darkness went all-out to prevent it.

The Service was held on the upper floor of the Aristasian Trading Company building after the recent destruction of the Chapel of the Tower along with the Aristasian Embassy in Virtualia. Two Services were in fact scheduled, but just before the first, the Very Reverend Fiona Gregoire, who was to conduct it, experienced the complete failure of her Second Life software. On attempting to re-install it she found she was infected with a Trojan horse virus and had to run a system scan taking some two hours.

The first Service was thus prevented from taking place. Fortunately a second Service had already been scheduled. This went according to plan, despite some technical problems: and just as the last words of the Service were spoken — precisely at that moment, without time for a single extra word — the SL grid went down and we were unceremoniously ejected from our temporary place of worship.

Fortunately the trusty White Rose Room was standing by, which was partly why it was founded - to guard against the vagaries of Virtualia and give a second pillar to our Elektraconviviality.

Miss Sushuri Madonna commented: " The Forces of darkness really seem to hate our Virtual Services, which makes one feel we must be doing something right!"

Rather appropriately we found ourselves reminded of a phrase quoted twice in the Service:

The darkness cannot overcome the light.

The Service itself was beautiful, with readings from the Daughter's Taking on of Fate and the Book of Esther from the Bible. The Very Reverend Fiona Gregoire gave a beautiful homily in which she indicated the Filianic significance of the Book of Esther. The name Esther itself is a Hebraised form of Ishtar Who is named Inanna both in Sumerian and Filianic texts, and Esther herself is a type of the self-sacrificing Daughter and Redeemer of humanity (in this case represented by the Jewish people).

Virtual candles were distributed among the congregation and were blessed, even as true waxen candles are blessed by many Aristasian households on this Feast of Lights.


—Virtualia Edition—

Aristasia-in-Virtualia Bounces Back!

After the sudden destruction of the Aristasian Embassy in virtualia, along with other installations, including the Chapel of the Tower, new initiatives are already under way.

Lt. Fiona Gregoire, undaunted by the onslaught of the Forces of Darkness both in Virtualia and in her Tellurian ministry, has established the Aristasian Trading Company.

The following announcement appeared today at the Blondes' and Brunettes' Club:

Aristasian Trading Company takes shape

The Aristasian Trading Company recently leased a building overlooking a scenic Linden Dam in Sutherland, right next to Miss Jessica Ornitz's Factotum Dicassel (she has opened a larger shop there upon the recent demise of NeoVictoria).

The company plans to operate a retail shop carrying a line of up-to-date virtual clothing (for your SL avatars!) as well as initially a small selection of books and artistic objects.

You can obtain a free landmark for teleporting from the information pole at the Maison Sainte-Anne.

Lt. Fiona Gregoire
for the Aristasian Trading Company, Sutherland

Miss Sushuri Madonna reports:

I was at the new ATC building yesterday, and I must say my breath was quite taken away by its austere grandeur. This fine building is perched high in the mountains.

The great granite chambers and stairways are most impressive, and the golden spiral column from the Old Embassy, representing the World Axis, runs through both floors of the building.

The helipad on the roof was the scene yesterday of a meeting which may presage far greater developments in the future of Aristasia-in-Virtualia.

Operation Bridgehead marches on!

—Virtualia Edition—

Disaster — Aristasian Embassy Destroyed!

We awoke this morning to find the Embassy gone.

Completely and permanently gone. Here you see Embassy hostess Sushuri Madonna surveying the desolation that was only yesterday a thriving and beautiful quarter of Pickerel.

Not only the Embassy has been demolished, but the whole charming area of NeoVictoria in which the Embassy is sited - which, of course included also the Chapel and the Office.

It seems the ultimate owner of the area, one Lallander Parvenu (known privately in local Aristasian circles as Sir Jasper), was a more ruthless property speculator than even we had guessed. Without warning he has sold the whole area and had it cleared overnight; existing rental contracts notwithstanding.

Miss Jessica Ornitz and Miss Hyasynth Tiramisu, who built NeoVictoria from the wilderness of early Pickerel leased the land from Sir Jasper, who, it seems, was merely allowing them to play with it and build its popularity until the price rose enough to sell it out from under them at a large profit.

The Forces of Darkness continue to attack Aristasia in many forms. Just as we were preparing to institute a full programme of events and meetings - particularly in view of the difficulties some girls have been experiencing in making contact - we find ourselves Embassy-less.

Fortunately, Lt. Fiona Gregoire, our security officer and chaplain, had the foresight to establish premises outside Sir Jasper's grasp. The maison Ste.Anne in Grace, just over the mountain from the former Embassy has provided a conference and retreat centre for Aristasia (our New Year fireworks party was held there earlier this month).

Maison Ste. Anne will now house the temporary Aristasian Consulate while we regroup after this latest attack and plan new and better Aristasian installations. Please continue to visit us both in Virtualia and at the White Rose Room. Remember - just run the room in the background until a White Rose appears!

We shall be posting a schedule of definite meeting-times very soon. Plans to establish a Council of Rosemaidens are also continuing. Attacks will not stop us. They won't even slow us down!

White Roses


How to get Involved in Aristasia

Until recently, getting involved with Aristasia was difficult. You had to live near an Aristasian District. Now it is easy. Participation in the life of the Motherland is as near as your monitor screen.

But does it mean all sorts of technical complexities?

Not a bit of it. To get involved at the most basic level, all you need is a web browser. You can even do it from a library or café.

Just one click will bring you into real-time conversation with Aristasians and make the first step into Aristasian life. It is simple, safe and free.

Go here to find out how to begin the greatest adventure of your life.

The blonde Management

Blondies Pose, Brunettes Blast Pirates...

...and some brunettes pose too!

What else can we be referring to but the new White Rose Garden — our Virtual Magazine.

Issue 3 is now out with pictures of the latest Embassy Poseuses, Chapter 3 of The Princess and the Captain which features a fierce battle with slaving aethyr-pirates. And who managed to delete the Aristasian Embassy temporarily off the face of the map? You'll find out in Garden Gossip!

And as a special treat for those who aren't White Roses, this is an Open Issue. Yes everyone can get it. Just pop over here and see what you are usually missing.

There are good reasons for keeping The White Rose Garden exclusive to Virtualia, not least being the future publication status of The Princess and the Captain but remember that if for any reason you can't get into full-scale Virtualia, anyone with a web browser can enter The White Rose Room. We recommend you run this minimal web-application in the background until one of the Roses pops in. The Rose Room is there so no one need be excluded.

In the meantime, enjoy our open issue of The White Rose Garden Virtual Magazine.

White Roses

Delightful girls, delightful drinks, delightful conversation

Wireless Wonders

It is a bit late, I suppose, but I just must show you my Nativity present.

It is a beautiful portable Bush wireless set made exactly like the 1952 model except that it receives FM broadcasts. What good is that? You may ask. It may look pretty but it only receives bongo programmes.

Well that is where another present comes in. You will see my pink Music Box which my dear cousin gave me for my birthday. Well the little black and white doohickey beside it is a miniature transmitter. It plugs into the Music Box and then the wireless can pick it up on FM.

This way we can hear a continual stream of up-to-date music and spoken programmes, like Toytown and even a Quirrie panel game like Many a Slip with the charming Lady Isobel Barnett.

The broadcasters come from the Far East and are very cheap on Elektrabay, and one can broadcast from an Ordinator (or most other sound-sources). So if you want to pick one up plus a real-looking wireless (there are several about, though few as splendid as this one) you too can have real wireless in your hestia.

Princess Mushroom

Happy New Year from Aristasia

Support OUR troops!

Delightful girls, delightful drinks, delightful conversation

Have we Changed?

First, white tennis balls can be bought here. I notice they were mentioned more than once in the archives.

Second, I'm feeling disappointed I didn't come across your sites sooner. The older pages are lovely, but more recently it's nothing but this VR stuff, which
really doesn't interest me. I would love to participate in a site like you apparently used to have. Please tell me you're going to resume that in the future at some point!

Thank you,


Actually I don't think much has really changed. The site was quite slow before, and now there is a lot of Virtual activity, so it is filling this page, but we are still doing all the things we used to do. There are new essays, audio-files, Nativity cards (at the Lipstick Theatre) and other treats appearing pretty frequently though I confess several have been announced only at the Club over the last few months. It is certainly true that much of the activity that used to take place at Girls' Town now takes place at the Club. But that really isn't connected with the Virtualia Initiative. We have simply found the Club to be faster and more flexible and allow freer access.

So if you want to participate, may I suggest that you post at the Club? You are welcome to post here, of course, but the Club is busier these days.

Also, don't be too worried by the term "Virtual Reality", it really only is a way for us to associate together and increase participation; and it is working! I would definitely suggest that you visit the White Rose Room which really isn't at all scary or "virtual", but lets one meet other Aristasia Friends and chat together. Don't worry — we don't get the "how r u?" and "lol" brigade. It is a very civilised place!

But I assure you that any way you would have liked to participate in the past is still open to you now. Your contributions are welcomed and will help make Aristasia-in -Elektraspace richer.


New Year's Announcement

The White Rose Room is now open

As of the First of January 2006 (3325), we are pleased to announce a new virtual place for Aristasians to gather and a new adjunct to Aristasia-n-Virtualia.

The White Rose Room will serve many functions both as an alternative and a supplement to the burgeoning activities of Virtualia. New gils especially will find a place that they can visit easily and meet Arstasians without having to engage in any complicated loadings-down or installaions. Just press the button and there it is.

It is web-based and can be used in libraries, schools and other ordinators where one cannot install software. It is small and takes up few system resources, so it can run happoily in the background of other work. Even an old ordinator with a dial-up connexion can take you to the White Rose Room.

At the same time (while most chat will still be type-based) it can support audio and video connexions and so can be used alongside Virtualia for lessons, lectures, services etc.

We recommend new girls to come to the White Rose Room to make first contact with Aristasians — and we recommend established more Aristasians to keep the programme open in a window, to be ready for conviviality and to greet our visitors.

Loking forward to a cordial and chattier than-ever New Year,

The Blonde Management

Delightful girls, delightful drinks, delightful conversation

Happy New Year

A big happy new year to all you wonderful pettes!

And it really is a happy start! Virtual Aristasia is growing and developing by leaps and bounds. In addition to the Embassy and the Security HQ across the square, we now have the Chapel of the Tower and a new Conference/Retreat Centre.

Operation Bridgehead — the establishment of a Bridgehead in Telluria by Aristasia Pura — is proceeding wonderfully well. The official granting of the Imperial Solar Standard for use in Telluria was perhaps the proudest moment of the past year.

The Forces of Darkness were certainly stirred up by this. Not really surprising as Telluria in the late Iron-Age has become one of the most extreme-masculist, anti-feminine places in the universe! The incursion of a force hat is its very opposite has really created opposition on the subtle level, though the forms it has taken have not always been subtle.

At Nativity we had our first ever Virtual Service. It was held in the Chapel of the Tower and marks a very important new epoch. The Forces of Darkness clearly though so too. One girl was prevented from attending by ordinator problems, I was rudely ejected from the Chapel twice by technical difficulties and in the next few days sudden and unprecedented technical difficulties hit various parts of Aristasia. My own hard drive crashed and required complete re-formatting, involving days or re-setting up; another girl's hard drive exploded completely; one of the Aristasian servers went down — well, my Mummie always said the Forces of Darkness can attack through machines.

But that isn't the only way they attacked. At the same time that my ordinator was being beaten up some creature in Virtualia was defacing the Aristasian Solar Standard flying outside our new Conference Centre in the mountains. The same assailant struck again the next day, stealing the banners. This person it transpires, identifies himself as a Sith —a term which I am told comes from a Tellurian film and refers to a follower of "the dark side of the Force". This it seems is all based on some rather muddly pseudo-Japanese New Age theology about an amoral god based vaguely on the world-view of Popular Physics.

Be that as it may, our assailant definitely identified himself quite consciously with the Forces of Darkness albeit in an unphilosphic manner. He was apparently at the same time a fundamentalist Christian, so a rather muddle-headed specimen all round, but the Fs of D aren't too choosy about who they use!

Well, the attacks really only served to tell us we are on the right path. The devil doesn't worry about us when we are going nowhere!

Being a blonde, the New year's developments on the fashion front are rather prominent in my mind. The delightful Miss Drusilla gave me a present of a new hairstyle which you can see above. Standard hair in Virtualia is rather uninspired, but some very clever designers are working to make styles that are truly beautiful, I love this one. Thank you so much, my very favouritest prefect!

Here is a picture of us together. As you can see, she has the delightfullest Arcadian outfit as well as a gorgeous new hairstyle of her own to go with it.

Oh, and you are probby thinking my uniform isn't quite the thing.Well I admit it. I was really the only one I could find, but my darling friend Lt. Cdr. Strauss (you can see her with the Flag on our New Year's picture) has found me another one that is much more respectable and MariMite-like (MariMite is Maria-sama ga Miteru — see below).

I do hope she will give it to me today. I could pop a picture here, perhaps.

Oh, and the new White Rose Room is working beautifully. We practically had a pre-launch party there last night! It was completely replaced with an entirely new system about 24 hours before launch, and it is really zippy now!

It is now officially open, so do pop along.

Sushuri Madonna



The Moon Shines Bright on Our first Virtual Event!

The first Virtual Kinema took place last night. marking our first planned Event in Virtualia. It went delightfully, drawing the largest group ever to be in NeoVictoria (the area where the Embassy is situated) at one time.

The showing of Maria-sama ga Miteru delighted everyone and the delicate emtions portrayed therein affected us deeply. Even ardent dislikers of anime and cartoons in general found themselves deeply moved by the showing.

Miss Amy Calliope (rightmost blonde, seated, in the picture), who is an adherent of the soeur-system and has an Oneesama in real life, and is also quite an expert on the series, gave a fascinating talk before and afterwards which greatly deepened our appreciation of the episode. Lt. Fiona Gregoire (rightmost brunette, standing, in the picture) also gave us the benefit of her vast knowledge of Japanese language and culture in helping us to understand this beautiful production.

Our first Virtual Event is another step forward for the rapidly-expanding Arisasia-in-Virtualia. What we did not know when we planned it was that this was also the night of a most extraordinary full moon — the brightest for eighteen years, the closest to the earth and also the highest in the sky. We feel that this was a very propitious occasion in this Year of Sai Candre [in the Aristasian Calendar the year corresponding to 2005/2006 belongs to Sai Candre, the Janya of the Moon] for our first Event.

The Blonde Management

The First Virtual Kinema

As Aristasia in Virtualia grows we are planning our first Event — a kinema at the Embassy.

For our first showing we are planning an opening episode of the Japanese Anime Maria-sama ga Miteru which, roughly translated means, Holy Mary Watches Over Us. It is set in a Catholic girls' school in Japan where younger girls are adopted by older ones as their protegées or petites soeurs.

The Elder Sister is referred to as Oneesama and gives her peitite soeur her rosary as a symbol of their bond. The whole series is a delightful portrayal of the delicate, pure and profound feelings that may arise between adolescent blondes and brunettes, and as such it seems like a very appropriate as well as a very charming way to begin our Aristasian Virtual Kinema.

We propose to hold the showing soon, and the suggested time is around 7:00 p.m. Pacific Time which is 10:00 p.m. Eastern Time. All White Roses, please let us know if this time is good for you, if you would prefer another time, and which days you could manage. If necessary, we can hold more than one showing.

If you are not yet a White Rose or have not entered Virtualia, please go to this page. Becoming a part of Virtual Aristasia is much easier than you think!

The Blonde Management

Brunette Naval Officers and the Magic of Pegasus

I haven't much to add to the dazzling tales of bravery and romance currently taking place in Virtualia - except to show you my modest steed!

Here she is, in all her glory. Imagine a brunette named and dressed as Lt. Commander Kathryne Strauss of the Royal Novarian Aethyr Command in full naval dress uniform arriving to whisk her blonde away on their newest soiree on one of these. I defy any blonde to retain control of her knees!

Blondes: Why don't you pop along and ask me for a ride?

Brunettes: Free Pegasus for anyone coming into Virtualia and wishing to sweep a blonde off her feet.

Remember to list Sushuri Madonna as your referee when you join. At not cost to you, the Embassy gets a healthy donation for introducing a new member.

Now, if you ladies will excuse me, I have had a call from an encastellated blonde damsel in distress. "Hi-ho, Pegasus...AWAY!"

Lt. Cdr. Kathryne Strauss RNAC (Hon.)

Angel-Wings and Chapel in Virtualia

So many things have been happening. More decoration at the Embie. And I have acquired a wonderful pair of Angel wings from our charming Lieutenant-Commander (remember that word is pronounced leftenant in Aristasia). You can hardly tell how beautiful they are in the picture. They are semi-transparent and so detailed one can see each delicate feather when one is close up.And they are functional too. Everyone can fly in Aristasia, but when I get above a certain altitude, my Angel Wings make much higher speeds possible. Useful for getting about.

And I have been getting about. With improved connexion and ordinator, I have actually been able to pop and do a bit of shopping. Mostly I have been buying Poses and Animations in huge boxes for a dollar the lot. A bit like the Family Dollar stores where you can by shinies full of up-to-date television proggies for a dollar. And every blonde needs poses. Now I can strike one elegant attitude after another while I am standing or sitting in conversation. I have two lovely new Japanese bows that look much more like a proper Aristasian reverence than the one I was using before; some elegant fighting moves that make me look like the breathtakingly adorable Zhang Zi Yi (a bit); a lovely twirl for when I am happy ; even a full-scale tantrum that I can throw. I know one should never throw tantrums. But this is Real Life, you know, not some Ideal World.

But the most exciting event of the last few days (there are four Virtual days to one Tellurian day — and, believe me, it feels like it!) is the new Chapel created by Miss Fiona. It is near to the Embassy and has a central picture of St. Sophia with Faith, Hope and Charity. In Aristasian terms, St. Sophia would be Sai Mati, the Divine Intelligence or Wisdom.

When I went into the Chapel, I realised my blonde head was uncovered. I fished in my inventory and found a straw hat, and actually it looked quite oriental and went rather nicely with my kimono, I thought. What do you think?

Must dash now, but I shall continue to keep you informed!

Sushuri Madonna

New Advenures in Virtualia

Virtualia is such a busy place these days. New girls, new adventures, new clothes and soon some new Virtual Events.

The Embassy is being decorated, primarily by Lt. Commander Kathryn Strauss (shown seated in the picture on the left) and Miss Fiona Gregoire Miss Fiona's fundamental Pillar of Light concept is now being elaborated with delightful gothic drapes and cassic furniture.

The self has been redecorated too — with a gorgeous silver silk kimono. Things Japanese are much the rage in Virtualia at present with wonderful feminine dramas like those of the Takarazuka Review and the delightful Maria-sama ga Miteru (soon to be shown at a Virtual Kinema in the Embassy) capturing blonde hearts and brunette hearts alike.Anyway, I am actually Novarian born, which is practically Estrenne, even though I am generally taken for a Quirridip. All right — am a Quirridip. But you ought to see me in my kimono. In fact, you shall see me in my kimono.

Here is the picture you have been eagerly waiting for. Or if you haven't you're getting it anyway! I am sitting in the corner by the Nativity Fir, on that gorgeous new plush sofa, just before the drapes came.

What do you think of my ponytail short like that, by the bye? Does it go with the kimono? I am thinking of growing it again.

I fondly hoped my lovely kimono would make me appear more sophisticated, but certain people say it makes me look littler than ever. Anyway, whatever it does, I love it. At first I was a little uncertain, but now I simply adore it and can't imagine being without it. Expensive? Not at a bit of it! It was only >mumble mumble<.

Moving switly on: you may have heard of Miss Fiona's miss-adventure with a helicopter recenly. I first learned of it when I met her in the embassy in her wheelchair — I mean, she was in her wheelchair, I wasn't! it seemed she had tried to land on the Embassy roof, but owing to a faulty altimeter had ended up crashing in the woods behind it. After this her avvie had difficulty walking and she had to acquire a wheelchair for getting-about purposes. I am happy to say she is now fully recovered

Nothing daunted, she has been zooming about on her new motorbike, looking rather like Captain Antala. And if you don't know about the aristocratic brunette biker Captain Antala, you really must go to the Embassy to get your copy of The White Rose Garden, wherein the latest Aristasian novel from the pen of the Silver Vixen, entitled The Princess and the Captain, is being serialised.

The Dashing Lt. Commander Kathryn Strauss has now joined the White Roses an has acquired a motorbike of her own, in her faourite colour, Vikhelic red. So brunettes have been zooming about the quiet Embassy Square making those deafening revving noises they seem to love so much. Here is a piccie of some of us outside the Embassy — brunettes admiring motorbikes and blondes admiring brunettes.

Speaking of which, I had a most curious experience the other day. I was outside the Embassy, seeing Miss Fiona's bike for the first time when our brunette landlady, Miss Hyasynth Tiramisu came by and produced her scooter. She and Miss Fiona went for a scoot, and then Miss Fiona roared off on her bike. Miss Hyasynth offered me a ride on her Arwing. I wasn't at all certain what an Arwing was, but being a braveish blonde, I said yes.

So she took me off to an area of waste ground outside our part of town — she said the Arwing as a bit largeish to deploy in the square; and she wasn't joking. It wasn't a machine at all, but a massive winged creature — possibly semi-mechanical; it was hard to tell. She mounted his monster and told me to jump up on the saddle behind her. Now, one can fly in Virtualia, but it was still a bit daunting getting up on that thingery.

Anyway, I did get up and away we went, high across the countryside. Here I am in my blue gingham, seated behind Miss Hyasynth. All was well, and indeed rather exhillarating, but then we went into some kind of tailspin. First the world span like a dervish and then everything went comletely blank. It was rather like entering an aethyr-crease (and if you don't know what an aethyr-crease is, you really must get hold of The White Rose Garden. You are simply missing all the fun). It seems that this part of the world was up for repair. You know how roads are sometimes closed for repair? Well in Virtualia it can happen to whole sections of the universe.Well, it stops things getting dull, doesn't it?

Eventually, deprived of all sight and sense I teleported home, and within a minute or so I was boinged out of Virtualia altogether, as our section of the world was shutting down. This doesn't happen often and only lasts a few minutes. One can hardly object as it is caused by the clever wallahs who run the place constantly improving it and making more of these marvels possible.

Now I felt a touch guilty about mentioning al these new things — magazines, kinema-showings, stories and meetings that are only available in Virtualia because I know most of you aren't there yet. But I must stress that as Aritasia moves into this New Phase, more and more things will be like that. More and more will be available only to those who are part of Virtual Aristasia.

Is Aristasia becoming more restrictive? On the contrary. At one time to become really involved in Aritasia it was necesary to travel to the nearest Aristasian district. That could be many miles. It could be possible only rarely, or not at all. Now you can become a part of Aristasian life, as mch or as little as you wish, without leaving your chair. If joining Virtualia seems a little daunting at first, it is far less daunting than it ever was before to start your Aristasian adventure. You don't need to go anywhere.You don't need to be in the right part of the world. You do need to sort out the technicalities involved in getting to Virtualia, but these are really not very difficult, and we are always ready to help you if you need it.

So do please go to our Virtualia Start Page and take the first step. Aristasia is entering a wonderful new phase of its life. You could be too!

Sushuri Madonna

Volume 20

Well, this large, unwieldy volume — stretching back to last winter, forsooth! — has finally had most of its material archived and is now slim, svelte and splendid.

We enter Volume 20 of Girls' Town just as Aristasia enters a new and vital phase of her development with the establishent of Aristasia-in-Virtualia as the Great Gateway to the Feminine Empire.Who knows what marvellous things will have happened by the time we enter volume 21?

Oh, and don't forget, if you want to look back beyond our 20 volumes to the Archives of Yesteryear you can visit the nearly 80 Original Cocktail Bar Archives.

That should keep you compulsive readers busy for a year or two!

The Blonde Management

is now and ever will beMore Nativity Things

If one wants to understand the Aristasian Festival of Nativty, then one must understand Who the Daughter is. For a full explanaton, please pop over to our new page:

Who is the Daughter?

And if you would like a calendar for this Nativity season, showing both the Tellurian months and the Old Aristasian ones, you will find it here. It is in handy printable form for those of you who want to cross off the days to Nativity!

Nativity blessings from

The Blonde Management

Nativity Explained

The Aristasian Winter festival of Nativity is often mentioned, but we realised that it has never been properly explained in Elektraspace so here is a piece, just in time for the run-up to Nativity this year:

The Meaning of Nativity

We hope you all enjoy it, and will have the happiest Nativity ever!

The Blonde Management

Delightful girls, delightful drinks, delightful conversation

Of Flying Furniture and Brunette Fighter Planes

Well, what exciting days at the Embassy.

The brass plate is now put up, and the counters with Artemis inlaid upon them have been erected at the back of the Main Hall.

Miss Fiona has installed little wireless sets that play sound recordings, give information and spiritual comfort, and even show the Poppitops cartoon!

Miss Fiona now has rather striking black wings that allow her to fly like a fighter pilot, and I must say, it does feel good to be protected by the world's only brunette fighter plane.

I managed to lose a counter somewhere in the forest behind the Embassy! Well, I was trying to move it across the room, but a certain brunette who was watching my screen told me that the movey-gauge read several hundred yards. Well, who ever reads NUMBERS?

The brunette fighter-plane flew several sorties over the locality, but the missing furniture never turned up. I do hope it didn't end up in someone's house or something.

Such things can happen. We had complaints from a neighbour that our counter was protruding through her walls into her room.

Physics are a little different in Virtualia! One makes things by standing an gesturing at them rather than physically banging and pushing. I am told that this is how things were made in Aristasia Pura in very ancient times. Perhaps even in Telluria too.

We had an Incident later. We have had just a few em-ee-en flying into our secluded terrace — by accident, I think — even though it was supposed to be secure.

las night a particularly obnoxious bare-chested specimen walked in and started being unpleasant. We explained that this was the Embassy of an all-female nation, but he would not leave. Our wonderful brunette fighter-plane told him off in no uncertain terms, She said she would eject him if he did not leave in one minute and he said "I'll have to be faster then" and he drew some kind of virtual weapon and hit me with it. Miss Fiona ejected him.

Since then, she has been putting up glass barriers over the terrace so such an event cannot happen again. The present ones are temporary, and we should have prettier ones soon, but you can see them in the picture along with our brunette fighter plane.

The Embassy Terrace is becoming a regular meeting-place for our friends new and old. Really like a second home in the Aethyr! You really must come along and join us there! Remember - just pop along here to get started on your great Virtual Adventure!

Sushuri Madonna

Virtual Aristasia Springs to Life

Following Miss Donna's suggestions for the formation of a Virtual Aristasia, the project has been moving forward by leaps and bounds.

Two Aristasian groups have been formed in the Second Life Universe — White Roses and the Blue Camellia Club and plans are being discussed for the founding of the first Virtual Aristasian Café.

Several meetings have taken place in Virtualia, though as we have not yet a premises, these have been conducted in such unlikely circumstances as sitting on walls!

To learn how you can become part of this nascent Virtual Aristasia, please pop over here.

We look forward to seeing you there.

The Blonde Management


Virtual Aristasia - Bringing it One Step Closer

The idea of making a virtual Aristasia in Elektraspace keeps coming up and I think it is important. One possibility I have been looking into is a virtual world called Second Life.

This is a huge virtual world with many delightful fantasy landscapes and buildings as well as some awful bongo ones. It has its own currency (the Linden Dollar). One can build virtual buildings there and do many other things. One is represented by a three-dimensional model (called an "avatar") which one can dress as one wishes. Mine is pictured here.

One can spend lots of time playing dress-up and playing house, and brunettes can have military uniforms and such to their heart's content. One can even sculpt one's face and figure.

It would be possible for us to start an Aristasia group there, have our own land, build our own buildings and generally create a virtual Aristasian colony.

I am not saying SL is the only possibility, but it might be a place to start. here are some advantages it offers:

* We can use the ordinators we already have, rather than people needing to buy other equipment.

* It is free for a basic account - that is all most of us would need. One even gets a small amount of Linden Dollars.

* Blondes and brunettes can have the correct hair colour in Aristasia Pura terms!

* It will be a splendid place to start to get an Aristasian virtual colony under way, even if we move onto another system later.

If anyone is interested in joining me in this venture, drop me a note via the Aristasian letterbox, or if you decide to enter SL we can meet up there! Or post your reactions at the Club, of course.


Mushrooms in France!

Somewhat shamefacedly I have to tell you that my Morning Letter feature on our trip to France has only just appeared on the eve of our return to America.

I could blame the newspaper, but that would be a Big Fib and I understand the Editress is well connected with the District Governess. So I shan't.

Instead I shall tell you that while it is late, it is a very jolly illustrated piece about Aristasians in rural France, so do have a look!

Princess Mushroom

Aristasian "Religion" — what is it?

With many essays on Aristasian Spirituality appearing recently, people have asked: What actually is the Aristasian religion?

A very good question. We have tried to make the answer clear in this piece.

As always, if you have questions, do ask them here.

The Clew of the Horse

Over the past few weeks it has become a bit of a tradition to post something of spiritual nature on Sundays. So today we have today made available The Clew of the Horse.

This is regarded as one of the Scriptures in Aristasia Pura. It has been known in Telluria for some 30 years.

This is a very rich text, full of profound meaning. We have not this time supplied a commentary. We recommend that you read it carefully and let it permeate your spirit. Sele