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Delightful girls, delightful drinks, delightful conversation

Why are they called Cocktails?

With all this talk about cocktails, I wonder if anyone can tell me why they are called cocktails - and shouldn't they be hentails in Aristasia?

Miss Gillian

Oh but that would hentail a complete change in our terminology. But I am not sure there are any birds involved in any case - except the little birds that sip them - might it not come from conCOCTion? Has any one else any idea?

The  Universal MartiniCocktails for Provinces

Nicola wonders if certain cocktails are popular in certain provinces. I am not sure is a Golden Dragon is really a cocktail or not. I believe it is certainly an alcoholic concoction much favoured in the East. A Pink Lady might be expected to be archetypally a Quirinelle drink - but I remember that Trentish film about the funny ghost - what was it called? - it had Constance Bennett in it. I think it was Topper - well, in that film they were drinking Pink Ladies all the time, so perhaps it is Trentish.

I am sure Nicola is right that Scotch on the Rocks is Kadorian - and brunette, so perhaps a brunette Kadorian cocktail might be a Whisky Sour.

And where does the Martini belong - or is it universal?

Miss Lindie

A Proper Introduction - with Flowers

Plumeria from the Imperial Gardens, LadytonMy it was such a quick visit last time I popped by I forgot to introduce myself properly.

My name is Miss Ivy Truro and I am a Trentish blonde. At the moment I am studying botany and I am quite privalaged to be under instruction of Dr Philamena Williams, the celebrated Trentish botanist. I spend a lot of time at the Imperial Gardens in Ladyton and have met some wonderful botanical artists who are painting the extraordinarily rare plants that Her Imperial Majesty has in her collection. I thought I would bring in a few of my friends paintings, do you like them? They are of the more common flowers that I am sure many of you have growing in your gardens.

I was very interested in Miss Vera posting about the exhibition of Cretan art, archaeology has always fascinated me, I really must visit the museums in Ladyton more often.

With Love,


Real Fabrics


It's my first time here in the cocktail bar and what a wonderful place it is.

I thought I might share with budding dressmakers my wonderful new discovery. If you have time I would recommend popping into this shop They have so many wonderful fabrics that can be used for all sorts from dresses to tableclothes and the assistantsa re very helpful.

With love,

Miss Ivy Truro

A Fragment

Readers may be interested in a fragment of Old Aristasian literature that has recently come to light. It appears to be from a blank-verse drama concerning the Novacairen Princess Ithelia. Whether it is a translation of an older text or was originally written in Westrenne is not known, and, frustratingly, the subject of the conversation does not come to light.

Ithelia was a famous queen of Novacaire. This story is clearly set in her youth, when her mother, Ehrejene was still on the throne. While the story remains unclear, the piece provides us with a pleasing example of this style of rhetorical verse and gives a strong flavour of the ancient Aristasian East particularly in its powerful assimilation of the royal maidens to the sun and moon, which, we must understand, would have been for the writer far more than a mere literary simile.

The only points of elucidation that are really necessary is that "Rayin" (pronounced as one syllable) is the old term for "Queen", and a Rani is a schoolmistress.

A Legend of Ithelia (fragment)

Ehrejene: Welcome thee Daughter, and enter thee close to our presence,
Speak freely the words that thy heart has engaged thee to say.

Itheleia: What is to say, shining Sun, that is not said already?
Or what words of mine can recolour the hue of thy heart?

Ehrejene: Speak you again, good my child, of these wearisome matters?
Wherefore come you nigh the great throne but to trouble me thus?
Are they not settled and done, O most radiant Daughter?
And wherefore should the Child seek to colour the heart of the Rayin?
Should not the heart of the Rayin be steadfast and unchanging?
Should it not weather the storm-winds, withstand the high flood?
Alter not in its bearing by even the breadth of a finger?
Alter not though a Child may weep tears that shall call forth her own?

Queen EhrejeneItheleia: All you say is most true, O most royal and radiant Mother.
For the words of the Rayin are like Scripture writ down in a book,
And whoso shall alter the book hath forsaken the pathway,
The pathway that leadeth the soul into radiant light.

Ehrejene: What is there more to be said, O most wise among childer?
All I should teach thee is by thee already beknown.
Go then thy ways and let peace ever cradle thy spirit,
Thy turbulent spirit that troubles herself without cause.
Go then thy ways, or yet better, remain with thy mother,
With thy Mother that loveth thee near; and disturb not the Rayin.

Itheleia: To my Mother most lief will I fly, like a bird at the even;
Like a bird that is young and whose small wings do tire from long flight;
Like a bird that hath held herself up on the wind's mighty stairway,
Hath held herself up by a strength she doth scarcely possess.
To my Mother most lief will I come when my long flight is ended,
And that it were ended betimes doth my heart most desire,
Yet desireth in vain, for still must I bear myself upward,
Ever up must I climb to the radiant feet of the Rayin.

Ehrejene: O, Ithelie, my Child-

Itheleia:                       no, I pray thee, break not my flight's rhythm,
For it cometh not easy, this scaling the wind's subtle thread;
Neither call me thy Child, for I speak to thee not as a Daughter:
I speak to thee now as a Princess may speak to the Rayin.
O, most far-raying Sun, 'tis the Moon that has enter'd thy presence,
Who would tell thee of what she hath seen by her own lesser light.
For the words of the Rayin are like Scripture inscrib'd on a tablet,
And whoso shall change the least jot of them, surely she sins,
All these things know I well, and it needeth no Rani to teach me
For the Scripture is sure and eternal-but not so the Scribe.
The Scribe is a right goodly maid that is true to her calling,
Yet her finger may slip: and the light, may it not fail her eye?
And the Rayin, at the last, is a Scribe; and the words she declaimeth,
Are they not copied from those that are written on high?

Ehrejene: Say on then, Princess, and tell us what means this oration,
What is this light from the Moon that may darken the Sun?

Itheleia: Darken the Sun? O, my Lady, thy jesting words chill me,
For they may hold a truth far more dreadful and dark than you deem.

Cocktails again

Although I fear I am going to get a reputation for only ever talking about cocktails I really must ask the following question that I have been pondering. Does each Province have a characteristic drink? I do believe that Eastern Arcadians are quite partial to Golden Dragons but what about the other Provinces? It seems to me that a champagne cocktail is very Vintessian, whilst I think only a Kadorian brunette could drink a scotch on the rocks. Do other pettes agree with me?

Miss Nicola

Yes - and preferably she should be a Private Detective.

Our very own magazine - buy it from the Clubhouse


A Pink Baby?

How exciting about the Gamebaby advance. As well as the purple one you show and the white and blue ones I have heard of, I have also heard rumours that there will be a pink edition of the Baby. Is this true. It sounds just tailor-made for blondes!


Yes, there will be a pink Gamebaby Advance. It will not be released at the same time as the others but a month or so later. It will be called Milky Pink and will be similar to the Milky Blue one. Sadly, this means that the casing will be translucent. I don't know how you pettes feel, but I really don't like seeing all the Technical Innards of my baby. The colour would be definite first choice for this blonde were it not for that. As it is, I shall choose between the solid colours. I veer toward purple at present. How about you?

Technical Information

You really need a technical brunette correspondent for the Courier. The reason the Gamebaby Advance felt lighter to you when in fact it was just a touch heavier than its predecessor is that the current machine is held with its top half free, giving it a mechanical advantage when pulling downwards against your hands, while the horizontally-oriented Advance is fully and evenly supported and therefore feels lighter.

Will the blonde correspondent do me the honour of dining with me in return for this technical information?

A Highly Technical Brunette

Why certainly - and you did not really require so much leverage in order to get me to do it.

A bold blonde battles the forces of darknessStop Press - Lady Sia Film Clip

Girly gamers looking forward to Lady Sia on the Gamebaby Advance may be interested to know that there is a short film of the game here (just click on "download file"). It takes approximately twenty years to load down, but if you have an unmetered connexion you may be interested to see it.

We at the Courier were greatly inpressed. If the gameplay turns out to be as spectacular as the graphics, Lady Sia should be one of the events of the year.


Delightful girls, delightful drinks, delightful conversation

Spanking good legs

How nice to see a picture of our own cocktail waitress in the famous little black dress and little white apron - one can quite picture her being spanked by Miss Verity - and really from the provocative way she is displaying her legs perhaps measures will have to be taken again.

Miss Gillian

Measures, Miss Gillian? I'll have a double thank you.

A Blonde's Blonde

My! Miss Sushuraline does have a dilema. I must admit although I have blondes as pin-ups and most of my favorite actresses are blondes, the real girls who make my heart go flip-flop are brunettes. In films it is usually the blondes that I admire most, but when it comes to being walked home at night there is no substitute for a brunette!

But this admiration for other blondes does make one wonder a little as to whether one is really a blonde or not and can lead to confusion. But I am sure that if your heart is left alone for a little the answer must surely come. Oh dear that really doesn't make much sense does it? I think what I am trying to say is that if a girl is constantly looking for love and feels her pulse race at every girl who crosses her path then how on earth can one distinguish between an infatuation or admiration and the murmurs that lead one's heart to love?

Perhaps these crushes are little more than a rush into Spring, as it were, and all the feelings that come with that season. But then perhaps they are not and only time itself will tell which is so.

With much love,

Miss Nicola

Our very own magazine - buy it from the Clubhouse

I Have Seen the Future - and it Plays!

I played on this today with my own blonde hands!Your fairly intrepid reporter has been all the way to the Great Game Friends Club in Quinbury to see the thing you have all been waiting for. Yes, the Gamebaby Advance was there in all its glory - almost exactly as we shall see it in late June when it comes to these shores. It was the Nipponese version, of course, but that made very little difference - most of the text and speech I saw was in Westrenne.

So let me tell you all about it. It was considerably smaller than one somehow expects from the pictures. In fact, it is a touch larger in both length and width than the Gamebaby Colour, though actually a touch thinner in depth. But one's actual impression on handling it is - "How little and light it is!". Actually it weighs a tiny fraction of an ounce more than the Colour, though the cartridges are tiny - about half the size of the current ones even though there is so much more in them (how do they pack trees and landscapes and people and everything into a box considerably smaller than those miniature bars of soap you get in hotels?)

As well as all the usual buttons there are two long buttons on the shoulders of the machine, that you can operate with your forefingers while your thumbs do the usual work. These will only feature in certain games.

Play as your favourite Princess!And before you ask - yes, I did actually play it - the very first game - Mario Advance. My first impression was how much bigger the screen looks, how much brighter and clearer it is and how much smoother and more colourful the graphics. The game is truly delightful, and I know you will all be pleased to know that you can choose your character and can play the game as the gorgeous Princess Peach. So this can be a girly-game.

You can also play as the charming Mushroom-creature Kinopio (or as she is known in the West, Toad (meaning toadstool, not frog-thing - Toadstool, by the way, is I understand, Princess Peach's surname). The other two alternatives for Tellurians will, of course be the Tellurian equivalents of the Giana Sisters.

The sound was possibly the thing that surprised me most. Not only is the music much better than anything we have heard on a hand-held machine before, but you can hear the characters voices perfectly. The Princess cries "No fair!" when she is hit and says other things (it was a noisy room, but I could hear her little voice beautifully. Kinopio goes "Yahoo!" just as she does in Mario Karts. It really quite takes you aback. Yes, all this is in Westrenne even in the Nipponese version, so if you could afford to buy an imported machine and game you could play it right now with little difficulty.

Other interesting things: despite the bigger screen, higher resolution and quadrupled processing power, this machine will eat even less batteries than the economical Gamebaby Colour.

And - far more importantly one will be able to link machines together and play games with only one cartridge. Up to four can be linked together and most games (including this one) will have multi-player options.

So, reeling with excitement after her brief exposure to this exhilarating machine, your Special Correspondent sinks slowly in the Golden West.

No, that isn't right is it?

Delightful girls, delightful drinks, delightful conversation

Brunettes Misunderstood

Sushuraline, in telling us of her preference for blondes, writes: "Brunettes always seem a shade prosaic somehow. It is delicacy and romance and gentleness that my heart seems to crave."

Although she tells us she has brunette friends, I wonder if part of her problem is not a misunderstanding of brunettes. Many brunettes are delicate and romantic, and though we sometimes cultivate a prosaic and down-to-earth nature, I think blondes should not be too taken in by it. A brunette's heart goes flip-flop almost as easily as a blonde's even if she is not so prone to cry at the cinema - or at least is better at concealing it.

If Miss Sushuraline craves delicacy and romance she will certainly find that in the right brunette.


Our own blonde cocktail waitressCocktails

Well I've managed to find that cocktail Elecktrasite. Here is the address. They include recipes for cocktails, but none of the horrid pseudo-cocktails of later years, and not just the well known ones either. I am going dancing tomorrow evening and will surely try one or two of these!

But one recipe I've not been able to find is for a cocktail called the Swanson (I think- it was named after a Vintesse actress anyway). It was made with vodka, pineapple juice and angostura bitters and had a maraschino cherry in it- I think this is all it contained but I've only ever drank it once and I've never been able to find a recipe since. Can any pette help me?

With hopeful sighs,

Miss Nicola

Blondes like That

Although I agree that a young girl like Miss Sushuraline should not be encouraged to jump to conclusions, I also feel that it is wrong to be too matronising about her feelings. There are blondes who prefer blondes all their lives. It may be unusual and unorthodox, but it is not shameful. In Ladyton where I live there are even certain Cocktail Bars and Clubs where such blondes frequently go.

Blondes like that - let me not be shy - blondes like us often find it difficult to come to terms with the fact that we are different from other blondes. We require support and reassurance, especially when we are young.

I do not know, of course, Miss Sushuraline, whether you fall into this category, and neither do you. But if as time goes on you find that this is the case, please rest assured, there are others like you and there is nothing wrong with you. You are unusual and different, but there is nothing wrong with that. Your life can be as happy and filled with love as anyone else's and I am sure the girls at this bar will welcome you equally warmly whatever your special preference may be.

With love,


The Single Blonde

Surely a blonde so delicate and gentle as Sushuraline needs a strong, gentle brunette to protect her, to stand between her and the "winds of the world" - another blonde, as delicate as she could not do that, surely?

As the Infraquirinelle song says: "The single blonde needs a gentle brunette to lean on."

Miss Julia

Blonde Problems

I wonder if anyone can help me - I am a blonde just out of school. I live in Quirinelle - and - well I suppose I am coming to that age when - you know spring and fancy and birds and bees and things like that. Now that's all right I think only -

A confused blondeOh, I'd better come to the point. What I mean to say is - well, when I think of birds and bees and romanticals, I think of other blondes. Yes, really I do. I had dreadful crushes on other blondes at school - older girls, younger girls, schoolmistresses; all blonde. I did mention it to my housemistress who was very sweet and kind and easy to talk to and she said it was quite all right and it happened to a lot of girls and I would grow out of it before I left school.

Well I left school last year, and I still haven't grown out of it. Not only do I keep falling in love with particular blondes, but I find blondes in general attractive. And it isn't as if I were one of those slightly brunetty blondes - I am one of the blondest blondes; over-emotional, romantic, easily moved to tears, very gentle in my ways. And it is that sort of blonde - the blondest sort - that I am most attracted to as well.

I like brunettes well enough and have some good brunette things, but, well, they just don't make my heart go flip-flop. And it isn't as if it were hard to make my heart go flip-flop. Sometimes I think it must have a hinge loose. But it is always blondes. Brunettes always seem a shade prosaic somehow. It is delicacy and romance and gentleness that my heart seems to crave.

So do tell me - is there anything wrong with me? Are there other blondes like me? May I still grow out of it? I feel so confused sometimes.

With blonde confusion,


The Blonde Management feels a little confused too. There are indeed blondes like you - or so I have heard, but perhaps you should not be too quick to assume that you are one of them. I mean, of course you are a blonde like you or you wouldn't be you, would you? But perhaps you shouldn't assume that you are quite like those other blondes who are like you - oh dear, I am sure you know what I mean. Perhaps the right brunette is just waiting to come into your life. That is what this blonde thinks - but have any of you other girls any advice for our young friend?

Shopping Again!

I can only echo the words of the management in saying we do try!

I do hope that you and many other girls can come to the meeting as it sounds so wonderful. The only difficulty I would have is knowing what to wear, one does want to look one's best! But then I suppose I could go shopping if I had to! giggle


Miss Nicola

Henny Porten as Anne BoleynSilent Anne Boleyn

Miss Mayhew was wondering whether a silent film has been made about Ann Boleyn - well, as a matter of fact one has. It is a German film called Anna Boleyn and was made in 1920 with Henny Porten in the title role.


Click here to find out more

The Silver Diary - part 8

The Quilava was truly a terrible beast, and it made my creatures faint one after another - however the dreadful redhead had made one mistake. In training this great creature she seemed to have neglected bringing any other creatures up to strength, whereas each of mine, while not as strong as the Quilava, was quite strong, and each managed to reduce its hit points. It was a very close-run thing, but the Quilava fainted just before the last of my own creatures, and I won.

Little Wooper needs to grow into a . . .The horrid redhead cursed her own creatures for being weak, cursed me for being weak and cursed the world in general for being weak, then took off again. I refrained from asking why if she was so gosh-awful strong she hadn't managed to defeat this little blonde she so despised. But then she never paused for breath to let any one else slip a word in edgewise. I resolved to train my Wooper so that she would be able to pour cold water on that hothead next time.

My travels took me to various places after that - to Goldenrod City which is much bigger than these other small towns - it has a big department store, several storeys high, a railway station, a wireless tower, a gaming arcade and lots of other things. I had great fun here and earned another badge. Also I won a wireless card in the tower - this slots into my little Pokegear ordinator and allows me to listen to wireless programmes. But the most exciting thing of all was that, in some little side-streets, quite hidden, I found a bicycle shop. The rather absent-minded brunette in charge of it told me that she had moved to the big city in the hope of more business but found that no one ever came to her. I was not wholly surprised as the shop was very tucked away. She gave me a bicycle and asked if I would ride it about to advertise her shop. This was very useful, as it allows me to get about the world much more quickly.

. . . NuooI have worked hard on my Wooper and after a while she wiggled and giggled and then POPPED - and she had become a Nuoo - to give her the Nipponese name - though I still just call her Woopsie,

In an underground tunnel - of all places - there was a hairdresser's shop where my creatures could have themselves nicely groomed. This made them very happy.

The nicest thing of all though was in the next town - Ecruteak City - the Dance Theatre there plays host to the delightful Kimono Girls who are very Nihonese and graceful and each has one of the five evolutions of Evee. I entered a friendly contest with each of them and one of the spectators was so pleased that she gave me a new power - surf. This, taught to one of my creatures will allow it to sail across water. I hear that the next town I am to visit is near the sea. I wonder if my adventures will take me across the great water.


Delightful girls, delightful drinks, delightful conversation

Pretty Pictures

I am really enjoying Girls' Town - it seems like a topping magazine that has something new almost every day. Charming chat and excellent pictures. I think it would be an excellent thing for us to start meeting together in real life - though I am a little far from London. I do want to try.

One thing about those excellent pictures - Just lately they seem to be a bit, well, blonde. I don't mean pictures of blondes - I don't object to them at all, but blondie-type pictures - you know - cute bunnies, pre-Raphaelite maidens swooning about - that sort of thing. Not that I mind that either. I mean, romantic blondes and little-girly blondes are the most delightful people and I love to see them about town and enjoy all their sweet pictures.


I think we need some more pictures of blondes - elegant blondes, alluring blondes, enchanting blondes. Now I am a firm believer in the principle that if one wants a thing one should do something about it rather than just moan - so here is a picture of a most charming blonde fom Kadoria. I met her in a bar in Quirinelle just the other day and we fell into conversation - and before you knew it we had whisked off to dinner at Claralines (she is the sort of blonde you take to Claralines, don't you think?)

I asked if she would mind my showing her photograph in the Bar, and - once she knew it was a very elegant and select bar - she said she did not mind at all as she is - well not vain, but justly proud of her blonde charms, as why should she not be?

I don't know if I should also say - so I whisper this bit to a few select brunettes - yes, she did give me a kiss at the end of the evening.

Sigh. Are there any blondes like this in real life?

With love and hope,

Miss Julia

We try, Miss Julia, we try.

Elektraspace only?

I have been following Girls' Town for a while now and I am starting to feel I am really part of a beautiful all-girl world - a thing I have always wanted. I really would like to contribute more and feel even more a part of it, but writing has never been my strongest point. I am never quite sure what to say. I'll keep trying.

One thing I did want to ask though - is Aristasia Friends only an Elektraspace project, or will Girls' Town be meeting in real life? I'd really like to this beautiful world to be something I can really physically take part in.


We certainly intend to make Aristasia Friends a reality both in and out of Elektraspace. We shall be holding a meeting in London in the fairly near future, probably at a hotel in a fairly central venue. Any one interested in attending should drop us a note. Other activities are also in the pipeline, but we must start to meet each other first. So please don't be shy. Any girl who is interested in meeting, please get in touch. If you have any worries or problems, don't hesitate to discuss them privately. We are very friendly and helpful - really!

Every one is different. For some of you getting involved by contributing and getting to know us online may be the first step. Others may feel easier meeting in person and getting to know each other that way. Whatever your approach - if you want to become more involved in Aristasia Friends, take the plunge and do it. And remember, we are always here to help.

P.S. - if you want to discuss something with us privately and do not want it to appear in Girls' Town, just mark your letter Private.

Sweet and Sultry

We shall soon be be ending our travels in the South. I do not think we are far enough south to be amidst what that poetess described as "The mystery and magic of the sweet and sultry South" - who was that? Was it Ulalua. No, I think not. I learned it at school - I mean all of it - but that is the only line I can remember. However, when the sun shines here it can seem really rather sweet and sultry.

We went to the most exotic place the other day - a sort of restaurant where there was flowing water from which smoke emerged and a little hump-bridge - indoors - to get into the main part, and the whole place had stone arches surmounted by masks and was just like some ancient place much further East.

Everywhere one sees Military Brunettes in gorgeous blue and red uniforms with gold epaulettes and things, and if one is introduces to one they make flourishing bows that make one feel terribly blonde, and one even kissed my hand. I saw a curious pale and dark-eyed blonde who wore a wonderful serpentine gold ring with an emerald outside her black glove. What do my blonde friends here think of that?

There are days when this near-South seems very like Quirinelle, with taxis and corner shops, and ordinary old things - then other times it seems very mysterious and magical even when the weather, though quite sweet, isn't awfully sultry.

Loving kisses to all at the Bar,


A Strong South-Easter this Easter

S.E.Verity, indeed! You are sailing close to the wind again, young blonde - but your delightful Easter greetings have quite disarmed me.

Verity, as you know I am sure, is my first name, though I am happy to attend to the South-Easterly portions of any little blonde barmaids who deserve it.

Miss Verity

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All my eggs in one basketGold, Silver, Black and White

Thank you, Blonde Management, for the charming Easter pictures - here is one from me from the silver game - the eggs in the basket are, believe it or not, a single creature known as an Eggsegcute - what a clever name, don't you think?

My brunette friend got a copy of the Gold Game just yesterday. Part of the reason I chose Silver was that I knew she wanted Gold, and it is best to have different ones because not all the creatures appear in all the games, so if there are two girls with different versions, you can get extra ones of the ones you can get and trade with your friend. Actually only a few are completely unique to each game, but many are much rarer in one version than the other. I don't think I can get a spider in Silver at all - well I don't mind as I would hate to run into a spider in the wild, but I spose I should have one for my collection (shudder).

Well, anyway, my brunette friend decided to play her game for half an hour or so as soon as she got it home. She played for five hours without stopping. It is that sort of game. She has not a Colour gamebaby so I lent her mine and played my own game on a black-and-white one I borrowed from another brunette friend.

Playing in black and white was quite interesting. Unlike most modern games you can play the latest Gold and Silver games (they finally came to these shores last week) on any Gamebaby right back to the ten-year-old Fatty-Baby with the funny yellowy-dotty screen, which I think is very nice.

I was using a Pocket Gamebaby which has smoother graphics than the Fatty original but is still very much black and white with, I think, two shades of grey in between. What was it like? Well, if you have ever watched a cartoon on an old black-and-white television, the effect was rather like that. I rather like cartoons on black-and-white televisions myself. Though when I went back to my colour baby it felt wonderful how delightful it all was again in Glorious Technicolor and how many more details one could see

My Brunette friend has now played for over eight hours and is about as far on in the game as I am - I have played for over twenty-one hours. Why do brunettes always do things so much more efficiently than blondes? >sigh<

On the other hand, I think I explored rather more and did all sorts of funny little things.

Sorry for not posting my Diary for a while. I was wondering how much gamey business you pettes wanted. Perhaps game things should have another page. Anyway, I shall write it now.

Oh - one little thing Mareep's name - you may be interested to know that in Nippon the word "merry" is synonymous with "sheep" because of a song popular there called Merry's Sheep. The song is in Western dialect, I believe though no Westerner seems to know it. Mareep, it seems, is a conflation of "merry" and "sheep". So now you know!

Miss Lindie

The separate-page idea is one we have considered much. At present we favour keeping the whole town on one page so there is always something new when a pette pops back. One busy page rather than several slow ones is the theory. Perhaps if traffic (in contributions) increases greatly we may split things up a bit. What do you pettes think?

Crackle, flash and . . . Flaaffy!The Silver Diary - part 7

Lots of things have happened since last I wrote. I followed Gerda to the well. The guarding-brunette was gone, so I went down it. It was a very dangerous vertical iron ladder, so I climbed very cautiously - hoping no one could see me from below, as my skirt was rather short.. At the bottom was poor Gerda who had hurt her back. She had called out to the brunette who, startled, had fallen down the well. Gerda followed and fell in herself. Brunettes! Always rushing about and hurting themselves.

The well opened out into a large underground area. Gerda told me the people who had been cutting off the slowpoke tails were inside. She had been going to pursue them with her creatures, but now she was hurt and there was only a blonde. Only a blonde! With my Chikkie and my Mareep and my little bouncing egg - well - it was worth a try.

I sallied forth, or rather lindied forth, and encountered the brunette who had been guarding. She seemed quite cross at having been startled into falling down the well and challenged me. You know, Mareep is becoming quite a powerhouse. A while back she learned an electrical attack called Thundershock, and she gave this bad brunettes creatures a jolt they won't forget. The experience she gained from this sent her into an ecstasy, she glowed and crackled and turned into her next stage - a Flaaffy!

This gave me great confidence there was a whole gang of bad trainers down there but Flaaffy and Chikkie, assisted by the others, trounced them without too much difficulty.

I helped Gerda back to her house where her little girl was delighted to have their pet Slowpoke back. When I walked about the town I was surprised to see slowpokes everywhere just basking in the sun and lazing. They were all tailless but seemed otherwise unaffected by their misadventures. I am told their tails grow back very quickly.

Wooper!Strolling in the grass I found a wild Wooper. Now this was just the cutest thing! I know I keep saying that, but it truly was. I caught it. It is a water creature and as I think I need a water creature I decided to include it in my team.

Returning to Azalea City, I met that dreadful redhead again. She seemed more horrid than ever. She had heard I had defeated the gang of Slowpokenappers and merely sneered saying that I was weak but they were weaker. She despised weakness she said. She sounded positively Nietzschean.

Then she brought out her Quilava - this of course was her evolved Cyndaquil. It looked huge and fiery. I confess I was afraid, especially as my strongest creature, Chikkie is vulnerable to fire. I decided to try little Wooper. Although she is only small yet, water is the most effective thing against fire. She used her Water Gun attack, but the Quilava barely felt it. Then it engulfed poor Wooper in a blast of fire, and she fainted dead away - from the first attack - even though fire isn't supposed to be strong against water.

"Well," sneered the horrid red brunette, "bring on the others - I haven't got all day."


Delightful girls, delightful drinks, delightful conversation

Chirp-cheep - hello sunny world!Happy Holiday!

Your blonde barmaid touches the rear of her little black dress gingerly. I had always thought that Verity was Miss V's first name, but obviously she is Miss S.E.Verity.

Howsoever - I should like today to wish you all a very happy holiday - whether you celebrate Easter today or did so on the 21st of March (sometimes known as the First of Columbina we now all know). In any case it is Spring and I know Aristasians celebrate spring at least until May the first.

But then why ever stop celebrating spring when the blossom is blossoming and the flowers are blooming, and even in what must surely be the rainiest year in any of our lifetimes the sun sometimes shines and is so gorgeous when she does?

An Easter basket for you allAnd a young maid's fancy, as every one knows, lightly turns to thoughts of blondes or brunettes (depending on which she is) and ... oh - isn't it all charming?

A very happy holiday to you all!

With lightly-turned love from

The Blonde Management

Miss Verity Rectifies a Small Matter

Miss Verity, a tall brunette, ceases to smile as she hears the blonde barmaid utter the words:
Slippers for Mariana? But I have never seen her coming into the Bar barefoot - or have I missed the point >giggle<. And when were you young, Miss Verity - last week or the week before?
"Young lady," she says, "I am a brunette of quite sufficient maturity to remember times when discipline was a little more rigorously maintained than it sometimes appears to be at present. Since you do not appear to have understood my comment about slippers - in fact only one slipper will be necessary - perhaps the time has come to educate you. Follow me please.
"Do be seated ladies - your barmaid will only be absent for a few moments."
Very shortly Miss Verity returns to continue her drink. The barmaid also returns, slightly flushed, straightening her little white apron and tenderly touching the back of her little black skirt.
Miss Verity

Savoy Cocktails

Do you know, a friend of mine had a Trentish copy of the Savoy Cocktail Book - quite the source for cocktails from the Cocktail nation par excellence. The things in that book would astonish you - truly.

However, as to the sweet-and-simple cocktails that Mariana favours (is she really old enough to drink - let alone say naughty words like aphrodisiac? When I was young, barmaids had slippers for blondes like that) how about a Stinger - that is, half brandy and half crème de menthe. I believe it is very important to put the two ingredients into the glass in the right order. Though I can't remember which order that is. Oh dear.


Slippers for Mariana? But I have never seen her coming into the Bar barefoot - or have I missed the point >giggle<. And when were you young, Miss Verity - last week or the week before?

Pretty Button

We keep doing little things to make Aristasia Friends jollier - like putting Spring Flowers in the Cocktail Bar - and look at the pretty button at the bottom of the page (right) - that is to take you to the First Archive if you should want to go there! Really the idea is to make Girls' Town more easy to get about for new girls. It looks like a signpost, and it is a signpost. Much better than seeing New Blondes wandering about lost. By the way, if you are lost, do just drop a note to your friendly

Blonde Management

We are always here to help you!

Rusty Nail

Of course there are lots of elaborate cocktails, but my favourite is very simple - a Rusty Nail made with equal parts Drambuie and whisky. Having a blonde sweet tooth, I love Drambuie, but sometimes it seems a little too sweet, and then a Rusty Nail is the ideal thing - still sweet, but very oomphy.

Oh, and did you know that Drambuie is supposed to be an aphrodisiac?



Greetings Collette

Hello Collette! Pleased to meet you and I hope you will join me for a drink. I have just been looking at a wonderful site all about cocktails- but I am afraid I have been silly enough to have lost the address! But I have now found out what to do with Pimms. Does anypette have a favorite cocktail? I am rather partial to gin and really only ever drink gin and tonic, which isn't really a cocktail, I know, everyone can make one of those. I am sure the blonde management will have many ideas! It is rather jolly to have all these new girls pop by

Fondest wishes,

Miss Nicola


Hello everybody - my name is Collette. I have just discovered Aristasia Friends and I'd like to introduce myself. I am a blonde, I think. Is it all right if I am a blonde while I'm thinking about it? I really am very new - should I have waited before introducing myself? I really like everything here - the all-girl world, the beautiful images, but I don't know anything about games. Does that matter? Oh dear. All questions. But I just wanted to write and say something.


You sound like a blonde to me, Collette! It is good to introduce yourself early. We love to hear from you. As you see, we have a thriving Game Friends Club in town, but that doesn't mean you have to be interested in games. As in any town there are all sorts of blondes and brunettes with all sorts of interests.

Click here to find out more

Super Maria Sisters

Yes, dear Natalie, the game does, or did, exist. It is actually called Great Giana Sisters (Great for Super, you see - the game even parallelled the title of the original word for word) and was published by a company called Rainbow Arts.

In Aristasia Pura this may have been something like the original form of the game, but in Telluria, of course, it was a copy. It appeared several years ago on the Commodore 64 ordinator and the Amiga (which means girl-friend by the way). However, not surprisingly, Nintendo was a touch piqued at this rather blatant swoggling of its flagship franchise, and equally unsurprisingly threatened to take legal action. The game was withdrawn.

I have heard that Great Giana Sisters was actually quite good, though the title screen artwork, as you can see, while jolly, is hardly Nintendo quality. Of course in those days in-game graphics were fairly rudimentary anyway and the ones in this game were well implemented by the standards of the time.

Giana in the Dream WorldHere is the story of the game. I am not sure of the original language, though it does appear to be a translation:

One night, when little Giana from Milano was fast asleep, she had a strange dream. Everybody dreams weird things at night, but no-one will have experienced situations such as Giana is about to. Giana suddenly finds herself in a strange mysterious world, where everything is completely different. Gravity has almost disappeared - sometimes one feels like flying away - and everywhere there are unexplainable buildings and structures. Old grottos and deserted castles seem to hide lots of secrets, and frightening and hideous creatures appear. This wouldn't be too bad, except that Giana can't leave this world unless she finds the magic, huge diamond. So she starts searching for this wonderful jewel. However, she is not totally alone, for her little sister Maria can dream too.

There is a version of this game available for loading down here and it even appears that it can be played on-line by several players at once, which was a very exciting thought for the Game Friends Club. I have tried it but found it confusing and it does not appear to work properly in all respects. I am told it is not nearly as good as the original Great Giana Sisters. Perhaps some one else will have better luck with it than I had. Do let me know if you do - or if you find a good working version of the game.

However there are lots of top-quality girly-games coming out now, such as Alice in Wonderland (Gamebaby) and Lady Sia (Gamebaby Advance), with the finest graphics and the very latest technics from Novaria; so we need not feel too deprived.


It must come

Animal Village absolutely must come to the West. I do think someone should impress this on our Eastern friends. It seems too delightful for words.

Also, has anyone heard of a Tellurian girly version of Mario Brothers called Giana Sisters? Does this game really exist. It seems just the thing for us if it does.


Delightful girls, delightful drinks, delightful conversation

Thank You

Dear Miss Trent,

hank you so much for you explanation of Easter, and also of all the seasons in the year. I found it all fascinating. I love learning anything I can about Aristasia. I truly appreciate the time and effort you put in to teaching us all. Thanks again.


Absolutely Right

You are absolutely right, Miss Gillian. The day does correspond to the year in just the way you suggest, which is why Eostre was the goddess of Spring and dawn. As one would expect, midnight is the Winter solstice and noon the Summer solstice, while sunrise is the Spring equinox and sunset the Autumn equinox. Interestingly the "equinoxes" of the day only fall precisely into the cross-formation of the year (i.e. equidistant between the "solstices") on the year's own equinoxes.

"East" and "Easter" are related words as well as related concepts, as also are "Vesper" (evening) and "West".

With reverence,

Miss Alice Trent

Days, Months and Years

Thank you. Miss Trent, for replying at such length to my humble question.

Since the month is like a little year, would I be right in guessing that the day is also, with the morning as spring, afternoon as summer, evening as autumn and night as winter?

And am I also right in guessing that Easter and the direction East are related words?

Miss Gillian

Click here to find out more


All the games mentioned in the recent Courier are for the Gamebaby, except Animal Forest. This is for the Nintendo 64, and I am afraid we shall have to be patient as it is not expected even in Nippon until later this year, and it will be some considerable time after that before it comes to the West. There have even been rumours that it will not come here at all. Such things have happened. Super Mario Adventure never reached these shores and was never translated into Western dialect. Let us hope the rumours are wrong in this case.

Miss Lindie

Awaiting the Game

The Courier has just given some very exciting news! Although I was a little confused. Are these games for the Gamebaby or the Gamecube or both? I realise that the Gamecube won't be available for a while so I am presuming that the Animal Forest game will actually be a Gamebaby game. This is all too thrilling. And it does make me want to splash out on a Gamebaby colour, although I keep telling myself that perhaps I should wait for the Advance. I'm not always a very patient girl and I have a tendency to want things straight away.

And thank you Miss Trent for explaining the seasons and months of Aristasia. There are so many questions that one wonders about Aristasia and you do explain them in such a wonderful way.


Miss Nicola

Our very own magazine - buy it from the Clubhouse

Exciting Times

What an exciting time this is. The Gamebaby Advance is less than three months away. The Gamecube is due next year, but while we wait lots of new things are keeping us hopping. Alice in Wonderland should be with us very soon. Not one but two new Gamebaby adventures in the Zelda series are about to be released. They are called Oracle of Ages and Oracle of Seasons and will feature a real clock, like the new Gold and Silver games (of which you can hardly be unaware if you have been to the Game Friends Clubhouse lately) and changing seasons. An uncrossable river in Summer, for example may be frozen in Winter. Miss Nicola will be pleased to know you will meet a friendly witch - and a kangaroo too, and no doubt the Wise Owl from previous games will return along with other friends.

The Post Office in Animal ForestNot so imminent, but possibly even more exciting is Animal Forest. We are assured that this will represent a watershed in gaming - something utterly new and revolutionary. Now when ordinary companies make claims like this, they usually constitute what is technically known as Salespettes' Bosh. When Nintendo says it, expect it to be true. All the Great Leaps Forward in games have come from Nintendo, and they do not make such claims lightly.

Animal Forest will be a game based on the life of a delightful village populated by cute animals. It seems that your mood will affect what you see and the game can be played in many different ways. Oh, and in the different houses you will find old NES games that you can play. That should be worth the price of the game in itself! And the Clock feature will be implemented in more sophisticated ways than ever. For example if it is midnight on New Years' Eve in real life, it will be midnight on New Years' eve in the game as well.

Good Morning Spring!It is a game for friends to share. Things that one person does in the game will affect what another finds, and it is a game that is said to represent a conversation point for families and friends. A little vague? No doubt. Nintendo's Innovative Ideas are always so advanced and delightful that rival companies always copy them as soon as they appear, and being far less perfectionist, can get them out much more quickly than Nintendo. Silence and Secrecy are a necessity. Or rather two necessities.

Nonetheless, we are sure something wonderful is in the wind, and we rather hope it will come to the Gamecube in some form, so that Aristasia Friends will be able to share it together in Elektraspace. It seems an ideal game for Girls Like Us - don't you think? Even if this one does not make it to the Elektrawaves, we can be sure it will be the forerunner of a new generation of Friendship Games and that we shall soon (well, fairly soon) be sharing some delightful hours with them and with each other.

Sayonara, my pretties.

Delightful girls, delightful drinks, delightful conversation

The Aristasian Year

Miss Gillian asks about the months and seasons of the Aristasian year. I should point out that in everyday Western usage, the familiar 12-month calendar is universal. However, in earlier times, in parts of the East and everywhere for religious purposes, the ancient 13-month calendar is used. The months in this calendar are all of 28 days - the exact length of a lunar month. I shall set out here the months and seasons with a brief explanation of the meaning of each month's name and alternative names if these are at all common. Bear in mind that this is quite a brief outline. The meanings and implications of the months' names are complex and in some cases a little obscure, and have been the subject of discussion among scholars down the centuries. What I record here is simple, and, I think, uncontentious.


Spring (Element: Water, Primary symbol: the Dove, Direction: East)

Culverine/Columbina - the Dove Month, month of Rebirth
Maia - the month of Maia (first person of the Werde trinity - the weaver of the web of life, creatrix of the world-illusion)
Hela/Hera - the Heroine Month, or Saint Month

Flora by Evelyn de MorganSummer (Element: Fire, Primary symbol: the Rose, Direction: South)

Rosea/Rosimond - the Rose Month
Kerea - the Corn Month
Hesperis/Vaskaras - the Evening Month

Autumn (Element: Earth, Primary symbol: the Apple, Direction: West)

Mala/Abolan - the Apple Month
Vois/Hadora (Vois pron. - approximately -Voish) - the month of the Cow and of Butter, which also symbolises speech
Werde - the month of Werde, or Fate.

Winter (Element: Air, Primary symbol: the Star, Direction: North)

Astraea/Estrelle - the Star Month
Hertha - the Month of Hertha, Janya of the Hearth Fire
Brighe - the Month of Brighe, Janya of Bridges, Gateways and Places of Passage

Moura (Element: Aethyr, Primary symbol: the Wheel, Direction: Vertical)

Moura/Khala - the Month and Season of Death

So there you have the Old Aristasian Year. There is much that might be said. One thing that is interesting to note is that the Symbol of each season is Escutcheon of Quirinelleessentially five-pointed. The Rosa Simpla or briar-rose is five-petalled (this five-petalled rose is also the emblem of the Province of Quirinelle): the Dove with its two wings, two legs and head forms a five-pointed figure (as does the Cosmic Maid depicted on the cover of The Feminine Universe): an apple, cut transversely, will reveal a five-pointed star formed from its seeds, and the Star of Winter is five-pointed. Moura is sometimes symbolised by a six-spoked wheel, which is normally regarded as the Wheel of Werde (Fate), while the eight-pointed wheel is the Wheel of Thamë. Sai Thamë is the Janya corresponding to the Tellurian planet Jupiter and is also the mother of Werde.

A six-armed "cross", known as the Rose of the Winds, represents the four horizontal directions plus the two vertical ones. This meaning is also implicit in the Wheel of Werde.

One further point - when I referred earlier to the eight Great Festivals of the year (which, of course, also make up a Wheel of Thamë). I did not mean to imply that these were the only festivals. There are many others, some of which are very important in certain parts of the Empire and much less so in others. Most of these are the Feast-Days of greater and lesser Janyati (angels) or Helati (saints).

Finally it may also be interesting to note that the 28-day lunar month is a solar-year-in-miniature with four weeks (a week being one cycle of the seven Great Janyati) each representing a season - the Full- and Dark-moon weeks representing Summer and Winter respectively and the Crescent and Decrescent half-moon weeks representing Spring and Autumn respectively.

With reverence,

Miss Alice Trent

Archived Again

And about time too - Archive 4 (as it is called) is a BIG one. Loading-down was getting a bit cumbersome. But now we are nice and slim again. My how we are growing! And what a lot of jolly conversation.

By the bye - the Archive Navigation thingummies are a bit of a feat for your Blonde Organisation. It ought to work to take you forwards or backwards through the Archives, but if anything is not behaving as it ought, do tell us so we can give it a Blonde Smack and put it right.

The Blonde Management

A Short Poem Inspired by Miss Theda Bara

This isn't much, I know, but I wanted to share something with you. After reading a sonnet by Wyatt and musing on the person of Miss Anne Boleyn, I wondered if maybe a silent film had ever been made about her life...and wouldn't Miss Theda Bara be perfect to play the part of Miss Boleyn? This train of thought prompted me to pen a short verse.

Noli Me Tangere

Noli me tangere.
I lie alone,
my heart is of stone;
do not touch me.
Dull poisoned tips
pierce those whose guard slips -
best let me be;
my face may be fair
but the wise beware.
Noli me tangere.


Miss Victoria Mayhew

Calendar Questions

I wonder if someone would be kind enough to tell us about those Aristasian months and seasons. They sound so fascinating. What are they called and what do they mean?


Wanted - Pure, Untarnished Glove

I have to agree that gloves can make almost any outfit look real. I have a few pairs, but I really need to wear them more. I feel like such a lady with them on. I have a very nice pair of white gloves, but they are getting dingy. Does anypette know of a way to keep white gloves sparkling white?

Thank you very much.

Fondly, That Superior Brunette avec les gants elegants


Glove Conquers All

I am completely in agreement with these thoughts about gloves. A nice pair of gloves can transform an outfit and make it clear that one is wearing up-to-date clothes seriously rather than as a sort of pastiche, if you know what I mean.

Rosalind Russell, that most superior of brunettes in at least one of her films wears her gloves even for eating, and I seem to remember that one of those delicious pin-up artists (was it Zoe Mozert?) always wore white gloves when she painted her delightfully erotic girl-pictures.

Now that is style, is it not?


Religion and Easter in Aristasia

In reply to Miss Johanna's enquiry, I should mention that the Aristasian Easter was on the 21st of March - or in the Old Calendar the First of Culverine which is the first day of the New Year, both in much of the East and in the religious calendar. Easter is not a moveable feast in Aristasia but falls always on the Spring Equinox. However there is no reason why you should not celebrate Easter at the Tellurian time.

The form of religion varies in different parts of Aristasia Pura, though these differences are seen as differences of aspect or perspective rather than - as has been the tendency in later Telluria - different religions which exclude each other.

Luna by Evelyn de MorganMost Aristasians would recognise the Solar Mother and Her Lunar Daughter. Since all manifestation implies a separation from Deity, the Daughter mediates the love of the Mother to mortal beings. This is expressed in the Scriptural phrase "Her brightness was too great for them to look upon". We cannot look directly at the sun, but we can safely contemplate the sun's light as reflected by the moon.

In this form of religion, Easter represents the death and resurrection of the Daughter. People with a Christian background often see similarities between some aspects of Aristasian religion and Christianity, but it should be remembered that many religious motifs are universal. The dying and rising God may be seen in numerous pre-Christian Tellurian forms as Baldur, Tammuz, Osiris, Attis, Adonis and so forth. In earlier forms this sacrificial deity was female - Ishtar or the Hanged Artemis of Arcadia (not our Arcadia!), and the theme of the Mother and Sacrificial Daughter (Demeter and Persephone) was at the heart of the Eleusinian Mysteries, the central cultus of earlier classical antiquity.

While some Aristasians practise primarily the cultus of a particular Janya - perhaps Sushuri (Venus) or Sai Raya (the Sun) most would celebrate Easter as the rebirth of the Daughter, and with Her of all nature.

Spring and Easter are not really separate in Aristasia, since the rebirth of the Daughter and of the world are one and the same thing. Not that the daughter is the world - a mistake that a certain sort of modern Tellurian would be prone to make - but that the world is reborn in Her and through Her.

The symbols of Spring and Easter are alike universal - eggs, symbolising the birth of the world from the World Egg, chickens, rabbits or hares (hares were once reputed in Telluria to be born from eggs - as in Aristasia Pura they are*) daffodils and all spring flowers. Water motifs are also common at this time in Aristasia, for water is the Element of spring and dawn; and the Dove, for in some myths it is as a dove that the Daughter comes and Culverine is, of course, the Dove Month.

The branch or tree hung with eggs or other Easter symbols is the Tree of Life - I think it would be impossible to find any tradition anywhere in any world that does not recognise the Tree of Life**!

There are many customs relating to Easter, some of which differ in different places. It is almost universal, I think, to wear at least one completely new item of clothing on Easter Day. Those who can afford it will wear complete new outfits, while even the poorest will break out a new pair of gloves or stockings.

Of other Holy Days, the greatest are the four quarters of the year, the Solstices and Equinoxes, and next the cross-quarters exactly between them. So the next great Holy Day will be the Feast of the Exaltation on May the First (the cross-quarter between Easter, the Spring Equinox and Rosa Mundi, the Summer Solstice). On this Day the Daughter, after staying on the earth after Her resurrection for one moon and a half, ascends to the Heaven.

Of course, She never ceases to watch over us, and the Exaltation is a very joyous festival, not a sad one, as is the time between Easter and the Exaltation a joyous season.

With reverence,

Miss Alice Trent

* Indeed I understand that many mammals in Aristasia Pura are born from eggs - but that is another matter.

** There may, of course, be worlds in which trees do not exist, but necessarily there would be an exact equivalent in the symbological structure of those worlds.

More on Gloves - or More Gloves On

I have to second the decision of the Management to display another picture of Miss Dors - I do think she is rather charming.

I quite agree with Miss Mayhew, gloves should be worn and a wide variety are available. Quite often thin lace or cotton gloves can be found for the warm days of summer, as well as the more familiar woollen gloves for winter. I remember reading an etiquette book which said that gloves should be worn outside at all times, but a maid can take them off inside if she so desires.

I too have trouble with hats- but more on the lines of finding ones I like! I do have a number of berets though and have read an article from a Kadorian magazine which said that no matter what face shape or hairstyle a girl may have there is always a beret style to suit. So perhaps, Miss Karen, you may wish to try a beret as they can be found in not only wool but in other fabrics and various sizes. They can also be decorated with hatpins.


Miss Nicola

Real Cars

Just rushing in for a flying visit!

My Aunt and I have been touring in her motor, quite jolly actually. We've dashed here and there and been to so many places in such a little time. I must say that our little motor was looked on with a mixture of awe and curiosity in many parts of Arcadia. In Mmm! Now that's what I call a carthe parts we went to they do have their own motors but not as sophisticated as my Aunt's Vintesse machine.

I am sending a picture of my Aunt's car. Isn't it splendid!

This Spring air makes one quite thirsty, I think perhaps I need a Campari and soda, would anypette care to join me?


What fun you do have. Blonde management is always game for a Campari.

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