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Delightful girls, delightful drinks, delightful conversation

To Glove or not to Glove

Miss Karen -

In an etiquette handbook from 1963 (which corresponds roughly to what we would consider Infra-Quirinelle), Miss Amy Vanderbilt, an expert if ever there was one, advises all ladies to wear gloves out of doors. In fact she says that while many maids dispense with wearing a hat except on formal occasions (weddings and the like), gloves ought to be mandatory no matter what. How else are we to protect our hands from the dust of the road, the sun and the elements, and keep them not only lovely but clean?

Everyday gloves are quite inexpensive, and easily found if you go fleeming. There is a part of Elektraspace called eBay ( that carries all sorts of things, most of which are really quite bongo, but there are treasures for us as well. The Iron Curtain has many chinks on that Elektric auction address. I find that doing a random search using the words "vintage," "retro," "swing," "flapper," etc produces nice results, most of which are inexpensive. As a matter of fact, now that it is getting warmer, I can wear my blue gingham sun dress, which came straight from Quirinelle, and which I purchased for only one Tellurian dollar! I hope I can get a picture taken; it is such a cute dress.


Miss Victoria Mayhew


With Easter just around the corner,  I was wondering if one of our wise Sagettes would mind telling us a little about this holy day as it relates to Aristasia.  How does it fit into the Aristasian calendar?  Or does it?  How is the coming of spring celebrated in Aristasia?  I am very interested to learn more about the Aristasian calendar, religion, and holy days.  Thank you very much.

With gratitude,



I was wondering what you pettes thought about gloves. I confess I do not often wear a hat as they never seem to suit me (what am I doing wrong?). But gloves are something a girl can always wear and they make an outfit look so utterly up-to-date. I often feel a pair of gloves can make all the difference between a so-so appearance and a quite real one. After all, most inhabitants of the Pit really don't seem to know what gloves are - they think they are things to keep one's hands warm.

Do any other pettes share My belief in the importance of gloves?

Miss Karen

We couldn't resist this gorgeous glove picture - perhaps not quite the sort of gloves Miss Karen had in mind. But we really did need another picture of Miss Diana Dors anyway, didn't we?


Brunette Confectionary


If the divine Miss Bernhardt were not so brunette, I would say that she herself is a confection!


Miss Victoria Mayhew

Friendly Witches

I've never eaten a Sarah Bernhardt, only a Pavolova!

I do love Spring and Miss Mariana's description of her visits to cafe has made me very envious! Last Spring I travelled South myself and found lots of wonderful Spring decorations. They had lots of friendly witches carved from wood and eggs and all sorts- quite marvelous really. I was told that on Easter Sunday all the families go foraging in the woods and bring in twigs and branches and decorate them with wooden decorations and ribbons and so on. It sounded awfully charming and this year I am going to
bring the tradition into my own little home and decorate with blossom and twigs and cheery little daffodils.

And Miss Mayhew- your puns did make me giggle so do not think they went unnoticed.

With love,

Miss Nicola

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The Silver Diary - part Seven

BayleefTogepi is a darling, though she has no very useful powers. She can Growl and Charm, neither of which can actually defeat an enemy. So I shall have to train her slowly, letting the others help her in her battles.

I travelled a little further and found a wild Hoppip which is a charming seed-creature - innoffensive but very hard to catch. I tried several times but ran out of Pokeballs without getting one.

So I carried on to Azalea City. As usual we met wild creatures which served to improve my creatures. Chikkie gained several levels and then something began to happen to her. She seemed to grow and distort and look very strange. Then I realised that she was evolving. This is a thing that happens to certain creatures at certain stages. Suddenly Chikkie looked rather different. She was no longer a Chikorita but a Bayleef.

To get to Azalea City we had to make our way through deep caverns. When we emerged, we came to a well which was being guarded by an odd-looking brunette. She told me the well was dangerous and that she was generously preventing the public from injuring themselves. I wasn't quite sure about her.

The well was called Slowpoke Well, and a sign said that a Slowpoke's yawn can make rain and that legend had it that 400 years ago a Slowpoke at this well had ended a drought. I was reminded of another curious-looking brunette who had tried to sell me a Slowpoke tail outside Violet City. Slowpokes are the laziest creatures in the world - but quite sweet.

Being prevented from examining the well, I continued on to Azalea City. There I found a tree bearing an Apricorn, and was told that Apricorns can be used to make special balls for catching wild creatures - I thought of the Hoppip. I was directed to the house of an old brunette called Gerda who makes such balls. I took my Apricorn to her, but she waved me aside. She said evil people had come to the town and were catching slowpokes and cutting off their tails. She was off to the Slowpoke Well to deal with them.

She ran away more quickly than I could follow. But I knew where the well was and decided to go there myself.


Delightful girls, delightful drinks, delightful conversation

Once upon a Time

Thank you, Miss Mayhew for your very pertinent comments - as you suggest, phrases like "once upon a time" indicate that a story (normally a traditional fairy tale) is set in "that time", or "nowever" - in the time that transcends time, but which also may for us be represented by earlier and purer Ages.

Aristasia's Iron Age is no doubt nearer to the Bronze Age in Telluria, though such things as the development of individualism indicate that it is indeed an Iron Age. Maids in the East do have a mentality closer to that of earlier Ages and are less affected by the changes of the Iron Age which are most typified in the West, which, being the Land of the Setting Sun, will always tend to come into its own in the last Age.

Where Eastern people accept the sovereignty of the West, it is not because they believe that the ways of the West are inherently superior, but because they acknowledge that the time of the West has come and that its sovereignty is a symbolic necessity for this age - a concession more easily granted since the West in Aristasia makes no attempt to interfere with the ways of the East.

With reverence

Miss Alice Trent

Missing You

Darlings, how I am missing you. I realise that Girls' Town is only sleeping for a short time, but I had not realised how much I have come to depend on hearing from you all. The town has become very much a part of my life in a short time. Looking forward to meeting again very soon,


Weekend Warning: The Blonde Management will all be away at once over the weekend, therefore there may be no postings over this period. Do please continue to send your wonderful contributions as a way may well be found. But if the Town is for a short time not like Brigadoon but like Sleeping Beauty's castle with all inhabitants frozen in mid-action, worry not: the Brunette Princess Charming's kiss will awaken us very soon.

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Behind the Silver Scenes Again

I have now been playing the Silver Game for some ten-and-a-half hours according to the clock that the game keeps. I mean ten-and-a-half hours actual playing time. Of course I have been playing the game for several days in the other sense - and that many days have also passed in the game. I have not been playing terribly intensively as I have had many other things to do. The game still feels very near the beginning. My creatures are at comparatively low levels, though they are much bigger than they were, and I have won only one of the eight badges - and when one has all eight the game is by no means over. I have not been in a hurry - I have spent a lot of time wandering, exploring, collecting berries and so forth.

So I thought I might give you some impressions of the game. I find it utterly captivating. The fact that I have played the earlier game certainly does not detract from this one. It is enough more-of-the-same to renew the delight, and different enough not to be dull. One spends a lot of time training one's creatures, but I find that enjoyable. The new creatures are utterly charming.

The music is a true delight - very simple, but charming and innocent one enjoys moving from one place to another just to hear the different tunes. Some are new and some delightfully reminiscent of the earlier games.

There are two things rather charming about the contests (by the way, no creature is ever killed in these games - they faint when they are defeated, rather blondely). One is that the entire system is based on a terribly elaborate system of paper-scissors-rock (a game known all over the world from the earliest times and in Nippon called Janken - no doubt it has some deep meaning that our philospherettes might know). There are many types of Pokemon - Grass, Fire, Water, Ghost, Dragon, Ice, Bug, Electric, Rock and so forth - the Gold and Silver games introduce two new kinds, Dark and Steel. Now each type has strengths and weaknesses. Electric is strong against Flying and Water but weak against Rock. Fire is strong against Grass but Weak against Water. Grass is weak against Fire but strong against Rock. And so forth.So one must try to find creatures strong in a particular situation - or at least not weak in it.

The Legendary MoltresThis is further complicated by the fact that many creatures fall into two types. The Legendary Bird Articuno, for example, is both Flying and Ice, just as the Legendary Firebird, Moltres is both Flying and Fire. These dual-charactered creatures have both the strengths and the weaknesses of both their types. So Moltres will be weak against Electric (because it flies) and Water (because it is fiery), and strong against ice (because it is fiery) and Fighting types (because it flies) actually Flying types are also strong against Grass, so never pit even the most powerful Grass type (say, a Venusaur) against a Moltres!

This may sound terribly complicated, but one gets used to it and it is fascinating and very satisfying (it helps to have a chart - fortunately one is supplied in the manual of the red and blue games). Also in some cases a creature may be highly resistant to the attacks of another type, but not especially strong against it: and there are some complete immunities. Ground-type attacks, quite reasonably, cannot even touch Flying creatures.

The other interesting thing - at least I find it so - is the dice-based nature of the game. Not that you will ever see a dice, but it is just like Dungeons and Dragons type games in that, you have such-and-such a chance of being frozen in ice, such-and-such a chance each turn of thawing, your attack will be decided by a 2x roll of an eight-sided dice plus ten and so forth. Somewhere in that little Gamebaby sits a very studiuous brunette, rolling the correct dice combinations to find out what will happen at each stage of a contest.

Sometimes it can be dull to know what is going on inside a game, but in this case one enjoys the fantasy on both levels - the game as a reality and the magical dice-throwing that goes on inside.

I hope this does not all sound dull. Actually the game is colourful and full of sweet creatures and charming characters - a wonderful adventure. But its inner complexities are also part of the fun.

One other thing that happened recently - I met a blonde in the game who told me she is trying to make it with the creatures she likes and is not using the tough creatures every one else is using. I took that as a hint that this was possible, so I will try to play the game with my darling cuties rather than stocking up on heavy hitters (Mareep seems a pretty tough cookie for a fluffy golden sheep anyway!). Since I have played the previous games I think I can make it this way. Wish me luck!

Miss Lindie

Delightful girls, delightful drinks, delightful conversation

On the Axis

Miss Trent -

I don't find it odd to discuss philosophy in a cocktail bar at all! Then again, having spent half my life with my aunt, I never was terribly good at making small talk.

Hero by Evelyn de MorganI find your commentary rings quite true. I would like to add that here in Vintesse, as in all Aristasia Pura, we do constantly strive for the higher realm. I think here we are closer to the realm of the Idea - logos, if some of the ladies here prefer that term - than the inhabitants of Telluria are. Having lived for a little while in Telluria with my cousin Sarah, I cannot help but make that observation. However, I fear that we fortunate maids of Aristasia are still trapped in the cave, watching shadows dance on the wall.

In the Golden Age, we were in the realm of the Ideal, were we not? Then came the Silver Age of Heroines; what we might think of as "once upon a time." Some parts of the Far  East are surely still thus, although I have never travelled that far and know of no maids from those reaches. My theory is that Aristasia Pura corresponds to the Age of Bronze, when things are still sound although not quite heroic...but Telluria is in the Age of Lead, and is fundamentally shaky and corrupt, in much need of a cleansing and a tearing down for rebuilding. The Wheel turns; all things pass, even the horrors of the Pit.


Miss Victoria Mayhew

Oh, the Fickleness of Cakes

I do believe that there is more than one cake naming itself after the great Sarah Bernhardt. I have had one that does not sould like Miss Mariana's at all. It had no nuts and no meringue, but was extremely chocolatey. Have any other girls experience of Sarah Bernhardt confections?

Miss Gillian

A rose petal cocktail please, if it isn't too summery...

If it's not seasonal for spring, I think I'd like a Pimm's.

Alas, nobody seems to have noticed the dire puns I made a short while ago - either they really are so bad that nobody wants to acknowledge them, or my ability to make small talk is even worse than I thought it to be...

A most distressed

Victoria Mayhew

Pray do not distress yourself. Your contorted language did not go unnoticed if certain tremors behind fans were correctly interpreted. Please don't think the girls missed the bateau - I mean gateau.

Sarah Bernhardt - the actress, not the cakeSarah Bernhardt and the Minotaur

Oh, I am glad Vera told you all about that exhibition - because you see I really cannot explain Tellurian things. It was a wonderful exhibition and it took place in a truly beautiful big castle, though I was always afraid the Minotaur might be there, and do you know, It was! We heard it roaring in a place that was roped off behind a chain, so to speak, and once I saw its form outlined in a flash of lightning. Well, you may not believe me, but that is what I saw. But not being as brave a blonde as Miss Lindie I certainly didn't try to catch it.

It has been Donner and Blitzen in the great forest today, 'normous flashes of lightning and thunder that makes your shoes wobble. And after yesterday I do not even want to guess what might lie in those impenetrable woods, so I shall tell you something much less scary.

Do you remember Miss Mayhew talking about Sarah Bernhardt a while back? Well today I ate her. I admit that doesn't sound less scary but it is, because did you know there is in this country a cake called Sarah Bernhardt? It had lots of nuts and meringue and was absolutely delightful - quite the best cake I have had for ages - I mean, with apologies to Dr. Sachertorte and all that.

And I have seen so many lovely spring things that I just can't tell you. They really celebrate the coming of spring here. There are bunnie and eggs and chickens. In the cafe where I ate Sarah Bernhardt - which was beautiful with candelabras and pink-clothed tables - there was a lovely Easter Tree with eggs and chicks and things hanging from it. I wish I could have taken a picture. And I saw a basket with cotton wool and lovely yellow fluffy chickens and real eggshells that they had come out of. All these decorations are not bought in shops but made and painted by the people here. It is so very charming.

And do you know, in a shop I saw the biggest beautifullest Pink Bunny ever. But Vera thinks I have already quite enough fluffy toys. And >sigh< I suppose I have.


What is Aristasia?

Medea by Evelyn de MorganWhile I hesitate to discuss philosophy in a Cocktail Bar, there does seem to be considerable curiosity on this question of what Aristasia actually is, so perhaps I might put forward a few thoughts.

At the heart of this question lies the concept of the World Axis, common to all traditions and integral to the most fundamental traditional symbols, such as the wheel, the pyramid, the fireplace and chimney, the bridge and so forth.

The World Axis passes through all levels of being, linking the lower levels to the higher and eventually all to the Divine. In Telluria human beings are the central or Axial beings. Because they are on the Axis, they are capable of rising above their human state or of falling below it. Animals, fairies and other non-axial beings - including "titans" - the inhabitants of temporal paradises - cannot rise or fall; they can only conform to the laws of their particular being.

My argument has essentially been that Aristasians, like humans, are Axial beings. Therefore there world is a higher plane of being than ours, situated upwards on the World-Axis. Its superiority is evidenced in the various points brought forward by Miss Lovatt.

Telluria, since the patriarchal revolutions of the Iron Age (I use this term as meaning the fourth and lowest point of an Historical Cycle, not in the modern archaeological sense), has been increasingly governed by the masculine principle, traditionally symbolised by the planet Mars. In other words, conflict and discord, as opposed to concord and harmony. Aristasia continues to be governed by the feminine principle, symbolised by Venus - love and concord.

Of course, all seven "planetary" principles exist in all worlds and all are necessary - though obviously in Aristasia the Martial or Vikhelic principle is not associated with masculinity, since masculinity does not exist there.

This in our view is a greater perfection than that of Telluria. While war and violence have been at the centre of most Tellurian history in its Iron Age, this has not been the case in Aristasia.

Aristasia is nonetheless in its own Iron Age, and is less perfect than it was in earlier times, though still much more perfect than Telluria.

I hope this helps to make the matter a little clearer. I shall be happy to answer any further questions.

With reverence,

Miss Alice Trent

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The Silver Diary - part 6

Dusk was falling and being such a brave blonde now, I decided to explore Sprout Tower at night to see if it really was haunted. The place was spooky at night, and whereas in the day there were only human inhabitants, at night one kept coming upon Ratattas - which gave Mareep some practice! Even with her tackle, she seems quite strong.

Many of the wise maidens were still there. The Ratattas did not seem to trouble them. Perhaps they use them to practise their Bellsprouts upon. I went right to the top of the Tower and back down again without any signs of hauntment (if that is the proper word). Then, just as I was leaving I came upon a Haunter, which is (as you have guessed) a ghost-type creature. After weakening it a bit, I managed to catch it in a Pokeball. How exciting. Perhaps I shall train it. How curious to own a ghost.

Owlie - just as she appears in the gameIt was quite dark now, but I went to prowl in the long grass at night because I know there are some creatures that one never sees by day. Sure enough after a little while I caught a Hoothoot. I called her Owlie. Aren't I getting good at this?

I went to the same hotel as before because it is very nice and friendly. The blonde at the desk said I was rather late and I told her I had been out catching ghosts and Hoothoots. She turned up her eyes in a tolerant way, as if to say - "Really, the things children do these days" - though she wasn't that jolly old herself, I thought.

Ledyba - or Redyba as the Nipponese call her - like the angel they have no LUp and bouncing early in the morning. So many topping things to do! I started exploring some new territory and found a Ledyba. Oh, that is the most marvellous thing. It is a ladybird-type creature so pretty to look at. I want to train this one too. That is the trouble with this business. You can only take six creatures about with you at a time, but so many of them are so darling. How does one decide which ones to keep and train and which to store on the ordinator?

Oh yes, didn't I tell you? One can store creatures on one's ordinator. And at the Pokecentres in every town there is a free public ordinator which one can use - one can connect to one's own ordinator through Elektraspace (Elektraspace is - oh, but you know that, don't you - you are in it!) and pop new creatures on it.

So I went to the pokecentre, healed all my creatures, sorted out which ones were to be on thne ordinator and which to come with me. Sadly I left my Haunter on the ordinator as I just hadn't room for her what with this egg taking up one of my six places - but I shall take her out soon and give her some training. You never know when you will need a ghost - especially as they are extra-strong against normal-type creatures.Big Togepi!

Little Togepi!Just as I left the pokecentre, guess what happened? There was a loud cracking sound and the egg hatched! And what came out - or didn't quite come out - was a Togepi which is a funny creature that is half creature and half egg. It is just the cutest thing you ever saw in all your travels anywhere. Really it is. And it was bouncing and smiling and giggling, full of happiness and joll to be out in the sunshiny world at last.

Well, Togepi is certainly coming with me.


Delightful girls, delightful drinks, delightful conversation

A wonderful Tellurian Experience

Whilst Mariana has been telling of her Aristasian experiences in the South, we experienced something rather wonderful that can only be explained in Tellurian terms. I suggested she might like to tell you about it, but she turned all blonde and shy and said she didn't know how - so I thought I might have a try instead.

Being in the right place at the right time, we were privileged to see a wonderful exhibition entitled Im Labyrinth des Minos. Here was assembled the largest collection of artefacts from ancient Crete ever to be gathered in one place, on loan from museums all over the world.

The Priestess-Queen's palace at Knossos"Minoan" Crete, as you will be aware, was an ancient civilisation, very much feminine oriented and highly civilised. This exhibition brings out both aspects - showing many beautiful female figures and delicate jewellery worn by the Cretan women. On display also was the first complete model of the palace at Knossos as it would have been in its heyday nearly 4,000 years ago.

This vast, beautiful building of many stories and elaborate architecture was said by the ancient Greeks (who knew considerably less about it than we do) to be the palace of King Minos. In fact all the iconography leads to the belief that it was the palace of priestess-queens, and certainly their religion was as female centred as patriachal religions are male-centred.

Looking at reconstructions of this palace and at the many beautiful artefacts on display at the exhibition one was struck by a rather soul-shivering thought. Most of us have been to Roman sites and enjoyed the ancient craftsmaidship on display. Suddenly one realised that when those Roman villas were new. When young Roman maidens were bathing in the baths and Roman technicians were coming to mend the new central heating (yes, they had central heating) - the Cretan civilisation on display at this exhibition was already as ancient as the Roman civilisation is to us.

Perfect after three and a half millennia!Yet despite this, many of the artefacts were beautifully preserved - we saw gold necklaces with their delicate engaved motifs looking not worn and old, but almost as sharp as the day they were made, beautiful vases and drinking-cups - many pieced together from broken remains, but some in astonishingly pristine condition - such as the jug pictured here, which is from around 1500 B.C. Fairly young, considering that some of the oldser exhibits were from around 2300 B.C. And yes, we actually saw this beautiful thing just yesterday.

Around 1400 B.C., it seems that the palace culture was overrun by patriarchal invaders from the mainland and it is from this time that weaponry and warlike fortifications begin to appear. We are reminded by the exhibition that not all weapons were made from durable materials and therefore there may have been weapons before this time. However, since we are dealing with a highly sophisticated metal-using civilisation, it seems unlikely that weapons would not have been durable. It seems that the feminine-oriented Palace period was peaceful in a way that patriarchal cultures never have been, with little or no emphasis on war and violence.

I wish I could post pictures of the wonderfully beautiful and intricate jewellery we saw, unfortunately I haven't any at present.

It was a truly wonderful experience and we came away moved and uplifted. I hope I have managed to share something of this experience with you, dear friends.

With love,

Miss Vera

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Girls' Games

Miss Nicola is utterly right - we really should find some Elektra games we can play together. And are there any good ordinator games? We really must try to find out. And when will the Silver Diary be appearing again?

Miss Gillian

Pikachu - an elektrifying blondie mouse!More Pets

I have never had a Tagamochi, though I have heard of them. Has anyone had a Pokemon Picachu machine? They are little things smaller than a gamebaby that have a Pikachu that can bath and sing and all sorts of things. Apparently they incorporate a pedometer and the more you walk the more watts you have to give to Pikachu and the happier she gets. It isn't a game at all in the proper sense - just an electrical pet - quite literally electrical in the case of Pikachu! It sounds distinctly jolly.

Miss Karen

Electrical pets

That Monkey Game sounds topping! I love games where one has to take care of creatures- a bit like the Tamagochis. I never had one but my mother made me look after hers whilst she went on holiday. I am afraid I was a little neglectful and it died! poor thing.

I have been promised a loan of a Gamebaby and hope to have one soon. I am wondering, though, if there are any good ordinator games? I have one that came with my ordinator called Bugdom where you play a little bug who has to rescue the trapped ladybird princesses from the evil slugs and ants that have taken over the little bug world. I think I like it because I am quite keen on gardening- it's my little revenge on all those awful creatures that eat my plants! Does any pette know of any other games, or maybe of Elektra games? I was told by a friend that I could play backgammon with her although we live so very far apart via Elektraspace, although she never explained more. Are there any technical minded pettes in our little club that might know of such a thing?

Miss Nicola

Delightful girls, delightful drinks, delightful conversation

Various apologies

Well two really. One wasn't our fault, really it wasn't. The town Brigadooned again for some time this morning, so I was unable to post anything till now. Do pettes find the town missing often? On the whole it seems to working much better these days: just now and again it takes a rest.

The other one was our fault. For those of you who like touching the pictures to see the little pop-ups, we must apologise for mis-attributing the Lux in Tenebris picture which we used to illustrate Miss Lovatt's remarks on Paradise. The pop-up said it was by Miss Eleanor Fortescue-Brickdale, when in fact it is by Miss Evelyn de Morgan. The lovely blossom picture illustrating Mariana's southern adventures is by Miss Fortescue-Brickdale.

Oh, and the pop-ups are right now, so there is no point going there just to laugh.


The Blonde Management


Oh, please

On behalf of all blondes, I really must protest Dr. Sachertorte's opinions. Surely this half-baked "psychiatrist" could come up with a sweeter theory? At any rate, I do not feel she has handled the subject with proper delicacy.

A blonde-psychiatrist simply cannot have her cake and eat it too.


Miss Victoria Mayhew

Still in the South

I am still in the South and have been having such fun. Yesterday we went up a mountain which I am quite sure is the highest mountain in the world. We didn't climb it, I must confess. One of the brunettes has a little red sports cat and we went up hatless. In mean the car was hatless. We weren't, but we had to tie them on with our scarves.

The mountain was absolutely covered in tall trees and there was the most charming waterfall thay tinkled through beautiful green stones all covered in moss, and there were shiny stone steps that led up and up to the Top of the World, I think.

When we came down the other side of the mountain there was a little restaurant that looked just like Hannah and Gretel's cottage, so we went in for some lunch. There was the tallest military brunette drinking foamy beer she had wonderful gold epaulettes and shiny buttons, and she said something very nice to me. At least I think it was nice, though I didn't understand the language properly. But a blonde can recognise a compliment, you know, even when she can't understand it.

Now I must confess we didn't fully understand the menu, but that is quite fun, because you never know whay you are getting, and I love surprises and don't mind taking risks. That is why Vera never lets me play roulette, because she says you need to mind taking risks just a little bit more than I do before you play roulette. Anyway, there wasn't roulette here, but I ended up with a charming folded pancake of enormous proportions, because they seem to eat very big here.

Lovers' World by Eleanor Fortescue-BrickdaleI really wasn't sure what would be in the pancake. so I opened it and saw brussels sprouts. Yes really, brussels sprouts and nothing but brussels sprouts - except a delicious sauce. Brussels sprouts as far as the eye could see. It gave one a sense of awe, really, like contemplating the galaxies. Suddenly one realised the endless vastness of brussels sprouts in comparison to the tiny insignificance of humanity.

While we ate a group of brunettes in lovely local costumes of red and white and of green and white sang a song about a little green cactus which was so silly and funny that we all laughed even though we couldn't understand it all.

Then we went down the valley which was just alive with beautiful, beautiful pink blossom that made me feel just so happy. The Nipponese regard blossom as one of the most wonderful occasions of the year and rush into the countryside to adore it. Oh, one can see why.

I must run now.

Blonde kisses flying all the way from the south,


So what is it?

I hope you don't mind me popping up again so soon, but with all this talk about whether Aristasia is a paradise or not. Could somebody exp-lain exactly what Aristasiais in the great scheme of the universe?


Please pop up all you like. No one should feel shy about contributing to Girls' Town - we love to hear from you all - how about some of you quiet girls that haven't written yet?

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Dear Janet - I would definitely recommend Pokemon to start with. I loved my Monkey game but there is much more to Pokemon, including the nurturing of one's creatures. The Monkey game is one of those games you might love, or you might find a bit dull and repetitive. Pokemon is simply one of the best games ever. So despite my monkey-love, I still recommend Pokemon to begin with.

Miss Karen

The best games ever

In response to Janet's request, I can certainly recommend what I think are the best games to get right now. In general the Nintendo machines I think make the best games for Aristasians - and the games published by the Nintendo company itself (rather than third parties - or even what they call second parties, meaning mostly Rare) are almost always among the very best.

I shall make a few notes on "Tellurian Problems" in the games. Obviously these fall into two classes, em-ee-en and bongoisms. The former are certainly mostly much less than one finds in real films and books and the latter are not very great in any of the games I recommend. I put them in no special order, as they are all among the best.

Three for now but I'll try to do some more later.


Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow, Gold and Silver are all wonderful. Gold and silver are in colour, have 100 more creatures and are improved in various ways. Start with Red Blue or Yellow because you can get it much cheaper if you shop around, and if you love it, you will want to move on to the new version and discover the new creatures. You have 150 to catch at first, so you won't go hungry! Red, Yellow and Blue are all much the same game, as are Gold and Silver, so really there are only two Pokemon games. Yellow is very slightly improved and with rather minimal colour, so you may choose that to start with, though all three are excellent and if you can pick up red or blue cheaply, do so.

Tellurian problems

Bee-oh-why hero, but not very distinct on screen and you can call her your own name (or any you like). Some mildly bongo (in Nipponese sort of way), but again, indistinct and unobtrusive. Not much of a problem. Pokemon Crystal will come eventually, with a real girl heroine. Sigh. It will probably be essentially the same game as Gold and Silver - as Yellow is to Red and Blue

Princess Zelda of HyruleZelda

On the Nintendo 64 The Legend of Zelda: Occarina of Time is widely held, even by non-Nintendoids to be The Best Game Ever. It is very lovely and engaging, though strangely I greatly preferred the Gamebaby game (same character but different game) The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening. Both are very full and rich and among the best adventure games - if not the best. I found the little version cuter and more colourful, even though the big one is a full three-dimensional world.

Tellurian problems

Bee-oh-why again. Again you can give your own name. In Link's Awakening it is even less noticeable than in Pokemon as your character is a little elf-like person. In Occarina of Time you are still elfin and tiny - which is just as well as the character is realised in glorious 3D. However Link grows up at a certain point in the game (suddenly - but I won't go into the plot) and is still Elfin but somewhat more like a teenage bee-oh. Come to think of it, it was about then that I started to lose interest in the game, so perhaps it depends on one's tolerance of these matters. Most people you meet will be strange creatures - In Occarina including large but somewhat wild faerie-girls and the adorable Princess Zelda herself - with her tall brunette Amazonian bodyguard. Bongo problems are pretty much nil as this is Nipponese and set in a fantasy-world.

Super Mario 64

The first ever three-dimensional platform game (they said it was impossible till Nintendo did it) and despite countless followers over five years or more, generally agreed to be still the best (at least until the Game Cube arrives). A vast world to explore dominated by the castle of the beautiful Princess Peach. One should get it second hand quite cheaply. I have never played it but I am sure I shall love it when I do.

Tellurian problems

Technically an em-eh-ell-ee hero, but this, in my view, is negated by what I call the Toontown Factor. Mario is no more em-eh than Bugs Bunny or Mickey Mouse, whom I consider pretty much sexless. If those characters trouble you, then Mario will too. If not, probably not. Bongo problems I very much doubt would arise.

Miss Lindie

Delightful girls, delightful drinks, delightful conversation

Not such a joke?

Was Dr. Sachertorte entirely joking - I mean there must be a hormonal difference between blondes and brunettes in Aristasia Pura, and even in Telluria I wouldn't be surprised if there was some hormonal basis for the blonde temperament.


Don't ask me - I'm just a blonde.

I shall like this place

I have just discovered Aristasia Friends. What a nice world it is. Your April the first was wonderful - a dubious hormone is clearly a joke, but Faeries and Paradises are discussed quite seriously. Oh, I shall like this place. It is what I have been looking for.


Welcome to Aristasia Friends.

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Advice Wanted

I have just managed to get hold of a Gamebaby - what fun it is! I wondered if some of you more experienced pettes can give me some advice. Reading The Silver Diary made me really want to play Pokemon. But the Monkey game seemed wonderful too. Whiich is best, do you think? I wonder if any one could tell me which are the very best games. That may seem like a rather silly question, but I have an idea some of you clevers know the answer.


Other Games

Train your monkeys and defeat the deadly Saru gang!How delightful to read in day-by-day detail about Lindie's adventures in the Silver World. I know just how magically games can open up a world for us. Have any other girls played games (or are they playing them now) that they would like to tell us about. I have several. One of my favourite games was one called Monkey Puncher. It is one of those games where you can properly have a girl character - and she is very sweet. I am sending a picture of her. It isn't a very good one, but it is the only one I can find.

Well, this game is actually quite odd - but so compelling. It is just awfully Nipponese and not translated at all well - but that is a big part of its charm. You play a girl whose family has been captured by the Saru Gang. The gang dominates the Monkey Punching championships, so the only way to get near your kidnapped and brainwashed family is to breed and train a champion monkey.

And that really is what the game is all about. You get these lovely cute monkeys, you have to feed them with all sorts of things (curry, bacon, papaya cookies and lots of other things). You train them by teaching them to do sit-ups, skipping, running and things. Each excretes increases different qualities. Then the monkey can challenge other monkeys and work its way up to the Grand Prix tournament.

It is a game you will either love or hate. It is a nurturing game essentially. Very repetitive. You do the same exercises again and again, slowly building up your monkey. It could be terribly boring. But I just found myself drawn back to it again and again by the desire to nurture my little monkey. At first the monkey is small and nervous and cowers in the corner, even biting you occasionally, but later it becomes happy and friendly and strong.

The translation is strange, but so appealing, full of messages like "Betty's first trip: it's gawking" - "Betty is walking around" - "Betty is gawking around" - "Betty is standing only". When you give her food you learn that "Betty is eating it enjoyably". And later "Betty looks happy. It must be happy". When you allow the monkey to go to the shops and choose her own things you are cryptically asked to confirm: "Will you let the item shop?"

Incidentally, letting the item shop is a very funny procedure. She comes back with all sorts of useless things - boilers, chairs, tissues, glasses - but she also gets valuable items that can be obtained in no other way.

A very strange game, but I spent many, many hours playing it right to the end, defeating the Saru Gang at the Grand Prix Tournament and rescuing my family.

And as at the end of a good book or film, I was sad to see the last of my dear little monkey.

Have other girls game experiences to share?

Miss Karen

Delightful girls, delightful drinks, delightful conversation

A Medical Opinion

Certain blondes in this town have been engaging in the pursuit of psychological introspection and have been wondering why they are so prone to tears and emotional excesses. As a blonde-psychiatrist (meaning of course a psychiatrist who specialises in blondes, not a psychiatrist who is a blonde) I should tell them that while there are many reasons for these emotionals, the root cause is the hormone known as excesstrogen which is found in large quantities in blondes but rarely in brunettes.

Frau Doktor Gertrud Sachertorte

Ahem - we hasten to remind our readers that this learned contribution appears on April the first.

Lux in Tenebris by  Evelyn de MorganParadise or Not?

Miss Trent tells us that Aristasia is not in the technical sense a paradise, and being a philosopherette I understand that she is always careful to respect fine distinctions. Of course one understands that Aristasia Pura is not a world without imperfection or without sin. Aristasians are not immortals, nor do they live for enormously long periods like the "long-lived gods" (incidentally, isn't the longaevi a name for the Faery people or Shia? - and where do they fit into this?).

However, surely Aristasia is some sort of relative paradise. It is a world that lacks all traces of masculinity and is not masculinity one of the prime imperfections of a fallen world like Telluria? On a more mundane level, we know that em-ee-en are vastly more likely to commit crimes than maidens, so presumably crime is much less frequent and much less serious in Aristasia than in Telluria. Books like The District Governess bear this out.

Also am I not right in saying that in Aristasia Pura maidens live much longer than Tellurians and are youthful for most of their lives? And that teeth and even limbs, when lost will grow back over time, and scars are rarely permanent. So the necessary imperfections of any fallen world are much ameliorated in Aristasia as compared to Telluria?

So, if Aristasia is not a paradise in the strictest sense, surely it is paradisiac in comparison to Telluria - like Shangri-la.

One final point, which I hope Miss Trent will forgive me for raising. In her novel Strangers in Paradise, surely the strangers are people like Allie who come from Telluria and Paradise is - Aristasia! Of course I realise that in her recent contribution she was using "Paradise" in a strict technical sense and in the title of her fiction she was using it in a looser more colloquial sense. But I suppose that is the point I am rather vaguely trying to make. Isn't Aristasia Pura a paradise at least in the ordinary everyday sense of the word. A pure light in our darkness?

By the way, dear blonde barmaid, I realise I am raising a topic from some time back. I hope it is all right to do that.

Miss Iphegenia Lovatt

Of course it is all right. No topic is ever closed here (unless your Very Strict Blonde Management declares it so >giggle<). Patronettes are always free to browse back through the archivces and pick up any part of the conversation at any time. And of course new girls may want to ask things about old topics. Really there are no old topics here. In Aristasia everything is forever young! (I speak very loosely, Miss Trent).

Fizz and Pop

Do any of you see films serially? It is a very interesting experience. Often we have time only to see part of a real film and then more later - and it makes it rather like a real serial.

Just now we are seeing Stagestruck which has the most delightful blonde trying to be an actress. She is so full of life and hope, so innocent yet so sure of her talent, so theatrical and vulnerable - well, I do see how you blondes get so very stirred-up by films. Sometimes they seem positive powder-kegs of blonde emotionality. So if you little fluffy things go off fizz-and-POP, you really shouldn't be so dreadfully surprised.

But it is wonderful to watch you. Really.

Miss Amelia

Archived Again

How things are flying. We have made another Archive already as the town ticks along so very fast. We are thinking of making some Navigational Bits to help people find their way about the Archives as they become more numerous.

The Town is Brigadooning again as I write this so I hope we shall be able to post soon. We are so sorry this keeps happening - the vicissitudes of Elektraspace, I suppose, plus Nemesis on my blonde head for unscreeming. Still things seem mostly better now. We hope..

Ah that was mercifully brief. Posting now. But of course, you can see that.

The Blonde Management

Greetings from the South

Hello every one. This is the most curious town in the world, because wherever you may be you can always pop in. Today I find myself in one of the more Southerly nations of the West. Well, it wasn't actually a surprise, as I flew here. No, sillies, I can't really fly myself. My brunette took me in a little dumpy yellow aeroplane rather like the ones Minnie Mouse occasionally flies in. Only bigger. I mean there were lots of blondes and brunettes in the plane, and sensible Air Hostesses to tell us to fasten our seat belts and give us a cup of coffee and a cheese sandwich.

That was yesterday, so this morning, when I awoke I was in a hotel in the South where every one speaks a strange language and it is all terribly exciting. And since my brunette is businessing I though I might drop in for an early-morning chat. Can one get a cup of coffee here? It really is a bit early in the day to start on the Fortification.

Well, let me tell you about where I am. It is most charming and there is the loveliest blossom on the trees out of the window. I have been trying to read a Minnie Mouse comic to improve my knowledge of the language. Not that I need much excuse to read about Minnie Mouse!

It is wonderful fun here. There is a machine that shines your shoes - they always have them in these parts. The brushes whizz round and round and you can play on them for ages - well you could if you weren't nervous some brunette hotel person would look at you sternly or even smack you. So you just shine your shoes rather awkwardly, half frightened you might not be doing the right thing and half delighted because the little machine is just the jolliest fun in the world.

Breakfast is wonderful fun too because it is a big buffet with lots of different cereals and fruit juice and tea and coffee and fruit and yoghourt and rolls of different sorts and a little chrome toaster you can make toast in and eggs and bacon and different sorts of sausage and cheeses and chocolate spread and different jams and different honeys and boiled eggs and smoked salmon and funny mixes things with mayonnaise and onion and meat - oh, and I am just sure I have left something out. And of course what you want to do is have a little bit of just everything, and you hope no one will disapprove of that, so you compromise by having a little bit of most things and promising yourself the others next time.

And do you know what? There are Easter Bunnies on the tables, which, of course makes one want to jump up and down, but one remembers it is a Respectable Hotel and oneself a Highly Respectable Blonde in a very smart art-neo jacket, so one walks discreetly to the table with the nicest bunny, making only a hardly-noticeable hop.

Thank you for the divine coffee. I must dash now, but I shall see you all later.

Miss Mariana

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The Silver Diary - part 5

So many things have happened, dear Diary since I last wrote in you.

First thing in the morning I took my courage in both hands and proceeded to the Dojo. I wished I had found an electric creature, as they are best against flying things. Chikkie would be at a terrible disadventage, so I decided to use Squirl, who is now much stronger since her victories in Sprout Tower.

The Dojo was very imposing - high-ceilinged with motifs of clouds and birds. There were many challenges, but Squirl worked steadily through them until we met the gorgeous Falkner herself. Falkner is a lofty brunette with a superior manner. I do like superior brunettes, don't you? I am sure she could have brought out great eagles and Legendary Birds to defeat my Squirl, but she only used small flying things that presented a fair challenge - and guess what? Darling Squirl won. So now we are proud possessors of the Zephyr Badge.

As I left the Dojo my telepone rang. It was Professor Elm. She told me the egg I had found was showing "interesting signs" and asked me to meet her assistant who happened to be at the pokecentre in Violet City. Of course I ran straight there. The very serious brunette assistant told me that the egg showed some signs of hatching but that the Professor believed it would only actually hatch if it was carried about in the company of other pokemon. So could I do the laboratory another favour and take the egg about with my creatures. I was delighted. What an honour! And what an interesting development.

How exciting everything is! I taught Flash to one of my creatures and set off to explore the Dark Cave. This, I am afraid was a shade disappointing. There were a few rock creatures there and Chikkie proved utterly invincible against them - grass creatures being particularly effective against rock. However, after a very short while I came to a passage that was blocked by a large stone that bone of my creatures had the power to move, so after quite a long period of struggling with the stone and searching for another path, I eventually emerged again into the daylight. As a matter of fact there are quite a few paths outside that are blocked by prickly plants - now if I could cut them down...

I continued beyond Violet City and - well, it is just one of those days, I think - a tree blocked my path forward. I was sure there must be some other path, but I decided to go back toward Bark Town before looking for it. The main reason for this was that I have learned that the berry trees grow a new berry every morning, so I thought I might go and collect some. They are wonderful for recovering my creaturee in battle, and there are some special ones which cure unusual states such as poison or paralysis.

On my way I met a girl standing in a clearing. She told me her name was Theresa - Theresa of Thursday. She is to be found there only on Thursdays. She was the most charming blonde and she insisted on giving me a present - a pretty pink bow. I started to put it in my hair, but she giggled copiously and said "Oh no, no!" You must give it to one of your creatures. It will increase the power of normal attacks." I thanked her very much, and she told me I sould find one of her sisters there each day of the week. So I determined to return tomorrow.

Mareep, Mareep, the Golden SheepAfter gathering more berries I went back beyond Violet town ant soon found a new path. Almost immediately I was challenged by - of all things, a beautiful sheep with golden wool. She has a stripey tail with a glowing globe at the end. When she fought, her wool crackled as if she were an electrical creature. Fortunately she did not use any electrical attacks and Chikkie was able quite easily to subdue her.

We captured her and she won the hearts of the other creatures with her gentleness and sweetness. I determined to train her up as one of my little band. At the moment her only move is "tackle", the simplest of the normal attacks, but I am sure she will lear gain electrical powers as she grows.

By now night was falling and I decided to return to Sprout Tower in the darkness to find out if it really is haunted. I was a little nervous - well, very nervous - but I felt this was part of my quest.

On the way there we began to hear strange sounds. At first we thought they were behind us, then we thought they were ahead - then we began to realise that the sounds were with us - following as we went. Suddenly Mareep pointed a golden hoof at the egg. She was right. It was the egg. It must be getting near to its time for hatching.


Delightful girls, delightful drinks, delightful conversation

More about Films

I do believe that both Miss Mayhew and Miss Caroline have put their finger on the button as it were. Watching the films I am almost breathless over the sheer perfection that the films represent. It is really a longing for the world they depict, for the home I desire. Yet it is also more than mere longing. I can't quite explain exactly what I mean. Sometimes it is more than watching a something earthly, I find this quite a lot when watching silent films. In fact I do believe that DW Griffith (if I am allowed to mention that name) believed that silent films transcended boundaries, not just language and culture, and brought mere mortals into contact with an image of the divine. In this way Griffith believed that film was a "pure" language.

I hope I am expressing this well as sometimes I do get a little muddled.

With fond regards,

Miss Nicola

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Letters to the Editress

Cunning Little ViAnother first for Lois Lanexens

Oh! You cunning little vixens! I was just thumbing (as it were) through the Archives, and re-reading the Game Friends' Courier when I noticed your picture of the Gamebaby Advance. Of course I had seen it before, but I had not quite realised. Am I right in guessing that this is the first picture to be seen by Tellurians of the Aristasian version of the Tiny Titan?


Cunning? Not at all - we are simply crack newshounds in the best Lois Lane tradition. Remember: you saw it here first. And in case you can't remember, here it is again.

Delightful girls, delightful drinks, delightful conversation

Relief to the Soul

Oh yes, Miss Mayhew is so right! Real films can be such a relief to the soul - I do think that is one of the reasons we blondes - or some of us - seem to get so almost-unaccountably emotional. It is the sense of goodness and rightness and real femininity that one gets from real films. Once - this will sound so silly - I cried because an actress in a trentish film was wearing such a beautiful art-neo jacket. But it is more than that, isn't it - it is all the style and purity and glamour that such a jacket represents.

Perhaps that is why some of us cry - especially if we live in Telluria - because we see the ideal that we so much long for and so seldom see in our everyday life. Yet I am sure that is not the only reason.

Oh - one more thought - I was going back into the Archive and looking at the blonde from Sakura. I was rather impressed with the way her very-blonde hair fell over one eye. Only I hoped it was entirely sound and not a bit well, silly in the wrong way, if you know what I mean. I do hope not as I did rather adore it.

Sigh - for once we are lost for wordsMiss Caroline

You know I am sure I have seen the most adorable bob in a Vintesse film, cut in a positively geometric art-neo swathe over one eye - though I can't remember whom it belonged to or which film it was in. Certainly my friend Miss Falconer at some time cultivated a wonderful jet-black bob covering her left eye most of the time.

Of course one can always capture charming things, but one feels much safer with a precedent, does one not? And if any one should worry about over-the-eye styles, as fate would have it, our delightful Miss Mayhew has recently supplied us with a locus classicus with which nomaid could argue - assuming she had any breath to argue with! Miss Veronica Lake.


Gentle friends and fair imbiberettes, your barmaid and Town Clerkess is delighted to tell you that the technics are working much more happily now - we did experience a small amount of Brigadooning the other night but that, apart things seem a smooth as clockwork and as regular as cream.

No that is wrong, isn't it? But you know what we mean. Digits cruciform, my darlings. Pray that it stays this way!

The Blonde management

Various Bits and Bobs

I too tend to melt when I attend the cinema. And no, not just because of the swooningly dashing brunette actresses. Some films are just so wholesome and innocent and a relief to my soul that I can't help but get a little teary-eyed. I recently saw Cheaper By The Dozen and burst into tears. National Velvet, Gone With The Wind, Little Women...I love the silver screen! There's a certain enchantment about it, isn't there? Almost as though we are closer to the Idea as opposed to the mere Form.

Chickie is getting quite big, isn't she? I'm sure she will do well in the dojo.

To "Cordelia" - thank you so much for sharing! That was very romantic and delightful.


Miss Victoria Mayhew

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